Types of Modeling in Nigeria

Modeling is a lucrative profession in Nigeria where one could earn a good income. Organizations and business brands need models to market and advertise their products and services. Fashion designers also engage the services of professional models to showcase their wares to the general public. Depending on the type of modeling and organisation, there are different types of models, ranging from runway models to commercial models, fashion models and body parts models. In this article, the various types of modeling would be discussed.

Types of Modelling in Nigeria

Below are the types of modeling in Nigeria that would be looked into:

  • Commercial Modeling

Commercial modeling is one of the most popular types of modeling in Nigeria. Companies and some organisations that need to inform the public about their products and services advertise their products. Most times they hire the services of commercial models to carry out this task. 

Commercial Modelling often requires people of different body sizes and gender. The models though must be good-looking and be of good behaviour. Commercial models are commonly needed to advertise products and services on Television, at trade exhibitions, and at live events. These are some of the places where they would be needed.

  • Fashion Modeling

Fashion modeling is one of the most outstanding types of modeling in Nigeria. In this industry, fashion models are mostly the faces you see on the pages and cover pages of fashion magazines. Fashion designers most times hire the services of fashion models and these models must meet certain strict requirements. 

The statistics needed for fashion editorial models are often referred to as 33-23-33(bust 33 inches, waist 23 inches, hips 33 inches). These statistics all depend on the fashion designer involved. They could also hire a fashion model that is close to the statistics. Most times, the models are slim and tall.

  • Swimsuit, Bikini and Lingerie Modeling

This type of modeling involves fashion designers and brands that deal with clothes. In this type of modeling, they require special kinds of models that would not mind exposing their bodies. This is because lingerie, bikini and swimsuit models advertise lingerie and bikinis.

The requirement that the models must meet includes having a beautiful body shape since they would be exposing their bodies. As much as fashion designers are the main people in this industry, they hire models that are curvier than fashion models. 

  • Promotional Modeling

Promotional modeling is another type of modeling in Nigeria. In promotional modeling, brands and organisations that need to advertise their products and services at events, trade exhibitions, and other shows often engage the services of promotional models. 

The requirements brands and organisations look out for when engaging the services of promotional models is that the models must possess great communication and interaction skills. They must be able to communicate with prospective customers and convince them to patronize their products and services.

It is a criterion that these models must have great knowledge about the brands they are marketing. Promotional models must be intelligent and outspoken since they would be the face of the brand. Being good-looking is another requirement. 

  • Runway Modeling

Runway modeling is another popular type of modeling in Nigeria. This type of modeling requires the services of runway models. These models are the ones that are used for fashion shows. In runway modeling, runway models are normally slim and tall. The male models are not on the built side. 

In runway modeling, there is strict adherence to statistics. Not everyone can be a runway model because they have to be a sort of way. They have to have a certain body height and size. That is why runway modeling is not for everybody. Fashion designers often host fashion shows to exhibit their clothes. This is usually done on a “runway”.

  • Plus-size Modeling

Plus-size modeling often requires the services of plus-sized models to market fashion pieces for fashion brands. These fashion pieces are usually for women on the big side. Women that are targeted in plus-modeling are mostly size 12, 14, 16 and greater sizes. The models are also on the big side since they are marketing big clothes for plus-size people.

  • Body Parts Modelling

Body parts modeling involves focusing on modeling certain body parts such as the eyes, abs, hands, teeth, legs, and so on. These sets of models are for nail products brands, shoe brands, eyelash brands, beauty brands and others.

  • Fitness Modeling

Fitness modeling is a type of modeling in Nigeria that is gaining waves. Many businesses involved in fitness need models to showcase their products and services. This is where fitness models come in. 

Brands and companies that produce and sell different products for gyms and physical fitness hire the services of fitness models. The requirements you must meet before becoming a fitness model is that you must be fit, built and athletic. You have to also be a health and fitness enthusiast that derives joy in being fit. 

  • Glamour Modeling

In Glamour modeling, models referred to as glamour models pose wearing lingeries and sexy outfits for sexy photo shoots. What clients seeking to hire glamour models look out for most times are models that possess natural sex appeal. This way they would be able to portray sensual sexuality during the photo shoot.

  • Petite Modeling

In Petite modeling, petite models are engaged in all kinds of modeling jobs. Irrespective of the kind of modeling job, models with smallish body sizes are used. So it doesn’t matter if you want to become a model and you have a small body size, petite modeling is the best for you. You could still get job opportunities working as a petite model and still excel in this field.

  • Prints Modeling

In print modeling, print models are engaged to showcase and advertise products and services on printed materials for advertisements. These printed materials include leaflets, flyers, brochures, magazines, websites, articles and newspapers. 

In print modeling, print models are also hired by agencies and companies that wish to advertise promotional materials. The requirements needed to become a print model are not strict. Anyone can be a print model. There are no particular model statistics.

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