Professional Courses in Nigeria (in Management)


You can’t effectively manage a unit or department in an organization if you don’t have the necessary managerial skills.

One way to achieve this is by enrolling in a professional managerial course.

There are several reputable institutions in the country that offer reputable courses that are related to management.

Professional Courses in Nigeria (in Management)

In this post, you’ll learn about these institutions and the professional courses they offer.

#1 Institute of Strategic Management, Nigeria (ISMN)

The Institute of Strategic Management is a professional management association with focus on aspects like strategic management, leadership and governance.

ISMN was established in 2003 as a non-governmental organization and the institute has over 25,000 members in Nigeria and beyond.

The organization has a vision to position Nigeria and Africa as leaders in the global economy. One of the ways the centre intends to achieve this is by providing the right knowledge and skills in the practice of strategic management, strategic entrepreneurship, strategic leadership, and governance. This is made available through research, publications, education, training, certification, induction, and regulation of students and members.


Every prospective member is expected to write a project of not less than 2500 words in a management related topic. But before you enrol, you’re expected to possess a first degree in any discipline from an accredited university.


Below is the process involved in becoming an executive associate member:

Step #1: Obtain the application form at a cost of N5,000

Step #2: Attend the required seminar. The cost of attendance is N20,000

Step #3: Write a project of NOT less than 2,500 words

Step #4: Apply for induction and pay the prescribed fees of N38,000


Once you’ve completed the above steps, you’ll be certified as an associate member.

Additionally, you can take it a step higher by becoming a full member. The process involved is highlighted below:

Step #1: Obtain the application form for N10,000

Step #2: Attend the required seminar. The cost of attendance is N50,000

Step #3: Write a project of NOT less than 2,500 words

Step #4: Apply for induction and pay prescribed fees of N42,500


If you’d like to become a full member, you must have a minimum of a Master’s Degree in any discipline. But if you don’t have a Master’s degree, you should possess at least five years of post graduate experience.

#2 Nigeria Institute of Management (NIM)

Being a member of the NIM gives you a unique edge and provides better opportunities in terms of marketablity and career progression.

Another advantage of the NIM membership is the network it offers you. There are different levels of membership. These include:

AMNIM: Associate Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management

MNIM: Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management

FNIM: Fellow of the Nigeria Institute of Management


During your NYSC, you can apply for the NIM membership at a subsidized rate.


Some of the perks of being a member of the NIM include:

  • Being able to attend a variety of human capital development programmes organized by the institute at subsidized rates.
  • Networking with other professional managers
  • Contributeing to policy debates and national issues
  • Accessibility to NIM Resource Centre and Publications that cover a wide range of management issues

Additionally, NIM offers developmental programmes, MCPEP and trainings at the National and International levels. The facilitators have expertise in the topics they handle and you’re able to gain the right knowledge and skills to keep in touch with the ever-changing world of management.

The NIM provides an exclusive quarterly magazine called ‘Management in Nigeria.’ It is full of the latest issues and trends in management. The magazine serves as an up-to-date source of information.

Also, the NIM has a well-stocked reference e-library with e-books and e-journals that provide the essential resources for professional development.

NIM also provides support services such as mentoring, career development and coaching.

Usually, enrolling as members of the institute is divided into 2 categories:

  • Individual
  • Corporate

A lot of the Human Capital Development programmes are offered to NIM members at a subsidized rate.


#3 Lagos Business School

The Lagos Business School is one of the foremost business schools in Africa. It is the graduate business school of the Pan African University.

LBS is not just a school, it is a community of people committed to creating and sharing management and business knowledge that is relevant to Nigeria and Africa at large

The business school was established in 1991. Initially, the school was called the Centre for Professional Communication (CPC). Over the years, the school has grown to become the number one school in Nigeria and West Africa.

There are some prerequisites prior to applying to the management courses offered by LBS. For instance, you’re expected to have at least 3 years post qualification experience with a minimum of a second class lower from a recognized or accredited university

If you’re a business owner you can apply for the Executive MBA which is a program that allows students to apply business management and analysis to their own business. And if you’re an executive, it provides you with the right tools to successfully lead organizations.

On the other hand, the modular executive MBA programme is an intensive programme that is tailored for busy professionals looking for quality management education.

Apart from the MBA and PhD programs, LBS also offer short courses. One of the most popular is a 3 months course called the Management Acceleration Programme. It is designed for emerging leaders that believe they have the potential to influence their organization’s future success.

This 3 months course teaches entrepreneurs actionable steps and provides the necessary tools needed to meet the heavy demand of their business.

Most of what you’ll learn in this program is taken from the MBA program which includes business analytics and decision-making, leadership and people management, finance and accounting, strategy, and project management.

Asides the training and skills you garner from LBS, the institution is well known for its strong network of alumni which you can leverage on.

