Access Bank Internet Banking: How To Get Started

Internet banking otherwise known as online banking is a convenient electronic payment system that allows customers of a bank to make various financial transactions either on a website or a mobile app operated by the bank.

Customers of Access Bank Plc do not need not walk to the bank to perform some financial transactions anymore as the bank has provided an access bank internet banking online platform for conducting some transactions at the comfort of your home or office.

How To Register For Access Bank Internet Banking

For New users of the online banking platform, do follow the steps below to register and use the online banking system. Just remember that having a banking account is a must before accessing online banking.

1. Go to Access Bank’s internet banking website by clicking here or the link below.

2. Click on the “Register Now” Button as shown below.

Access bank Register Now
3. You would need to fill in your account number in the text box provided in order for the bank to verify that you are a customer.

Fill in your Savings or Current Account number and click on “Next“.

4. An authentication Mail and SMS containing an activation code would be sent to your email and phone number you provided when you opened your account with access bank.

5. Type in the code in the text box provided and click on the “Submit” button.

6. Once the activation code has been entered and verified to be correct, a new screen would open where you would choose your preferred internet banking ID, Password and a secure Image.

The secure image is a security feature that would appear every time you type in your username and hit submit  button on the Access Bank Internet banking platform.
If the image displayed is what you uploaded during registration, go ahead and type in your password. However, if a different image is displayed or non is displayed at all, please do not type in your password as this is a way of preventing fraudulent online platforms from getting customers username and password.

7. After choosing your internet banking ID, Password and secured Image, you should also accept the terms and conditions and click on “Submit” button.

8. Immediately after a successful registration, you are ready to log on to Access bank Online banking platform.

PLEASE NOTE: For you to make a third party transfer (transfers or transactions involving an individual or party that is not a customer of Access Bank) via the online banking platform, you would need a token. A token is a personal security device that allows you to generate random numbers called “One-Time Password”. This has a higher security when conducting any transactions online.

To obtain your token, kindly walk into any Access Bank branch and make a request. It may attract a little fee.

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  1. Pls I just opened my account, and now I want to transfer 100,000 to someone, but saying that is 20,000 is my limit of transfer accept I have my token pin. How can I do that I really need to transfer money now

  2. Good morning,I mistakenly my recharged my Mtn linewith the sum of 15,000,I called My and was told to provide the reference number from my bank,unfortunately I had deleted my transaction notification.please how do I get my statement .

  3. they enrolled me for a token whereas I have account with access bank. I regret this cause for a week now I couldn’t get my money into my account

  4. I paid for my go tv subscription since Friday 16/05/2018 last week and up till this moment it has come on I want you people to know that you cut us off immediately our subscription is over but refuse to render services paid for on and as at when due .please note that if it does not come up before the end of today I.e 12am .Legal action would be taken against you. THIS IS NOT A THREAT!!!
    NAME:Chiboka Chijioke Emmanuel.
    IUC Number:463300715.

  5. I work in badagry my salary domicile at access bank but to draw money is always an issue today i have gone to sevsral ATM points but cant draw money i was debited four times but it was reverse but one is yet to be reverse your banking system is not moving with all Lagos state government workers in badagry uses this bank and unless one get to abaraa or okoko before one can solve issues please look in to this

  6. I got registered for internet banking. somme three. weeks ago at ogba branch. but has not been useful ti me. any time I wd want to transfert money
    it wd go. thé message wd always be “tht my last pin dotés not match. thé authentication no. alloted is: 100021 and temporary PIN is:8465 kindly revue me pls.

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