Skye Bank: Recruitment Modalities

Skye Bank is one of the frontline banks in Nigeria. Nigeria has only 26 banks and they are all strong and reliable, thanks to the policies put in place by the Central Bank of Nigeria, which ensured only finically stable banks can operate in Nigeria.


Aside from providing financial services to their Nigerian and foreign clients, Skye Bank also provides jobs for the general public. They have branches in virtually all the states in Nigeria and are therefore providing employment to members of the community in those states.

The Skye Assessment Center (SAC) is the body responsible for overseeing employment in this company. Each time the bank has job opportunities, they take al applicants through a test or examination. Such test is conducted in form of CBT.

Candidates’ success at the Bank’s CBT is a prerequisite for an invitation to participate in the Skye Assessment Center. The Assessment Center provides a simulated preview of the various real-life scenarios that is likely to face the average Banker and requires demonstration of cognate abilities

In order to be counted worthy of employment at Skye Bank, an individual is required to poses the skills highlighted below:

  • The applicant must be able to work in a team work environment
  • The individual must possess reliable leadership skills
  • Also, the aspiring individual must possess organizational skills, and ability to direct others towards achieving assigned tasks.
  • The applicant must be innovative too if he is to be counted worthy of a post at Skye Bank. All these skills will be assessed during the various tests outlined for each applicant
  • Finally, the applicant must show unrelenting enthusiasm and be able to work under pressure if he is to be considered for employment at Skye Bank.

Experienced Hires

Identified talents with requisite experience and competencies to fill strategic roles go through a rigorous screening and interview process with Officers from Middle Management to Executive Management level. If you are counted successful at the end of the day and you are able to meet all the recruitment criteria, you will be engaged as part of the Skye Bank Team.

Before you ever attempt to apply for any job opening at Skye Bank, you should take time to ask yourself the following questions. If you can answer them in the affirmative, then your chances of getting employed by the bank are very bright.

  • Do you think you have what it takes to work in a bank as big as Skye Bank?
  • Are you a fresh graduate with a minimum grade of Second Class Upper, and did you obtain such a degree from a reputable tertiary institution?
  • Are you result oriented, smart, and innovative and customer centric with the right attitude? Do you count yourself as a team player or not?
  • Are you willing to join the bank and contribute to its vision to be the leading and first class Commercial Bank in Nigeria and beyond?

As hinted earlier, if your responses to the questions above are in the affirmative, then you will not have problem

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