Broiler Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

Being a Nigerian citizen youth or adult, employed or unemployed, calls for a means where every man can provide for his needs and that of his family to survive the harsh times of the present economy. There is also the need to build a better future which one stream of income cannot satisfy.
For an intelligent person seeking a form of business to venture into which will take the form of a part-time job and also provide maximum profit, this person should be thinking Broiler farming.
As it is today there are lots of testimonies on how lucrative broiler farming have been and how it has transformed the lives of its farmers in Nigeria from poverty to riches in a crumbling economy. The best part of broiler farming is that it does not take away your current job from you. Below are step by step guide to broiler farming in Nigeria.

Step One

The very first step to becoming a broiler farmer is creating a blueprint, as to every successful business you need to have a good plan to follow, in this step brainstorming is of great importance, you should document important questions as well as the answers which are related to this business you want to launch into, also answer the questions as best to the knowledge you have in your head not from the conclusions of your heart. You should also seek out successful broiler farmers to hint or advice you on things you should put into consideration. Remember advice is freely given and he who seeks advice does not go wrong.
Questions pertaining to why you are going into the business? How committed will you be when the high is cooled? How much startup capital do you need? What location will you be using? and many other question have to be answered.
Get tutored by professionals either in a conventional offline school or online, do a thorough market survey and finally get your business plan ready, with the above in place you can move to step two.

Step Two

What next after planning? Execute your plans. The first thing you need to decide over is the breed of broiler you want to farm this could be broiler chicks of one day old whose weight is between 36 to 40 grams or broilers between 0 to 6 weeks old.
After this decision is made then make preparations ahead for the broilers by getting all the tools and materials you will need in your poultry farm, the feeds and medicines for the broilers, the poultry buildings.
Lastly get a founding broiler, after all the preparations are made and the environment is made conducive for the broiler, introduce a healthy broiler to the poultry. Introducing a broiler from the street only leads your investment to a waste land. To achieve this, you need to buy your founding broiler from good poultry this signifies the need for a good relationship between you and other farmers.

Broiler Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide
Broiler Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide

Besides the above, one of the factor to consider before introducing the broilers to the poultry is Temperature. Temperature is very important in broiler farming. You should make sure to check the temperature of the boilers, if they are not properly working it’s important for you to get a burner service as soon as possible, the temperature of the poultry should be 3500c at the time of arrival of small chick broilers. For week one, the rood’s temperature would be 3500c and it will reduce at the rate 2.800c per week, this depends on the outside temperature.

Step Three

In this step you, you begin to manage your Broiler’s feeds. In managing the broilers, you should provide disinfectant (Lysol, Lime, Bleaching powder and Phenols) in the entire poultry and it environs to prevent the broilers from contacting poultry disease, also invite a vet doctor to do check ups on broilers. While the broilers are grown up, ensure that there is enough space for ventilation. Cleaning the liters of the broilers should be done on a daily basis (morning and evening)
You need to create a feeding routine if you want to feed the broilers effectively. To feed the young chicks for the first month you will employ starter feeds, from the second month you will feed the broilers with finisher feeds. In feeding broilers, proper and high quality feed is a vital factor for success in broiler farming, broiler farming needs high percentage of protein in their feeds to make them grow well, vitamin A, B2, D3, B12 and K should also be made available so as to meet their needs. Broiler poultry eat all the time (morning, afternoon and night) therefore you should make available their feed all the time along side the feed make available clean and fresh water in the poultry at all time.

Step Four

This is the step you bring to the ears of every man that you are a broiler farmer. This are few tips that will help you to accomplish this task.
Word of Mouth: You tell your family members, friends, relatives, colleague in the office, your neighbours, etc. This means is the easiest cheapest and most effective, you get to tell buyers around you and after their patronage they tend to tell someone else that way words about you spread out, while doing this always make sure to present a complimentary card conveying what you are doing and how you can be contacted.
Social Media: The world we live in is a global world with billion of individual making use of the internet every minute, using popular social medias such as facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram, youtube and also creating a blog for your farm will speedup your advertisement. You will do truly well if you get your broiler farm from offline to online.
Make Acquaintances: This is one big shot at getting exposure which is making good acquaintance with broiler seller in the market and other places, while supplying your broiler to other sellers make use of public transport that way people will get to see your trade.
The more exposure you get, the more sales you make. Registering with professional bodies also help your business by getting it establish. Also get involved in talk shows, seminars and other avenue where you will be given the opportunity to speak.
Need not worry over making profit on broiler, there is a very high demand of it in the market, eateries, bakeries and so many other places, the more you sell the more profit you stand to make.

That’s it, you are good to go, venture into broiler farming and make a living for yourself. Hula-Hula GO FARM YOUR BROILERS

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