4 Resume Tips for Fresh Nigerian Graduates

Around graduation time each year, most Nigerian university graduates begin scratching their heads, considering how on earth to write their first resume while some will wait till after NYSC which is bad. Having difficult time myself to make my first resume years back, I understand your predicament.

To write a first killer resume that works, bear in mind these four key points and make sure to check these resume templates!

1. Act Like an Expert

The labor market is bloody at this moment, so you should present yourself in the most ideal light.

“The greatest complaint hiring managers make to me about resumes from new school graduates is their utilization of cutesy or unseemly email addresses, says Steven Rothberg, President of Minneapolis-based CollegeRecruiter.com, a job site for school graduates and employers.
“For instance, an email address like flex4luv@xyz.com isn’t going to offer you any help in your job hunt.

“A nearby second as far as things that annoy hiring managers is ineffectively written resumes, with spelling blunders, grammatical mistakes, latent dialect and other effectively correctable mistakes,” says Rothberg.

2. One Page is a Decent Length

You don’t need to recount your biography in your first resume. A long way from it. “Not very many new university graduate resumes ought to be more than one page long,” says Rothberg. “Any work experience not identified with the job you’re applying for ought to be left off. In spite of the fact that it’s incredible that you had a paper course from age 10 to 14, for instance, that isn’t important to an employer considering you for a petroleum engineering position,” says Rothberg.

Hiring managers will be more keen on the academic certifications and experience you acquired while in school, so concentrate on that.

3. Stick to Reality

Maintain a strategic distance from the allurement to sprinkle your resume with trendy expressions and abilities you don’t really have.

Yvonne LaRose a Beverly Hills, Calif.- based Certified Personnel Consultant  mention that It bothers employers when they call candidates for an interview, just to discover they can’t clarify what’s on their resume.

It’s more than irritating to claim more knowledge on your resume than you really have. It’s level out lying. What’s more, it will cost you beyond all doubt when an employer discovers the truth – and they generally do.

4. Finding an Employment is a Full-Time Work

Many of first-time job seekers trust hiring managers will mysteriously discover them on the off-chance that they simply submit their resume on a few job portals.

“Submitting resumes on high-traffic job portals is only a beginning stage. Fresh graduates need to utilize their professional associations. They have to network. They have to consider the procedure of finding an employment as a full-time work,” says Rothberg. That is the reason I wrote a post on Building Your Professional Network which is every helpful to get a job at this time of downsizing.

This Network building is vital – however is one that takes the longest to learn, in my perspective. Whether you’re a recent graduate or experienced professional, you ought to never kick back and sit tight for your next job to find you. Since you might be in for a long wait.

Good luck to you in your new career.

Guest Post Author:

Ansa John of http://ansacareers.com

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