Quail Bird Farming in Nigeria: Beginners’ Guide

Quail bird farming is one business that is very lucrative, and the market is not populated because it is new and the health benefits are enormous. Quail is a small bird, but the egg is used for treatment of several health challenges, which includes infertility problems, heart-related problems (high and low blood pressure) kidney, blood sugar etc. The list is endless.

Quail Bird Farming in Nigeria: How Large is The Market?

Nigeria, the largest country in Africa is a fertile ground for any business to thrive. There are places in Nigeria that have not known the use of quail bird eggs for health related issues. Even here in Lagos where I live people sell these eggs but it is not enough to meet the health need of people in Lagos alone, talk more of the whole Nigeria. So starting a quail bird farm will give you very high return on investment.

We all know that nobody can live a truly happy life without good health and believe you me people are ready to do everything in their capacity to live a healthy life (Though we all want to go to heaven we don’t want to die). So, you know that people are ready to pay any amount to live healthy, as the saying goes “health is wealth” nobody will have the money for prevention/ treatment and decide not to pay and get prevention/treatment to be alive. Especially these days that we have various ailments as a result of the environment we live in.

There are also those that are having challenges in their reproductive systems which of course, results in infertility and because they want to have their problems solved, are willing to pay any amount to come out of their present predicament. Having said that, I want to add that the quail bird egg, because of its potency, sells very fast and more farmers are needed to provide for the health needs of people.

I was in Port Harcourt about three months ago and went to see someone that was delivered of a baby girl and as we discussed we talked about quail bird eggs and to my surprise the nursing mother that I went to see told me she was given quail eggs for treatment before she took in, as she was having problem of carrying pregnancy beyond two (2) months and that she actually took in while taking the treatment with the quail bird eggs. She didn’t complete the treatment but took in, didn’t lose the pregnancy as usual but carried her baby for complete nine months and delivered her baby. So you see quail bird eggs sells like crazy because of its potency. They are cheap to buy and as such are easy for people to buy.

How to Start Quail Bird Farming in Nigeria

First of all, for you to start making profit within one month of kick starting this business you must start by buying birds that are about to lay.

“About to lay quail birds” can be found at Otta farm in Ogun state. If you buy “about to lay birds” they will start laying eggs after 2 weeks. And when they start laying, they will lay for about 1 year 2 months. So with 250 quail birds you can make 100% return on investment.

Start with 250 “about to lay” female birds and 50 matured males. But if you think you cannot afford that amount you can start with 100 about to lay females and 20 male birds.

How to Prepare The House For The Quail Birds

To build a house that will contain 250 females and 50 males, you will prepare a house with 2 steps with 3 feet width and 4 feet length.

You will also need feeders and drinkers just like in the case of poultry farming.

How to Market Your Eggs

The first thing you need to do is tell your friends, family, church members and colleagues about the health benefits of quail bird eggs. When they buy and see the effect of the eggs they will tell others about it and as they refer others to you, the news will continue to spread, more people will buy and start placing orders which will bring more customers and more money for you.

Another way to market your eggs is by creating your online presence. These days almost every business is online, going online make people know what you have to offer. To do that you need to create a website to display your wares and create awareness.

These days we have very cheap websites with very good customer service. You can get a website for as low as N10000 naira. And I don’t advise anyone to go for free website because it is always frustrating. So to stand out as a pro in your business you will need a website.

There are several advantages of creating an online presence for your business. You can create a facebook page, twitter page, pinerest, linkedin and other social platforms from your website to promote your business. You can also sign up with other online marketing platforms and connect them to your website.

The advantages of quail bird farming cannot be over-emphasized. So if you are thinking of a business with high return on investment, consider venturing into this business.

How Much Do You Need to Start Quail Bird Farm in Nigeria?

Though very lucrative, quail bird farming does not need a huge capital to start. You can start with N100,000, then expand as soon as you start making profit.
The advantages of quail bird farming cannot be over-emphasized. So if you are thinking of a business with high return on investment, consider venturing into this business.

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