Bosiet Training in Nigeria: How to Enroll


If you are online searching for information about Bosiet training in Nigeria, then two things are involved: either you just got a new job at an oil company or you are part of an oil company’s human resource department.

Whichever way, a big congrats to you as you are a very big boy now! If you are just newly employed in an oil company and you are looking for information about Bioset training online, then two things are involved:  you are either being sponsored for this training or you are looking to train yourself to impress your employers. Whichever way, two gboza for you: Gboza! Gboza!!

BOSIET is an acronym for Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training. It is a training programme that was created specifically to provide introductory safety training and other basic survival training like emergency response training and risk assessment for employees that are new to offshore oil and gas business.

This training embodies first aid, fire fighting, sea survival, helicopter survival and self-rescue. In this article, we are going to discuss more of this training, what it could do for you and how to get one for yourself or for your staff.

What is BIOSET and what can it do for you?

The BOSIET course is a minimum requirement to work offshore. The BOSIET is the most basic from the range of trainings required for cold water areas and among its modules are training in the use of survival suits and emergency breathing systems etc. The BIOSET is an intensive theoretical and practical training that will last you only 3 days to complete but will be viable for 4 years. This shows you how intensive these trainings can be.

The BIOSET training will avail you with the most basic perception and understanding of the common dangers of working offshore. It will also equip an individual with the emergency response that is needed in case of any such dangers.

Upon successful completion of the BOSIET course, a trainee will be awarded a certificate that shows that he/she understands the dangers of the work he is embarking on. This certificate serves a dual purpose: first as a proof of knowledge and secondly as a disclaimer. The certificate will serve you for 4 years.

Where can one get a BIOSET training and HOW?

If you, as an employer of labor want to provide the BIOSET training for your staff, there are specialized approved centers that can provide the BIOSET training. However, I do not know if they provide the training to interested individuals. Some of the top consultants that provide BIOSET trainings to company staff are:

1. Charkin Maritime & Offshore Safety Centre in Association with SMTC Global

KM 4, East West Road, Ozuoba, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Tel: 0703 6261 006 email:


2. Falck Prime Atlantic Ltd

Falck Prime Atlantic Training Centre, Off Old Lagos/Ibadan Expressway, Sapade, Ipara-Remo, Ogun State.

T: +234 1 460130, +234 1 460130, email:

Our list isn’t very exhaustive so they may be other centers that can offer quality BIOSET training. However, the ones listed here have been recognized beyond the borders of Nigeria and even outside the African continent as training centers with the best safety practices.

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