Nigerian Airforce Recruitment: Form, Portal, List, etc.

Young Nigerians looking forward to work and build a career have an option in the Nigerian Airforce.  The force carries out open recruitment programmes from time to time to enlist Nigerians into the different categories and departments within the Airforce.  Below are key elements of Nigerian Airforce recruitment programmes.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Form

The Nigerian Airforce provides its application form on  Only applicants who complete the prescribed form, print out the pay4Me slip and use the slip to pay the application fee at a designated bank are allowed to participate in any recruitment programme of the force.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment Portal is the official portal for recruitment into the Nigerian Airforce.  When a recruitment programme kicks off and is in progress, the portal comes live with the form, information, instruction, directions and guides pertaining to an on-going recruitment programme.

Those interested in enlisting into the Nigerian Airforce should check the portal from time to time to know when a recruitment process starts and to gather information when the programme is in progress.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment List (Results)

List of candidates who are successful at each stage of a recruitment programme is published on the portal,, as soon as it is ready.  The Nigerian Airforce expects candidates participating in any of its recruitment programme to obtain information about their progress in a recruitment programme from such lists.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment: Eligibility

Depending on positions for which candidates are required in any particular recruitment programme, the Nigerian Airforce has eligibility criteria in terms of marital status, age, height, educational qualifications, and nationality.  The criteria pertaining to a particular recruitment programme are always stated on the recruitment portal when the programme is under way.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment: Required Documents

One of the key requirements for recruitment into the Nigerian Airforce is the Attestation form which must be signed by a military officer, a police officer, local government chairman or secretary, magistrate or government secondary school principal.

An attestation form signatory must be of the same state of origin as the applicant he or she is attesting.  Where the person making the attestation is a military officer, then he or she must be of a rank not lower than Squadron Leader in the Airforce or an equivalent rank in the Nigerian Army or the Nigerian Navy.

Where the person signing the attestation form is a police officer he or she must not be lower than the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police.

Other documents required are educational certificates, birth certificate or declaration (done not later than 5 years before) of age.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment: Compliance

To avoid disqualification at any stage of a recruitment process, an applicant must ensure that all specification concerning form, payment, documents and other instruction given must be strictly complied with.

Nigerian Airforce Recruitment: Follow-up

Just as it is necessary for an intending candidate to check constantly at the recruitment portal to discover when a recruitment programme will start, it is also necessary for any candidate taking part in any Nigerian Airforce recruitment process to check the same portal regularly to get updates on the progress of the programme and to learn of further directives that may be given.

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  1. i Abdulkarim Adamu, I wnt be one of the nigerian airforce, i like to be good nigerian embassy to helps the nation and the people of my country… I want be an assistant my country wth all my knowledge & streinght, ability to protect my nation, im very excitet to apply in this commission, pls sir notify me when form out.

  2. pls I don’t understand this anymore, which of the print out is there for the military to sign? because the print out I have with me is the one for local government, the one for police and also the parents consent form,so pls help me out

    • I think is only one combined d two together military man can sign it or chairman/secretary of local government or police or principal any of dis people can sign it thankz

  3. sir I by name AMINU MUSA I want to apply NAF with national diploma (ND) in college of engineering technology (CET) lower credit and I study electrical and electronic maintenance am I welcome Sir?


  5. Please sir may I be able to apply for direct short service with my BSC chemistry to join the medical laboratories because my ND was SLT science laboratory technology and also have a certificate at BEN laboratory with a lot of experience. Thank you sir am very grateful.

  6. My name is timothy i have the passion of airforce in me and i can’t wait to attain the zonal screening please inform me when examinatiom result list is out

  7. My name is James peter,I love airforce so much,infact I have passion in it very well,but thank God, daddy told me in my dream,an said peter apply for naf,an be the warfront, for more victory,thank u master Jesus,

  8. I haven’t received any text should I still go for the screening .My Recruitment center is PortHarcourt 115 special Operations Group Nigeria AirForce PortHarcourt.My Application ID is NAF2017182151.Thanks I will be glad If someone out there can help me I need to go for this.

  9. pls sir do i still need to go to the recruitment centre? pls sir,
    I will appreciate if u update me through this line 07065952501,i hail from cross river state,but reside in nasarawa state sir pls when will the time table for Airforce recruitment be out for 2917, THANKS.

  10. good afternoon sir, am an applicant of Nigerian airforce, but I have not yet received a tex, can I still go to d recruitment centre? I choose Kaduna, my no. is 07065952501
    my application ID is NAF2017138773

  11. Note that applicants with HND or First Degrees/
    Post-Graduate Certificates, University Diplomas
    and Grade II Teacher’s certificates will not be
    considered for recruitment as airmen/airwomen
    into the Nigerian Air Force and should not apply.

  12. I am susan peter. I have passion for Nigeria Air force for a long time. Please sir, I need information for the 2017 recruitment. I am always on-line and any information will be appreciated. Thank you

  13. I’m saleh Garba by name and i’m a man’o.’ war am try to apply NAF 2× but I didn’t gate it l with NCE. sir wich simples way that I to joing force?

  14. I bought the Nigeria air force recruitment 2016/2017 and I did not received any message from them,this is perciality……idiotic attitude from Nigeria AIRFORCE…… we that we don’t have means we are not recognize ko……bleep Nigeria AIRFORCE

  15. pls sir I bought the Nigeria air force recruitment
    2016/2017 and I did not received any message
    from them,what will I do,that means I should not
    go to the zonal exercises, what should I do sir

  16. I applied in the name of God almighty through Jesus christ our Lord the owner of heaven and earth and all jobs, the one that can make impossibility possible, the only one that has the heart of Kings and Queens, president and all the chief of staffs in his hands. I trust in him that he wont disappoint me even if I have not receive the text yet i will succeed. I dont have any other helper than God, He will help my helper to locate me.

  17. Please sir i did not receive the text and i have already traveled from cross river state to portharcourt for the screening purpose what should i do?

  18. pls sir I bought the Nigeria air force recruitment 2016/2017 and I did not received any message from them,what will I do,that means I should not go to the zonal exercises, what should I do sir.

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