Stock Fish Business in Nigeria: How to Start


It is easy to start stockfish business in Nigeria. All you have to do is to look around for an importer or big dealer in stockfish and buy from the individual.

Stock Fish Business in Nigeria: How to Start

Many of such dealers can be found at Onitsha relief market. There are assorted quantity of these fishes at Aba and other big markets across Nigeria, especially the southern part of the country.

Just visit any of the dealers and choose the particular type of stockfish you need. Before you make your choice, you should first do feasibility study, during which you will find out the type of stockfish that sells the most.

The stockfish will be sold to you in sacks. They are packed as a mix of parts, whole, cod fish, middle cuts, fins only, ears only or heads only, depending on what is in high demand in your area. The form you chose can also determine how much you end up paying for the stockfish.

The business does not have to cost you an arm and a leg to start; you can start with as little as N20,000.  By the time you finish reselling the stockfish, you can make double the amount you spent on purchasing it.  This is especially possible if you sell them off in a city market.

The best place to sell your stockfish is at a busy spot in the city or a busy market. You can also ask for market days of some markets in your area since more people come to these markets on such days. This is the best way to maximize your profit. Do not forget to expand your business as you make more profit.



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