How to Become a Motivational Speaker in Nigeria


Do you notice that people listen when you talk or that they want to have conversations with you to hear your opinions and thoughts on an issue? It is true that some people have the natural ability to command attention through their use of words and speeches. You may be one of such persons. If this is the case, then you should consider a career path as a motivational speaker. Motivational speaking might be a rare profession but it is not strange. All over the world, motivational speakers are earning lots of money using their gifts and talents. There are Nigerians who have also carved a niche for themselves in this sphere and are making millions from it. One of such is Fela Durotoye who is a mentor to many Nigerian youths. However, motivational speaking goes beyond simply speaking some heart-moving words to people, it takes research, lots of personal development, and discipline to excel at it. Here are the essentials you must have to succeed in your profession as a motivational speaker.

How to Become a Motivational Speaker in Nigeria

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Have a Compelling Story

As a motivational speaker, you must have a life story to tell, one that can inspire others to take action or rethink their positions on matters. Your story could be that of moving on from a setback, failure, condition such as poverty. There are many people who will be going through similar issues and will find strength in your story. Your story must not only be convincing, but true as this is not a fictional setting. People will check for facts and truth and if anyone realizes you were lying, this will be your undoing.

Hone your Public Speaking Skills

It is true that you already have natural gifting for speaking articulately and convincingly but the art of public speaking requires constant personal development. Bear in mind that one on one conversations are quite different from public speaking and one may do fine in one but find it difficult in the other. You can hone your public speaking skills by recognizing a motivational speaker who has gone ahead in the profession and whom you can use as a mentor to guide your public speaking.

Research and Write

As a motivational speaker, you must know how to write original content. The downfall of many motivational speakers is the habit of stealing popular quotations and speaking them out in public as if they were theirs. Everyone recognizes a motivational speaker who speaks naturally and from the heart.

Start a Program

You can start a show or program for your fan base to watch you or listen to you. This program can be on radio or Television. Having a program is important so that you can constantly be in the face of your fans. Your program can entail interviewing successful people about their journeys to success.

Read Books

As a motivational speaker, you will be churning out lots of original content, which makes it imperative that you should read books. The books you read should not only be centered on one topic or subject but you must have an idea of what other subjects to make your speech robust and interesting. It is only a good reader who can speak well.

Listen to Audios

Many public speakers record their sessions in audio format. You can take advantage of this by listening and learning how they use words. Good diction is a very important trait in public speaking, so listen to quality audios to learn how to properly pronounce and use words.

Use Social Media

In this digital age, the best way to market your brand and yourself is through social media channels.  Dedicate time to creating attractive and compelling Facebook and Twitter pages. On Instagram, you should make appealing designs and images that will make you stand out in the field. Ensure every image you put up is clear and depicts a professional image of yourself.

Develop a Product

You can write a book or make a webinar. You can also become a contributor with a magazine or newspaper. This is a great way to get your name on people’s lips and in their heads. Your content must be inspirational so people can always come back for more.

Start an NGO or Business

As a motivational speaker, you are expected to care about people’s welfare and development. One of the many ways to show this is by opening a Non-governmental organization to help those in need. Owning a business also makes you stand out as an entrepreneur. All you have to do is go to The Corporate Affairs Commission to register your NGO or business.

Get Certified or Trained

There are organizations in Nigeria where you can get trained, certified, and endorsed as a public speaker. You will start by going through training, followed by examinations before given a certificate. This will serve as a boost for your career

Find a Niche to focus on

Even as an avid reader and public speaker, you cannot address every issue in life. This is why it is important that as you grow in the motivational speaking profession, you start focusing on a particular area such as Politics, sales, motivational speaker, touching every area but over time you will need to focus on one area. Sales, Business, Leadership, Network Marketing, Finance, etc. Oftentimes, motivational speakers already have qualifications in their niche so they are able to deliver detailed speeches in such areas.

Network with Other Motivational Speakers

Just like with every other business or profession, you must learn to meet and intentionally network with other motivational speakers. You can approach one to be your mentor, many motivational speakers will not mind this at all.

Motivational speaking is a business that requires outstanding communication skills, discipline, and research. It also will take your time as you have to travel from place to place speaking to people. You must have a genuine passion for people and their progress to follow through and make it in the motivational speaking profession.



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