#4 Executive Business School (EBS)

The Executive Business School is another institution where you can earn recognized certifications in business and management related courses.

EBS is one of the top business schools in Lagos and Nigeria. The school admitted its first set of students in 2007.

Apart from the EBS’s business and management related course, the school also offers professional courses in law and accounting.

If you’re an undergraduate student, you can apply for the Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree. But if you’re an HND holder, you can apply for a Bachelor of Arts degree.

On the other hand, if you’re university graduate, you can apply for postgraduate courses such as MSc in Corporate Governance, MSc in Accounting and Masters of Law (LLM). There is also the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) and PhD degree which you can enrol for based on your business specializations.

The school offers an Executive Management Programme which equips you with the right management skills.

EBS collaborates with European and British Universities in order to provide top class international business education.

Another unique thing about EBS is its faculty. The faculty is made of international and seasoned professors that contribute to the development and delivery of the school curriculum and program.

#5 West Africa Business School

West Africa Business School was established in 2002 as a private business institute.

The school is committed to growing the intellectual assets in not just Nigeria but in Africa nations particularly the ECOWAS countries.

WABS has grown to become a global brand and they are known for their specialized strategic business conferences, leadership programme, and management courses. These courses have been tailored to meet the educational needs of individuals in financial services industry.

WABS provides quality training in world-class corporate education, government human capital development, professional education, executive education, business intelligence and research services.

The institute also facilitates in-house programme for companies as well as e-learning programme which you can enrol no matter your location.

WABS also provides entrepreneurship development centres which have been tailored to develop the entrepreneural skills of primary and secondary school students as well as unemployed graduates.

Apart from their campus in Nigeria, WABS also has campused in Ghana and Gambia. The institute also partners with major brands in the finance, health and insurance sectors.

Over time, it is expected that WABS will begin to award business degrees to students. This would be implemented when the proposed ECOWAS Open University is established.

#6 International School of Management (ISM)

Approved by the Federal Ministry of Education and the Lagos State Agency for Mass Education, the International School of Management is another top class centre where you can earn professional certifications in management courses.

The centre works in collaboration with top universities across Europe and America to deliver excellent education in business management.

Additionally, ISM offers its professional development programmes along with postgraduate and undergraduate courses.

Some of the aspects of business management in which you can specialise at ISM include organizational planning, HR, marketing, market research and competition, finance, SME growth and development, entrepreneurship and many more

Interestingly, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to enrol for these courses. You can apply through the online learning platform. In fact, ISM is a pioneer institution in online education in Nigeria.

This system of learning is quite interactive and it is called the Online Campus Nigeria (OCN). You can check the ISM website and browse for the prerequisites as well as the specialization you’ll be interested.

Overall, the faculty at ISM comprises a mix of local and foreign tutors who have a good knowledge of the Nigerian business system.

#7 Metropolitan School of Business Management, Lagos (MSBM)

Metropolitan School of Business Management is the Lagos centre of the London Metropolitan School of Business Management in the United Kingdom.

Currently, the school is one of the fastest growing business schools in the country with offices in Abuja and Anambra.

Apart from its London and Nigerian centres, the Metropolitan School of Business Management has centres in Dubai and New York.

The training at MSBM is flexible provides both online and on-campus learning to students as a result their courses are quite flexible and they effectively combine both online and offline modules into their curriculum.

MSBM is a great way to boost your CV with a foreign MBA certification without having to leave the shores of the country.

If you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner or manager, you can enrol in the special executive management programme (SEMP) at MSBM where you can earn your certification in as little as one week. Some of these specialties include:

  • SEMP in Developmental Studies
  • SEMP in Information Systems
  • SEMP in Information Management
  • SEMP in Human Resource Management
  • SEMP in International Marketing
  • SEMP in Operations Management
  • SEMP in Project Management
  • SEMP in Strategic Business Studies
  • SEMP in Business Administration
  • SEMP in Research Methodology
  • SEMP in Financial Management
  • SEMP in Business Enterprise Software
  • SEMP in Information Technology


These courses can be done online and if you’ve done a Masters in the past, they can serve as refresher courses. The cost of the programme is £600.

However, you are expected to have at least two years working experience prior to applying.


#8 Chartered Institute of Personnel Management

The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM) offers certification tailored towards aspiring personnel manager or practising professionals.

The Institute was established in 1968 as an umbrella Association of the Practitioners of Personnel Management. At that time, it was christened the Personnel Management Association of Nigeria. The name was changed to IPM in 1973 and by 1992, the institute had becomed chartered based on the Act No 58 of 1992 enabled by the Federal Government of Nigeria

The vision of the institute is to become a foremost people management institute in Africa that is well respected all over the world.

If you’re a graduate, you can be exempted from certain CIPM courses. However, you can visit the CIPM website for more information on how to qualify as CIPM member.



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