How to Become an Airline Ticket Agent in Nigeria

The Airline Ticket Agent is a job with an airline company or ticketing/reservation agency. An Airline Ticket Agent is primarily responsible for selling air tickets although duties may vary in different companies. An Airline Ticket Agent job is highly competitive due to the certification level required. While many ticketing companies will employ someone who has a simple diploma, many always prefer those with prior experience.

How to Become an Airline Ticket Agent in Nigeria

About an Airline Ticket Agent job

A job as an Airline Ticket Agent entails that you have at least a diploma certificate. However, a university degree will be helpful because of the high competition in the field. Many companies also demand an already experienced person on the job or someone who has had some form of training. If you are new to the job, you do not have to worry. You can always get training at flight schools. Although these are set up primarily to train pilots some flight schools also conduct training for other airline-related jobs. Getting trained as an Airline ticket agent at a Flight school will give you an edge over other applicants when applying for a job at any ticketing agency.  Airline companies have different minimum age requirements as regards a ticketing job. Most however do not allow those below ages 18 or 20. Airline Ticket Agents are expected to have outstanding communication skills because of their interactions with customers every day. Knowledge of at least one local language is often looked out for by most ticketing agencies.

Other Airline Ticket Agent requirements are:

Good writing and communication skills

Knowledge of a local language

Responsibilities of an Airline Ticket agent

  • Customer service: The primary responsibility of an Airline Ticket Agent is to attend to customers. This makes it absolutely necessary for him or her to have good customer relationship skills.
  • Selling and scanning of tickets: The Airline ticket agent handles ticket sales. You will often find agents at the boarding gate scanning and collecting tickets.
  • Seat assignment: Airline Ticket Agents are responsible for checking customer baggage and assigning seats to customers from the boarding gate
  • Book reservations: It is the duty of the Airline Ticket Agent to book or cancel reservations. Customers can either call in or make such requests online or in person. An Airline Ticketing Agent must have organizational skills and smart enough to not mix up persons and reservations. Most Airline companies use computers in booking reservations. This way, all the airline ticket agent has to do is ask for the passenger’s destination, preferred travel time, and airport of departure, and then input the information into a computer. The software brings up other necessary information such as flight schedules and seating available for the trip. If the plane is full, the agent may suggest an alternative flight or check to see if there is space available on another airline marked for the same destination.

Nature of an Airline Ticketing Job

Airline Ticket agent’s work can be very stressful. For example, an Airline Ticket Agent can be called upon at any time and also be expected to work overtime. An agent has to be cool-headed because there are times customers will put off their aggressions on you when there is no one else to blame in cases of canceled flights, mix-ups as regards bookings and reservations and other mishaps. You must also consider the high noise in most airport environments.

How to Become an Airline Ticket Agent in Nigeria

Take courses

There are physical and online courses available to help you build skills and get familiar with the role of a reservation and ticketing agent. Taking a course will make you seen as better qualified for the job role. In most ticketing and airline companies, ticket agents are required to have at least a reservation course diploma. These courses are important as they help you become more effective on your job as a Ticketing and reservation agent.

Be Computer Savvy

If you are interested in becoming an Airline Ticket Agent, you must be able to use the computer effectively. This is because most companies now make use of computers and soft wares rather than manually filling up papers and reservations as this helps to make the work easier and more organized. There are software programs that are used to make, confirm, change, and cancel reservations.

Knowledge of a local language

Working as an airline ticket in Nigeria would mean that you should know how to speak at least one local language. This is important for communication with customers.

Flight Schools offering Training for Ticket Agents

Below are Flight schools in Nigeria where you can receive training as a Ticketing and Reservation agent

IATA (International Air Transport Association)

International Air Transport Association, Lagos is known for training thousands of aviation professionals and businesses each year. The institution has helped many develop careers in the aviation industry. International Air Transport Association offers various diploma courses and facilities to help you become a better worker in the aviation sector. Most importantly, the institution offers courses on Reservation and ticketing that are recognized in Nigeria and overseas. Other schools are:

  • Dhaewood Aviation Business School (DABS)
  • Universal School of Aviation
  • Landover Aviation Business School

These schools offer facilities and courses that will equip you with the required skills to be a better Airline Ticket Agent in whatever company you work for, be it an Airline or Reservation company.

Job Opportunities for Airline Ticket Agents

Oftentimes, Airlines and reservation companies are actively searching for trained Reservation and Ticketing agents. There is always much work to do in this area as it is common for customers to change schedules, therefore airlines and agencies will always need trained and qualified hands. This means that with the right qualifications, you will most likely find a job as an airline ticket agent. Most Nigerian companies pay their ticket agents by the hour and average at about N4,500 per hour.


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