Nigerian Navy Recruitment: Form, Portal, List, etc.


The Nigerian Navy, with its notable acronym, NN, offers a very adventurous working life.  Young Nigerians who like adventure can aspire to a life of work and excitement in the Nigerian Navy.

As with other arms of the Nigerian Armed Forces, the Navy also throws its doors open to Nigerians from time to time for recruitment.   To take advantage of the opportunity when it comes, an intending applicant needs to go by a set recruitment protocol.

The following gives a good picture of what Nigerian Navy recruitment exercises usually entail.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Form

The only acceptable means of application for enlistment into the Nigerian Navy is the application form available on its recruitment portal,  Online completion and submission of the form that has to be done within a deadline must be backed by payment of the prescribed fees at a designated bank.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Portal

The official recruitment portal of the Nigerian Navy is  From the portal, commencement of a recruitment exercise is announced, application form is made available and all pertinent information that can help a candidate progress in the program is placed on the portal from time to time.  Anyone interested in joining the Nigerian Navy has to check on the portal frequently and regularly.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment List

List of successful candidates at respective stages of a recruitment program will be published by the Nigerian Navy on its recruitment portal for the information of those taking part in the exercise.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Eligibility

To be eligible to take part in a Nigerian Navy recruitment exercise, intending applicants have to meet a number of standards for age, qualifications, height and fitness.

All criteria for eligibility, by category, will usually be made available on the recruitment portal as soon as a recruitment exercise takes off.  Candidates have to be sure that they meet the eligibility criteria fixed for the class of their application.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment: Required Documents

For Nigerian Navy recruitment, applicants need to provide evidence of academic and professional qualifications, NYSC Discharge or Exemption Certificate (where applicable), birth certificate or declaration of age, Parent/Guardian Consent Form, Local Government Attestation Form as well as Acknowledgment Form.  All required forms will be made available on the recruitment portal.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment: Compliance

In addition to candidature criteria which are laid out at the onset of a recruitment exercise, there will be new information, instructions and guidelines that may be issued from time on the recruitment portal as the recruitment progresses. Such information may include dates, venues and time of recruitment events.

There may also be requirements for dressing and other forms of preparation.  All of such information must be complied with to the letter, as any deviation may mean disqualification from continuing with the recruitment exercise.

Nigerian Navy Recruitment: Follow-up

The avenue to monitor a candidate’s progress in a Nigerian Navy recruitment exercise is the recruitment portal on which lists of successful candidates will be published at each stage and instructions, information and guidelines for the next stage will be announced.



  1. John Gabriel
  2. Ishaq Aminu Abubakar
  5. Kaluchukwuemeka peter says
  6. Samuel Philip
  7. Tomisin
  8. armyed
  9. Aje samuel
    • Ayentua Mathias
  10. Udealor David
  11. joseph ubong
  12. Baba gana modu
  13. jeifa azeez
  14. Zainab
    • Auwal Adam Usman
    • aminu bello
  15. Hyangmeng J. Williams
  16. abdulrahman shehu
  17. Malachi Audu
  18. Malachi Audu
  20. Joshua Chimobi
  21. Joshua Chimobi
  24. Adeyeye Ademola
  25. Hannah Jack
  26. kay
  27. Babagana kabir
  28. Dressman Stephen
  29. Muhammad usman Muhammad
  30. Owolabi boluwatife Daniel
  31. Olaoye Oluwatomiwa
  32. Abdulazeez
  33. Pam Emmanuel Bong
  34. Pam Emmanuel Bong
  35. Pam Emmanuel Bong
  36. Pam Emmanuel Bong
  37. Raji Taiwo
  38. kolawole olabode
  39. Emmanuel
  40. Joseph paul
  41. Joseph paul
  42. Edwin james
  43. dimgba darlington destiny
  44. Abubakar sulaiman
  45. nyoyok Christian akong
  46. Okafor Lotanna
  48. olasheni abdulmalik olanrewaju
  49. olasheni abdulmalik olanrewaju
  50. Elam Benjamin
  51. shehu Muhammad
  52. shehu Muhammad
  53. joshua
  54. Ogu Christopher Chinedu
  55. victor
  56. Isaiah Ikott
  57. salisu babs ibrahim
  58. Emmanuel Chukwuma
  59. taiwo

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