7 Tips on How to Start Writing an Essay


An essay is a genre of literature, a prosaic composition of small volume and free composition. It should reflect the opinion, feelings, attitude, impressions, thoughts of a person on a particular issue, occasion, topic, etc. Back in school, those dreaming of the profession of a journalist are trying to master various genres. But in most cases, any student is faced with such a format of writing as an essay. Perhaps some will be surprised, but the skill of writing a quality essay may come in handy in ordinary adult life. Many employers ask for a motivational essay or an essay on a topic that relates directly to the industry. Therefore, as you can see, almost every modern profession requires this skill. And for this, there are several useful recommendations.

7 Tips on How to Start Writing an Essay

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1. You Should Start With a Plan

Before writing the work, mentally, and then on a draft, divide the future essay into parts. It should contain the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Also, in your plan, you can briefly write your arguments and thesis statement.

2. Study the Topic

If the topic is totally understandable to you, then this will save the work from plagiarism and borrowing the ideas from other people’s similar works. In addition, owning the information, you can create a truly unique essay that will reflect the position and views of the author as much as possible.

3. Analyze

After the author gets acquainted with the topic as detailed as possible, it is worth moving on to the analysis of the information. You need to see what arguments other authors cite in their works. Based on their thoughts, you need to reflect and draw your own personal conclusions. However, in most cases, you don’t need to copy other people’s ideas.

4. Imagine Yourself a Critic

You need to carefully think about everything you came up with. Noting the weaknesses, figure out how to improve them, and then implement them in your work.

5. Be Rational

So that the essay does not turn into just an emotional expression of one’s opinion, rationalism must be included. To do this, before starting the work, prepare a list of questions, answers to which you need to disclose in an essay. It is better to spend time and write these answers separately from the general text. If you do so, your essay will be well structured.

6. Be Clear About Your Main Idea

In order for an essay to fulfill its function, bringing your main idea to the reader, you need to decide what this main idea is. At this stage, it is necessary to highlight the main thesis of the material, which incorporates all other thoughts and messages of the author.

7. Work on a Draft

Do not avoid working on a draft. Some authors try to avoid unnecessary work, but in this case, it will only increase the time of writing an essay. Write down the central sentences of each paragraph. It will be a kind of guide for you. You can do this by creating a special map, which will be a kind of summary of thoughts. After the foundation is ready, the rest of the information should be written depending on it.


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