Types of Broilers in Nigeria

Broilers are one of the most popular breeds of chickens raised by poultry farmers in Nigeria. This breed of chicken is raised because of the meat obtained from them. Poultry farming is one of the most popular businesses in Nigeria. If done the right way, it is a very lucrative business to engage in. In Nigeria, broilers are the most common chickens poultry farmers groom. This is so because broilers have quick returns in terms of turnover. Furthermore, broilers provide a reasonable amount of income within a short period. In this article, the different types of broilers in Nigeria would be discussed extensively.

Types of Broilers in Nigeria

The types of broilers in Nigeria would be addressed below:

  • Ross 308 Broiler

Ross 308 broiler is a cross-breed broiler that is found in Nigeria. Ross 308 broilers have great performance in terms of yield. They also have rapid growth. The Ross 308 broilers are always robust looking. This type of broiler can be sent to the market for sale from when they are six weeks old. They have a bright skin colour.

Ross 308 broilers have strong muscles and healthy white legs and huge breasts. These breasts and legs are formed when they are still young. Ross 308 broilers produce a lot of eggs. This makes them highly sought after. They also have high resistance to diseases. The Ross 308 broilers have manageable feed efficiency. They can weigh up to two kilograms in terms of weight if they are properly fed. 

  • Cornish Cross Broiler

Cornish Cross broiler is another type of broiler in Nigeria that are considered a breed of broiler that grows fast. They are the fastest-growing broiler breed in Nigeria. The male Cornish cross broilers usually grow faster than the female. Cornish cross broilers are not disease resistant. The best system to use when raising the Cornish cross broilers is the Cage system. This is to make sure they are well taken care of in all ramifications. It is advisable not to use the free-range system to raise the birds. The Cornish cross broiler is the most productive type of broiler. They have white feathers and yellow skin.

  • Red Broiler

Red broilers are a type of broilers that don’t grow fast. They get to table size when they are ten weeks old. Red broilers are very strong birds. They have high resistance to diseases. This makes the Red broilers low-maintenance birds where they can be raised using the free-range system of production. Red broilers have smaller breasts compared to Ross 308 broilers. They also have very big legs. If you want to talk about the remains of the Red broiler birds, they are usually more elongated in comparison to other broilers.

  • Grinphield Marshall Broiler

Grinphield Marshall broilers are a special breed of broilers found in Nigeria. Their growth rate is very fast but not as fast as the Cornish cross broilers. They tend to become very big and tall. The Grinphield Marshall broilers are very rampant in the market. They also have high resistance to diseases hence you can raise them using the free-range system of production. Due to the fact that they have high disease resistance, the Grinphield Marshall broilers are remarkably one of the best broilers to raise. Since they are very fast, they can be sent off to the market for sale the moment they turn six weeks.

  • Cornish Broilers

Cornish broilers are another amazing type of broilers that are very muscular. Compared to other broiler breeds, the Cornish broilers are very heavy and they have shorter legs. The Cornish broilers have large breast meat. This breed of broilers has great resistance to diseases hence making them very profitable for poultry farmers. The most popular breed of cornish broilers is usually dark-coloured. Cornish broilers usually have hard and slim feathers. In terms of egg production, cornish broilers are not the best breed. They do not produce big eggs. Their egg yield is very poor. They produce eggs that are very small in terms of size. The eggs are also light brown in colour.

  • Moyer’s K-22 Broilers

Moyer’s K-22 broilers are similar to the Red Broilers in terms of growth rate. They have a distinctive taste. Among the different types of broilers, Moyer’s K-22 broilers have delicious meat. They do not produce meat that has fat. The meat they produce is very healthy. The Moyer’s K-22 broilers do not grow fast. They can be raised using the free-range system of production. The birds are free to roam in search of food. The Moyer’s K-22 broilers have very tender and soft breast meat. 

  • Red Ranger Broiler

Red Ranger broilers have dark-coloured meat. They are also considered as one of the broilers that yield profits for the farmers. The Red ranger broilers have high resistance to diseases. Their meat is very soft and usually has a great aroma. The red ranger broilers have a combination of white, red and black feathers. They have yellow skin and beaks.

  • Roaster Chicks or Cornish Giants Broilers

Roaster Chicks broilers also known as Cornish Giants broilers are broilers that possess a growth rate that is not so fast. They definitely grow faster than the Moyer K-22 broilers but not as fast as the Grinphield Marshall broilers. If the Roaster chicks or Cornish giants broilers do grow, they tend to be very big. The Roaster chicks or Cornish giants are not prone to diseases hence they have disease resistance. Their skin texture is very cool and their meat is very healthy for human consumption in terms of weight loss. 

  • Rosambro Broilers

Rosambro broilers are another type of broilers found in Nigeria. Just like the Roaster chicks or Cornish Giants broilers, they do not grow too fast. The Rosambro broilers have great resistance to diseases. Their meat is very delicious and has a unique texture. This breed of broilers acts like the Red broilers in terms of behaviour. They can be raised using the free-range system of production since they have high resistance to diseases. 

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