10 Best Skills to Acquire in Nigeria


Vocational skills typically refer to knowledge gain towards becoming an expert in a particular trade or profession. Acquiring vocational skills in your entrepreneurship journey. Most successful people in Nigeria started by acquiring a vocational skill which led to their business startup and success. With statistics of about 21.7 million Nigerians unemployed, skill acquisition has become of more necessity than before. This article is all about the best skills worth acquiring in Nigeria and will help you start off a business or gainfully employed.

10 Best Skills to Acquire in Nigeria

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Hair Styling (Unisex)

Hairstylists are an important part of the beauty industry. The services of a hairstylist are needed all year round and in every location by men and women who need to cut or style their hair. A hairstylist must be highly skilled and experienced in handling hair. A hairstylist is not just one who makes hair but gives suggestions or recommendations to customers. S(he) must also have extensive knowledge of the appropriate products to be used for different hair types. A prospective hairstylist needs specific skills to become successful in the business. These skills can be learned in a hairstyling training institute or school. Some others learn while apprenticing with an experienced hairstylist. To be successful in the hairstylist business, you must be willing to learn constantly as there are always new trends and styles in the beauty industry. As you keep having more customers to yourself, you can start your own beauty salon business someday.

Fashion Designing

Fashion, especially as it related to clothing will always be in high demand. A good designer must be able to piece fabrics together to create a stunning end product. Fashion designing is a career with no limits. You can start small and build your brand by designing top models and celebrities and showcasing your works at fashion shows across the country. You can also make ready-to-wear clothing for males or females.

If you are going to be designing and sewing clothes yourself, you must learn how to draw. You can learn all the skills needed at a training institute or while apprenticing with an experienced fashion designer. To be successful in the business, you must have an eye for detail. You must also be one to keep to time and make glamorous fitting designs.

Makeup Artistry

Makeup artistry is another lucrative business in Nigeria. Many ladies require the services of a makeup artist when preparing for occasions such as birthday parties, weddings, naming ceremonies. What’s more, many ladies and men have built successful businesses in the beauty industry via make-up.

You can start off as a makeup artist and move on to own your cosmetic line where you manufacture products for others to use. In Nigeria, looking good is of major importance to people, so you can be sure not to run out of customers if you offer excellent services. You can attend physical formal classes in the makeup studio or invest your time watching makeup tutorials on YouTube. The make-up industry is one that needs constant learning so you can improve on your skills, expand your knowledge and offer better services. As you keep creating your clientele and retaining customers, you will watch your business grow.

Event Planning

Nigerians are some of the most fun-loving people on earth. There is always an event happening if not every day, then every weekend. It can be a child dedication ceremony, wedding ceremony, house warming or funeral. Event planning is an occupation that requires organizational, management and supervision skills. Event planning or management can be one of the most stressful jobs but it is very lucrative. An event planner manages all vendors in a ceremony that is caterers, baker, decorator, band, photographer, videographer, etc. A good event planner must have knowledge of every other field so as to have a job well done. He or she must also have a large network of other professionals. The success of the event planning business can be determined by your experience and output.

Electrical Repairs

A much overlooked but the lucrative job is electronic repairs. If you find yourself interested in electronics and appliances in your own apartment, for friends, family members, or neighbors, you should consider taking it seriously and making a career out of it. There are many homeowners in Nigeria who would prefer repairing their faulty appliance rather than getting new ones anytime it needs fixing. As long as you get the job done well and you are trustworthy, you will soon create for yourself a large clientele and become successful. You can start off learning the skills acquiring more in-depth electrical repair skills and starting your own electrical repair business. Going through an apprentice program or training will give you an edge over those who simply have a passion for the job.


Photography is a job that can never go out in as much as people keep having events such as birthdays, wedding ceremonies, etc. Even though everyone has a smartphone to take pictures, people still want professional and creative photos to capture memories of their events. To be successful in the photography business, you must properly learn and understand the art of digital photography. You must also be creative so that you’re your client’s great designs and have them coming back to you. When you get the job done well, you will also have your clients referring you to their family or friends. You can also work with some photo studios to take pictures for them and get paid. As a photographer, you must be up to date with new technologies and editing software to stay ahead in the industry.

Vocational learning and skill acquisition is a wise thing to do for every Nigerian youth, especially if you find yourself passionate about one thing or the other. With consistency and excellence, you will be successful in your chosen field.



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