How to Say I Love You in Nigerian Pidgin


The Nigerian Pidgin is an English-based creole language, that is a mother tongue formed from the contact of a European language which is in this case, the English language and an African language.  While the English language is referred to as the official language in Nigeria, Pidgin is regarded as the real lingua franca. Nigeria is a country with well over 250 local languages and was colonized by Britain. In a bid to bridge the communication gap caused by these diverse languages, the Nigerian Pidgin was developed to aid communication among people from different parts of the country, as well as between Nigerians and Europeans.

How to Say I Love You in Nigerian Pidgin

The Nigerian pidgin is such that it instantly sparks up conversations. If you hear a foreigner speak the Nigerian pidgin, Nigerians get instantly lit up. This is because it shows that the foreigner has spent some time here or has taken time out to integrate him or herself into the Nigerian culture. There is a certain aura the Nigerian pidgin creates; it forms a certain bond and intimacy among its speakers. It also represents the means through which many have tried to survive, cope and live amongst themselves over the years and in Africa’s most populous nation.

Pidgin English is extremely popular in Nigeria and is generally accepted as the language of blue-collar trade and merchants. For example, in the market place, a foreigner can easily trade with a Nigerian woman who is not so fluent in English because the major words which they are both familiar with are integrated into the communication.

For a country with over 250 tribes speaking over 521 languages and dialects, Pidgin remains the great bridge that allows for communication across all levels.

Citizens of Nigeria who do not have easy access to higher education and white-collar jobs can smartly pick up a few words of English and mix it with other elements of their native tongues.

Variations of Pidgin English exist all over the world and these variations come with its own library of everyday words. However, as you travel across West Africa, the style of Pidgin spoken becomes more familiar, even though it differs based on the local language elements infused into it.

How to say I love you in Nigerian Pidgin

The Nigerian pidgin is not left out in the world of romance. In fact, the Nigerian pidgin lights up romance as it provides you with various ways you can say ‘I love you’ instead of restricting yourself to the now cliché three words.

This article provides you with many ways you can say I love you to your lover. Let’s go!

  • I no fit get myself if i no hear your voice. Na your voice dey shine light for my day
  • Your matter no fit tire me. I dey sure sey na you go kill me with love.
  • You be blessing for my life. I no know wetin i go dey talk if you no dey for my side
  • My love for you no get mate, na you be my number one babe
  • I know say to dey happy no by money wey pesin get for akant (account) but na the kine woman wey dey pesin side
  • You dey jolly my heart
  • Na because you dey for my life, I know say I no need fear, everytin go dey alright
  • You be the one and only, you be the salt wey dey make my life get meaning
  • Your voice na the melody wey dey make my heart sing
  • My love for you no get measure, e fit cut scale
  • I no fit play on top your mata, if you no dey for my life, i fit die
  • I know say na because you dey for my life, everytin dey set. You be God sent
  • Your love dey turn my head
  • When I see your face, I no dey get myself again
  • Na you I wan take be the male’ to my children, I wan mey I spend the rest of my life with una
  • I wish say you fit enter my heart dey see hoiw dis love they shack my head
  • Na because I get you, I dey feel like Dangote. I be rich guy because una dey for my life
  • Omo any pesin wey get you for im life, e own don better. Abeg never leave me
  • Your mama born pikin, na pesin you be. You be like fine wine
  • I wan spend for your mata because say beta soup na money kill am. You be better pesin a swear
  • I no fit lie you, the power of your love dey dabaru my head
  • I no fit explain how this love dey do me. Babe, I like you too much
  • Your smile be like cold water wey dem pour for fire, na im dey melt my heart
  • I no fit lie you, I miss una too much. I fit dey cry like small pikin
  • No be only your face wey dey burst my brain, your character be like gold wey don pass thru fire. You too good abeg
  • I no know say love fit sweet like dis. Na you dey run dis parole
  • Your love dey sweet my belle
  • Na when I see your face, I been dey forget my sorrow
  • You be the queen of my heart, na you dey on the throne.
  • You be like flower wey just dey blossom, your face too fine, your body be like figure 8.
  • If una go give me chance mey I show how I take love you, I go shower you with dis love sotee
  • I no see wetin I no fit do for you. You be like water to my soul
  • Everyday, na your smile I wan see, I wan hear your laugh mey e do my heart tininini Tanana
  • Na you be the girl of my dreams, Na you I wan take home
  • Na because of you my life dey sweet, My life be like bitter kola where you no dey.
  • When you give me one smile, my heart bin wan burst



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