School Management System Software or Student Information Systems are software programs used by schools to manage their processes and store data at the Bilingual Early Childhood Center.

These types of software are quickly becoming ubiquitous among the best schools in Nigeria as the deployment of such software, contributes immensely to running a modern fast-growing school with improved student performance for the digital developing of a business.

Benefits include but are not limited to time-saving for admins and teachers, easy and fast access to records, fast generation of different types of student reports cards and general statistical reports that help admins make better decisions and avoid pitfalls, and also keep parents in the loop on student performance and child safety records. Personal organization and tools management is also important, make sure you use Name It Labels.

Best 5 School Management System Software in Nigeria

We reviewed over 20 school management software and have trimmed the list down to what we believe are inarguably the best school management software system in Nigeria. If you want a software to keep your data safe, then consider using Couchbase. For the best software system management you can check this out.


BlueBic is the industry leader and best School Management Software System in Nigeria. It’s very easy to set up and use. BlueBic may be a bit pricey for some schools but their product and customer service is certainly great value for money.

Price: N500 termly per student for all modules/features including student portal and online result checker.

Nonprofits and schools in underserved communities may qualify for a discount courtesy of and

Product: 9/10 – Easy to use, feature rich, flexible and full Mobile Friendly support.

Support: 10/10 – Support team was fast to respond, professional, and proactive about teacher training. Existing clients of BlueBic praise their ability to carry all, even older non-tech savvy, teachers along and manage a smooth transition to digital record keeping.

Strength: Fantastic product that is easy to use and mobile-friendly. BlueBic also had the best customer service of all schools we reviewed, they were quick to respond and super helpful.

Weakness: Not as many modules as some products on this list. We however think this is a good thing because the modules they have are feature rich, flexible, provide useful reports, and generally appear better thought out than other products on this list. Their development team also continues to push frequent updates.

General Assessment: BlueBic is fast growing and has managed to attract some prestigious schools as well as credible local and international partners. BlueBic is our first choice for schools that can afford it or otherwise qualify for a discount. It saves school admins a lot of headaches.


Nersapp is a free cloud-based school management software.

Price: NersApp is completely free to use.

Product: 6/10 – They have a product that is relatively good for a free app. Even better than some paid apps on this list.

Support: 2/10 – Support was unresponsive for days. Even setting up our account took so long and one-on-one trainings almost never happen. Easy to understand the poor support as this product is free and they can’t afford to hire as much support personnel as the other products. Also expect to foot the bill of support calls as they almost never call you back. You’re responsible for calling them on your own credit.

Strength: Obviously the fact that Nersapp is free will appeal to schools that don’t have a budget for IT.

Weakness: Take note that free does not mean you will spend nothing. You have to be prepared to use your school’s own resources (time, equipment, call credit, personnel, etc) to support, train your teachers, and manage the transition process as you can’t completely rely on their support to do the heavy lifting. Also take note that because this software is free and from a relatively new company, there is no guarantee that the business won’t shut down unexpectedly due to being unable to keep the lights on like other free apps in the past.

General Assessment: If your school is short on cash or needs money for other projects like expansion of facilities, then Nersapp is a good choice.


SAFSMS is cloud-based and the oldest company providing school management software in Nigeria with over 12 years experience.

Price: Flat fee of N100k termly per school. Additional fee of N700 termly per student for student portal access and online result checker.

Product: 4/10 – cluttered UI that is cumbersome and difficult to use. Their web app is NOT mobile friendly and their mobile android app is very barebones with limited support and poor ratings.

Support: 8/10 – Support was responsive but wasn’t very proactive about organizing training for a new school. We had to be responsible for reaching out to them to seek help and request teacher training be organized.

Strength: SAFSMS is the oldest business on this list. With over 12 years providing this service, their business has established strong footing and will be around for a long time.

Weakness: Their product is not easy to use or mobile friendly. As such your teachers will require more support and training to use the product. Teachers may also be discouraged by its bulky User Interface.

General Assessment: If you are concerned about the risk of your selected software company shutting down and would like an established software partner then dominux may be the product you need as they’ll likely be around for a long time. They are an established business that is unlikely to shut down forcing your school to undergo a painful move to another product.

4. SchoolSoftwarePro

SchoolSoftwarePro is a reseller of Fedena school software.

Price: N65,000 per term for less than 200 students, and N100,000 per term for over 200 students.

Product: 7/10 – SchoolSoftwarePro is a reseller of Fedena school software which is an Indian Software Product.

Support: 5/10 – Their contact number was often available but it took them over 3 days to respond to our mails.

Strength: SchoolSoftwarePro is a reseller of Fedena which is an established product in India.

Weakness: Being a reseller of an Indian product means they likely do not have an in-house development team that can customize, update, fix issues, or improve the software as needed.

General Assessment: If you would like to try out Fedena for your school, then this may be a good choice over going directly as they may provide better local support than going directly to Fedena. But be aware that you may have to adjust your school report cards and processes to suit Fedena.


WebGuru School Management Software is a hosted school software that comes with a free website for your school.

Price: flat fee of N40,000 per term for all features/

Product: 3/10 – Their software is very barebones and lacks important features.

Support: 3/10 – Below Average support. No dedicated support team.

Strength: Free school website. Also supports offline deployment.

Weakness: Their software is really not very good.

General Assessment: If you are primarily concerned about setting up a website for your school then this is very affordable and a good alternative over a completely free product, but if you are after a robust school management software this isn’t the choice for you.

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