List of Vocational Skills in Nigeria

Vocational skills are developed to increase the diversity of work-based learning routes to young persons in lieu of a university degree. Skills are important in promoting economic growth and dealing with youth unemployment. There are several vocational skills in Nigeria that prepare individuals to take up employment in a skilled craft or trade.

List of Vocational Skills in Nigeria

This is a list of vocational skills in Nigeria:

  • Aluminum fabrication skills

One can obtain the skill of aluminium fabrication without necessarily passing through the formal education process. This skill is applicable in the following industries; aerospace, packaging, automotive, construction, and electrical/electronics.

  • Automobile repair skills

One can attain proficiency in inspection, repair, and maintenance of automobile vehicles from apprenticeship or vocational schools. This skill is a great income generator.

  • Basic and professional writing

One can build proficiency in writing by engaging in writing courses on several platforms. Excellent writing skills are well sought after in several industries in drafting memos, emails, and other related activities.

  • Bookkeeping skill

One can employ bookkeeping skills in the management of financial accounts of companies and organizations in all kinds of industries. There are several platforms that provide resources for one to learn bookkeeping.

  • Catering/Food services

Engaging in food services can be quite lucrative especially if one has attained mastery of cooking. There are several avenues whereby one can receive training on how to be a caterer.

  • Computer-aided drawing skills

Computer-aided drafting and drawing skills are notably important in interior design, civil engineering, urban planning, architecture, and surveying subsections.

  • Computer programming

It is not compulsory one must obtain a computer science or related degree to be able to perform basic computer programming. There are several avenues that exist that offer the opportunity to gain knowledge on computer programming. The possession of this scale is crucial in getting jobs pertaining to information technology, website development, software development and data management.

  • Computer repair skill

As computers have witnessed unprecedented growth in nearly all aspects of human endeavours, the ability of a person to maintain and repair various types of technological equipment relating to computers is worthwhile. Aside from obtaining a degree from the university, one can acquire the knowledge of computer repair from vocational schools or by apprenticeship.

  • Data analysis

Companies and businesses across several industries seek to recognize patterns and how these trends can affect the growth of their businesses. Persons with the knowledge of data analytics are sought after to assist in identifying patterns that are crucial to leveraging growth. The learning of data analytics skills is not dependent on formal education.

  • Digital marketing skills

Businesses seeking to increase visibility to a wider audience often lookout for persons with competency in digital marketing. It is an important skill in present times.

  • Electronics and electrical installation skills

One can obtain the skill of installing and maintaining electrical systems at vocational schools, online courses, or by engaging in an apprenticeship with trained professionals.

  • Graphics design skill

The ability to creatively portray and convey messages visually is a vocational skill that provides the prospect to work as a freelancer, or with a web design company, internet marketing company, advertisement firm, or interior design company.

  • Heavy equipment operation

As an artisan, the ability to operate heavy equipment is very important because it increases one’s job prospects. Learning to operate this heavy equipment does not necessarily rely on formal education.

  • Information security

The knowledge of information security is useful in safeguarding sensitive information of agencies, businesses, and organizations from hackers. Acquiring training in information security is not necessarily dependent on formal education.

  • Interior design and decoration skills

One can learn about interior design, space planning without formal education. This skill provides prospects for work with architects, home building agencies, and related organizations.

  • Lead generation

Lead generation is a high-end skill that can be obtained without the need for formal education. This skill is relevant to virtually every business that desires to capture its customer interest and increase sales. There are several short courses and training that one can acquire this skill.

  • Network systems administration

One can develop the knowledge of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting problems relating to an organization’s computer network. This skill can be acquired without formal education.

  • Online marketing

The possession of knowledge in online marketing is advantageous. In contemporary times, companies and enterprises seek persons knowledgeable in online marketing to increase traffic to their websites. This skill is also important when one is venturing into personal business.

  • PC Computer Skills

Proficiency in the operation of personal computers is useful in virtually every industry. So, the knowledge of operating computer operating systems offers an individual opportunity in a wide range of industries as well as for application in personal business.

  • Phone repair skill

This is an easy-to-learn skill that requires no need for formal education. With the rising popularity of smartphones, the ability to repair phones provides one with great opportunities to earn a living and make a career.

  • Photography

One does not need to possess a degree to get a skill in photography. The skill offers opportunities in commercial photography and photojournalism.

  • Physical fitness instructing skills

One with knowledge of training of body conditioning exercise routines can work as a fitness instructor in gyms and wellness centers. To obtain the training required to be able to train others is independent of formal education as there are several other avenues to achieving that objective.

  • Plumbing skills

The skill of plumbing can be acquired through vocational schools or by apprenticeship, asides from the traditional formal education. The possession of this skill offers prospects in the maintenance or construction industries.

  • Search Engine and Optimization

This skill is important in digital marketing and website development. It is independent of formal education.

  • Video editing and production

The ability to edit and produce videos has the capacity of increasing the odds of getting opportunities in marketing and promotional companies. One can also work as a freelancer and even in a television company.

  • Welding and metal fabrication

The possession of this skill offers career possibilities in the construction, infrastructure, marine, and transportation industries. One does not require formal education to be able to perform such duties that involve welding and fabrication as long as there has been training prior.

  • Painting
  • Hairstyling
  • Tilling



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