6 Reasons Why Men Don’t Listen To Women

When you listen to ladies, you often hear them say things like “My husband never listens to me.” Or a girlfriend agonize to her best mate, “My boyfriend never seems to pay any attention to what I tell him”.

men dont listen

Ladies, have you ever thought about what may be the actual cause?

Some of the common reasons men don’t listen to women are:


1. Women Talk Too Much
Often women have so much to say that the pertinent facts get lost in the intricacies of the story. She never stops talking about that cute top she saw at a store, how her sister is expecting a baby, how she had a fight with another girl hating on her.

The list wouldn’t just stop 🙁

2. Women Nag
One of the commonest complaints men have is that their partners often nag them. And since they’re used to the general trend of it, they don’t think there’s anything different about what they’re whining about.

3. Men Don’t Like To Be Controlled
Men feel that if they listen to a woman in terms of following her instructions, it’s a sign that they are putty in her hands and that she’ll take undue advantage of the situation. Once he gives in to her demands, he’ll be the equivalent of a puppet on a string.

4. There Are More Pressing Matters
If a woman is incessantly babbling in the background and a man is doing something far more important – at least to him – like watching a thrilling football match 😉  the last thing he wants to do is turn off the television and tune in to his partner.

5. Some Men Just Have A Short Attention Span
Often, men cannot keep their focus on what a woman is saying for too long. They rarely have the patience to give women their listening ear for more than a certain fixed duration, which is normally about ten minutes at the most.

6. The Topic Is Of Little Interest To Them
And then, of course, if she insists on raving about the designer watch her boss’ wife was sporting or the chandelier earrings her friend’s rich boyfriend surprised her with, that’s really not something a man is interested in hearing.

So, if you want your man to listen to you, Keep it short. Don’t meander on about every little insignificant thing, especially if you’ve noticed that he has no use for such frivolous details. If you have to go into detail, make it interesting. Hold him rapt with a cute anecdote or a funny story that will grab his attention and hold him captive.

Stop being predictable and nagging him about the same stuff. Don’t even try talking to him when he’s got the television on. Eliminate all distractions, or wait till he’s done with his television or newspaper, until you start having your say.



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