Entry Level Salaries of Nigerian Companies and Agencies


If you’re looking to get an idea of how much some popular Nigerian companies pay their entry-level staff (i.e. newly employed fresh graduates), then you’re just on the right page. Read on to see the exact figures that these companies pay.

Bear in mind, however, that the information on this page is subject to sudden change, so some figures may no longer be correct. In addition, even though we’ve tried our best to ensure that the figures and estimates are correct, we admit that the information here can’t be 100% accurate.


Union BankN180,000/N258,000
Guaranty Trust BankN209,000
Diamond BankN240,000 (N80,000 for trainees)
United Bank for AfricaN142,000
First BankN150,000 + allowances worth around N150,000+
Access BankN237,000
Enterprise BankN249,000
Keystone BankN127,000 excluding allowances
Fidelity Bank PlcN180,000
Skye BankN104,000
FBN CapitalN400,000+


Oil and gas

Shell (SPDC)N667,000 (permanent), N250,000 to N500,000 (contract
Exxon MobilN1million
Total OilN1million
Mobil Oil NigeriaN500,000
Mobil Producing NigeriaN700,000 – N800,000
IOCs E&P (upstream)N600,000 to N1million
Independents E&P (upstream)N300,000 – N600,000
Multinational oil servicingN300,000 – N600,000
Tier 2/ Indigenous oil servicingN200,000 – N400,000
Tier 1 downstreamN200,000 – N400,000
Tier 2 downstreamN150,000 – N200,000
NestOil PlcN150,000??



PZ CussonsN145,000 (RDM i.e. sales)
MeristemN100,000+ with profit sharing
Guinness NigeriaN120,000 – N160,000
Dangote SugarN150,000
Dangote CementN140,000
Nigerian Bottling CompanyN148,000 – N160,000
Cadbury Nigeria PlcN130,000
Nigerian Breweries PlcN350,000
LafargeN90,000 excluding allowances



General ElectricN300,000+
Huawei TechnologiesN200,000
Tecno MobileN120,000
EEDC Eastern Electric Distribution CompanyN350,000
PHCNN79,000 (excluding bulk rent and pay leave allowance


Auditing and consulting

KPMGN171,000 b.t. (non-chartered ET)/ N145,000 (non-chartered ETOP)
PWCN140,000 (non chartered)
DeloitteN150,000 a.t.



MTN NigeriaN180,000 – N250,000
Airtel NigeriaN100,000??



INECN77,000 (including allowances)
MultichoiceN40,000 – N70,000


Additional points to note

Listed figures are for professional, permanent staff, not contract staff or ETOPs (except otherwise stated).

Some figures represent net total with tax deductions, while some represent salary without tax deductions.

All values are for monthly pay (not annual).

Oil exploration companies pay at least N500,000 for entry level employees, while servicing companies pay at least N200,000.

Multinational oil companies pay according to global standards because their employees can be deployed to anywhere in the world. This explains why they pay the highest salaries.

Most bank employees don’t get to earn the figures listed because the figures are for professional staff, whereas 75% of bank staffs are contract staff who don’t earn up to one-third of the figures listed. So, don’t be surprised to know that most “bankers” don’t earn as much as the listed figures.

Aviation companies pay between N600,000 and N800,000.

Actual salaries may vary slightly depending on qualification and unit.

Most companies offering seemingly low salaries bolster their pay with juicy allowances.

Help us make this page better

If you think some figures on this page are wrong or outdated, kindly help us with the corrections (and provide proof!). Similarly, if you know the entry level salaries of some companies that are missing on this list, kindly let us know, and we’d be eager to add them to the list.



  1. Kabiru
  2. Hafeez Ibrahim
  3. Anthony
  4. Johnson
  5. Agbebaku Vote
  6. Meek Steve
  7. Yemi
  8. Yemi
  9. michael
  10. AIGMB
    • Israel
      • Mukhtar umar adam
  11. Eugene
  12. Zarah
  13. Abioye, Victoria Olufunke
  14. Cletus
    • Bunmi
  15. Temple
    • ojo
  16. Abioye, Victoria Olufunke
  17. royalty
  18. Andy
  19. Hidir Mera
    • Global
  20. Meriyln
    • Sniper
  21. Meriyln
  22. Naomi
    • Sniper
  23. Aminu
  24. Tosin
    • Gbola
  25. Alasa
  26. S M
  27. Joe
  28. Martins
  29. innocent okon
    • Bunmi
  30. OJ
  31. Hunge Sunday
  32. concelia
  33. Abdallah
  34. A
  35. UMAR
  36. Okpanwu Idoko Emmanuel
  37. Tom
    • Mike
  38. Nwachukwu Rejoice
  39. Zoe
  40. Favour
  41. Ybbil
  42. Bob
  43. nduki
    • yakubu
  44. mr jude
  45. fashakin abisola
  46. Temilade
  47. Vincent
  48. cross
  49. oji
  50. cross
  51. james
  52. Peter
  53. tolu
  54. NM
    • Donald
      • Eugene
  55. zizuman
  56. Dami
  58. Silva Samuel
  59. Toby

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