Consultancy Opportunities in Nigeria

There are many fields that hold consultancy opportunities in Nigeria. Read on below to find out what sector you can specialize in, according to the degree you have or your passion.

Consultancy Opportunities in Nigeria

Consultancy Opportunities in Nigeria

Consultancy as a Business Analyst

One can work as a consultant in the field of business. A business analyst is responsible for researching, identifying and analysing business problems. The expert business plan consultants in London, UK develops and implements solutions to these problems.

Other responsibilities of a business analyst includes:

  • Communication of strategies to stakeholders, facilitators and other business partners.
  • Monitoring business strategies so as to achieve desired results such as meeting the needs of the consumers
  • Documentation of requirements for the running of the business
  • Managing assigned business projects
  • Developing innovations that will improve the business’ processes

Educational Requirements to become a Business Analyst:

One who desires to become a consultant in the business field must meet some educational requirements such as:
having a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in fields such as Business Administration or closely related fields in the finances or banking industry.

Management consultancy

Organizations need the services of management consultants in order to help build its brand. This cuts across various sectors such as the manufacturing/production sector, food business etc.

The duties of a Management consultant includes:

  • Reviewing and improving business processes
  • Conducting research and surveys  to drive the development of the business
  • Developing and ensuring the implementation of business strategies and concepts for the company
  • Documentation and update of the company’s strategies and daily business objectives
  • Monitoring the growth of a business so as to be able to identify its strength, weaknesses and opportunities for growth
  • Responsible for making recommendation to management concerning the business
  • Documenting and updating the list of business budget and performance goals.

Medical consultancy

One can also become a consultant in the medical field as a doctor. In order to become a medical consultant, one must first have qualified as a medical doctor. This entails 6 years in medical school in the university and a training process known as the residency program.

After this, you will choose a field in which you want to specialise. This is necessary if you want to become a medical consultant. It is in this field that you will provide consultancy services.

Management sciences for health

One can also function in management roles in the health field. The World Health Organization (WHO) for example, is the foremost body responsible for providing research and solutions to health matters all around the world. Other international health organizations such as WHO and employ the services of health professionals in order to carry out its duties.

These include in areas such as:

Mental Health and Psychological Support

Disaster management

These ones are expected to function as consultants in managing health systems and helping communities and nations build stronger health systems.

Technical consultant

If you are in the field of technology as a web designer, programmer etc., you can also become a consultant.

Many companies and organizations require the services of those in technical fields. The journey to becoming a consultant in this field usually involves a bachelors degree in courses such as computer science, Information Technology etc or being self taught.

However, it takes practice and experience in order to scale the ladder to become a consultant in this field.

Functions of a technical consultant include:

  • Collate user requirements, suggest solutions, design and develop website
  • Design and develop a business website to specification
  • Ensuring security of the website and performance optimization for web traffic and increased online presence
  •  Implementation and development of contents and communication materials such as mails

Consultancy in the field of food and Agriculture

Those who have degrees in fields such as food and nutrition, agriculture etc can also become consultants.

Food, Agricultural and agro-allied industries need the services of experts in this field.

Responsibilities of such consultants include:

  • Conducting research and analyzing policies
  • Developing strategies for the business
  • Implementation of programs that promote sustainable food security and improved nutrition.

Sales Manager

A sales manager is someone who is responsible for leading and guiding a team of sales people in an organization.

The responsibilities of sales managers vary according to different organizations.

Responsibilities of a sales manager include the following:

  • Oversee sales affairs and the management of sales staff
  • Setting goals, targets and quotas for sales personals
  • Building a sales plan
  • Analysing sales data and statistics  in order to make smart marketing decisions
  • Oversee and coordinate training of sales staff
  • Resolve customer complaints regarding sales and service
  • Oversee the distribution of goods and services by determining areas of sales etc
  • by assigning sales territories
  • Prepare budgets and approve budget expenditures
  • Monitor consumer behaviour to determine effective marketing strategies
  • Determine the profitability of products and services
  • Recruit, hire and train new members of the sales staff
  • Offer recommendations and advice to other executives on how to improve sales of the business
  • Determine discount rates or special pricing plans

Human resources consultancy

Consultancy opportunities exist in the field of human resources. Every organization makes use of human capital in order to function properly. The role of a Human resources consultant is to ensure that a company hires the best hands in order to achieve its goals and objectives.

Responsibilities of a Human resources consultant

  • Human resources consultants ensure that the employees of an organization work in the best interest

of the organization

  • Offer advice and recommendations on issues regarding human capital
  • Ensure the work force are operating at a high level of productivity through conducive work environment and policies
  • Develop a human resources model for the organization
  • Establish work policies and ensure the work force comply with these laid down policies
  • Human resources consultants can make recommendations to positions within the organization based on their professional observations of staff and other talents.

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