Career Patterns in Nigerian Education Today

In Nigeria, many think a degree in education can yield nothing more than a teaching career in a small classroom. While the teaching profession is a noble one, not everyone who studies education ends up teaching in a classroom. There are many other professions you can take up with a degree in education. Job opportunities exist for the teacher in areas such as school administration, curriculum design, education policy and many others that will be discussed in this article.

There are also many other alternatives to the option of traditional teaching in classrooms e.g. online teaching

Many skills developed in the course of a degree in Education can be easily applied and transferred to other professions. Such skills include:

Ability to analyze new information and research

Effective communication skills

Ability to organize and lead large groups etc.

This article provides you with information on several other professions and careers you can take up as an alternative to teaching.

Career Patterns in Nigerian Education Today

Career Patterns in Nigerian Education Today

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For those who studied education and are skilled in the art of writing, a career in writing or publishing is one to consider. For example, textbooks are used in teaching and you can become an editor or major in the sales of the textbooks.

News reporting

Media outlets such as newspapers and Television stations make use of reporters who specialize in educational news and topics.


In this digital world, you can begin a career in blogging about educational topics and news. It is easy to set up a blog or website. All you need is to be willing to do the research and be consistent at blogging.

Child care

An educator can also focus on early childhood development. As an educator, you will provide value to families in terms of searching out the right curriculum and teaching children between the ages of 3 and 5. You can then go on to daycare administration.

Adult education

This is a field that is growing and gaining more attention. Adult education can be referred to as life coaching, many adults are now looking at gaining more knowledge and therefore need educators to put them through. Teaching at a higher institution such as a polytechnic or university often requires some level of advanced degrees, but starting a career in adult education does not necessarily need this.

Teaching in other settings asides school

Learning does not only take place within the four walls of a school. You can function outside the traditional school system and still impact knowledge. Examples include:

  • Organizations that require the services of teachers to assist with orientation of new staff, employee workshops
  • Museums in need of educators to serve as tour guides
  • Local businesses in need of trainers for workshops
  • Non-governmental organizations that require the services of teachers for causes such as health awareness etc.
  • Prison systems in need of life coaches and educators

In these different roles mentioned above, the skills and knowledge of a teacher is just as needed and will be applicable in carrying out these roles.

Education policymakers 

There are many debates and conversations that go on around education in Nigeria. These include topics such as:

  • What should the children be taught and at what ages should they be taught such
  • How should they be taught
  • Educational qualifications required from teachers

Who better to address these questions than those who are already in the educational system? The job of Education policymakers is to develop and implement policies that will better the education system. Education policymakers are expected to be experts in this field and make decisions based on research


Educational researchers are those who try to find solutions to problems that exist in the educational world. Researchers gather data from primary or first-hand sources or make use of existing data to draw conclusions.

There are different approaches to educational research. These are:

Basic approach: This is also referred to as an academic research approach. Researchers in this category usually work with an academic institution and perform this research as a requirement of a degree such as a doctoral work.

Applied research: This is also referred to as a contract research approach. Researchers in this field are usually contracted by organizations to find solutions to existing educational problems. Usually, the organization needs the findings of the research for the purpose of theirs.

Education Administrator

An education Administrator can function at different levels of education. These ones oversee the running of an educational facility such as a school. The job role of an education administrator includes:

Hiring and supervising other staff

Managing budgets

Setting policies and codes as standards for the running of the facility

There are varying names for education administrators in different settings:

  • In schools, educational administrators are often known as principals or assistant principals
  • Businesses refer to administrators as Directors of programs
  • Libraries and museums often refer to administrators as instruction coordinators
  • Colleges and universities employ the services of education administrators at different levels of the management structure such as admissions officers, department heads, and as deans and provosts.

In order to become an education administrator, one may be required to have an advanced degree.

Curriculum design

As the name implies, curriculum designing has to do with deciding on educational programs and materials for instructions to use in schools, organizations, and companies. In order to be a curriculum designer, one needs to have adequate knowledge of the field one is designing a curriculum for. This is essential so as to be able to sift through what is needed or not for any particular age or level of a child. Curriculum designers are also expected to have years of experience and adequate research so as to be able to decide on what teaching techniques work better and is more effective.


Students often need guidance on both personal issues which in turn affects performances in school and academic issues. Educators can, therefore, work as counselors to students. In order to be a counselor, you may be required to have additional training.


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