10 Best Broiler Feed Brands in Nigeria

In Poultry farming, a large part of a farmer’s expenditure is incurred in poultry feeds. The sad part for many Nigerian poultry farmers is that the prices of poultry feeds are often on the increase without a commensurate increase in chicken price. The high price of chicken feed is mostly due to the high cost of maize and other feed components.

While some feed manufacturers are forced to increase their prices to maintain the quality of their products, some others make use of substandard feed ingredients to maintain price and keep their customers. Although every poultry farmer would like to buy animal feed at an affordable price, no one wants to compromise on quality because poultry feeds containing the right ingredients result in better productivity of the birds. Moreover, if one buys less quality feed because of price, one will eventually spend more to feed the birds. This is why we have gathered a list of the best poultry feeds with high quality in Nigeria and their prices.

Best Broiler Feed Brands in Nigeria

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Vital Feed

Vital Feed is one of the pioneer operators in the livestock sector of the Nigerian agricultural industry hence, the brand is loaded with years of experience. Vital feed is manufactured by Grand Cereals Limited (GCL), an integrated foods company that claims to manufacture superior food from local raw materials. Grand Cereals Limited is now a leading brand in the animal feed category because of the Vital Feed. Many love Vital Feed because it is balanced. Each pellet is formulated to provide essential nutrients to the birds, thus supporting optimal growth and production and also ensuring efficient feed utilization by the birds. You will find vital Feed for birds at every stage of growth that is Layers, Growers, Chicks, Broiler starters, Broiler Finisher. A 25kg bag of Super Starter for Broilers Vital Feed goes for N4, 820.

Stellar Feeds

Stellar Feed is another poultry feed loved by most poultry farmers in Nigeria. Stellar Feed is manufactured by Konet Mill Limited, another leading brand in the animal feed category in Nigeria. It has a complete range of products for each stage of a bird’s growth and it covers all animal feed requirements in Nigeria and abroad. The company also offers consultation services, advising its customers on all relevant feeding issues, farm management and animal health topics. The company is a full-fledged animal health-centered company with veterinary doctors, farm management specialists and nutritionists. Stellar Feeds is also affordable at N5, 350 available in 50kg & 25kg bags.

Animal Care Feeds

Animal Care Feeds is a brand that is not only popular for their poultry feeds but also for its varieties of animal health services and products. The brand is so popular that you cannot talk about animal diseases and treatment in Nigeria without mentioning Animal Care.

Animal Care Feeds is a wholly indigenous Nigerian company in the business of commercial poultry production, commercial feed manufacturing, and distribution of animal health products. Animal Care Feeds are available in 25kg and 50kg at the price of N3, 250 for the former.

Breedwell Feeds

Breedwell Feeds Limited produces one of the best poultry feeds available in the Nigerian Market. The brand has shown that it is committed to manufacturing products of superior quality that will improve poultry performance, health, and wellbeing. This company also manufactures premium concentrate. These are products specially formulated for farmers who have access to some raw materials and can produce feed on their own. Breedwell Feeds is available in 25kg and 50kg at N4, 030 and N13, 100 respectively.

Amo Byng Feed

Amos Byng Feed is manufactured by Amo Byng Nigeria Limited, a leading poultry feed manufacturing company with over 20 years of experience. The company produces high-quality feed for the Nigerian market and abroad. Amo Byng Feed products include; Chick mash, Layer mash, Broiler starter, Broiler finisher, a Grower concentrate, Layer concentrate, and Broiler concentrate.  Amo Byng Feed prices range from N4, 950 to N5, 030 for 25kg bags.

Top Feeds

Top Feeds is manufactured by Premier Feed Mills, a leading animal feed manufacturer in Nigeria. The brand has a complete range of products providing all animal feed requirements in Nigeria and abroad. Its products are also offered at competitive prices. Since 2003, Premier feed Mills has been one of the most dominant brand in the animal feeds business in Nigeria. It supplies the entire Nigerian poultry farmers’ market under the trade name Top feeds. The company is not only known for manufacturing products of top quality such as the Top Feeds but also rendering consultation services to her customers on issues ranging from feeding to animal health or farm management. You will find Top Feeds for every stage of your bird’s growth and in different forms such as Chick mash, Grower mash, Broiler super starter, Broiler starter, Broiler finisher, concentrate, layer mash, layer phase 2 and Pre-layer mash. A Top Feed Starter Feed for Broiler Chicks goes for N5, 555 to N5, 630.

Hybrid Feeds

Hybrid Feeds is yet another fast-growing poultry feed brand in Nigeria. Hybrid Feeds is manufactured by Hybrid Feed Mill who has been in the business for over 16 years of experience. The brand has been active with technology-driven innovation. It provides high-quality brands of feeds which many customers can attest to. Hybrid Feeds Growers Mash of 25kg is N4, 470 while Hybrid Feeds Broiler Finisher Mash is N5, 470.

Ultima /Chikun Feeds

Ultima and Chikun Feeds are both manufactured by Olam Animal Feed Mill, a subsidiary of Olam Groups. Olan Feed Mill is well equipped with state-of-the-art animal feed facilities, which explains how the company is able to supply animal feed in such large quantities and with good quality. Ultima and Chikun feed are also sold at attractive prices to the average Nigerian poultry farmer. These two poultry brands (Ultima/Chikun) are made with top components are have the required supplements and additives for both national and international standards. Ultima Super Starter Mash for Broilers at 25kg goes for N6, 640


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