Operational Structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service

If you need information about operational structure of the Nigeria Immigration Service, then you have come to the right source of information .The Nigeria Immigration Service was recently restructured and this tends to affect the way the officers and men operate.


Do not forget that the Nigeria Immigration Service was once under the Nigeria Police Force until 1958 when it became an independent government agency.

As at today, directories under the Nigeria Immigration Service are 7 in number.  They only had 3 directorates before the restructure.

They also have eight zonal offices, 36 state commands including the federal capital territory and 774 immigration offices spread across each of the 774 local governments in Nigeria.

The 7 directorates 

  • Border patrol, ECOWAS/AFRICA Affairs
  • Operations/Passport
  • Investigation, Inspectorate/ Enforcement
  • Work and Procurement
  • Planning, Research and Statistics
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Human Resources

Human resources directorates

The directorate is saddled with the responsibility of training of staff and staff development. They are also expected to see to staff welfare and gender. Additionally, they handle discipline, promotion and appointment.

The directorate ensures appropriate Nominal Roll of the personnel is kept. They are also involved in the implementation of biometrics registration of all their staff members.  It is their responsibility to improve on officers’ welfare.

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Additionally, they are expected to proffer recommendation for discipline of any of their erring officers. It is part of their responsibility to provide all necessary technical and administrative supports to ensure smooth running of their activities.

Finance and accounts

This directorate has the primary role of making available all required financial support to ensure smooth running of the NIS. They handle the revenues, budget and accounts activities of the NIS. Budget must be prepared and submitted on time by this directorate.

Salaries and claims of all members of staff must also be done by them.  All financial transactions of the Nigeria Immigration Service must also be handled by the directorate.

Planning, research and statistics

This section is responsible for the data bank and ICT activities of the NIS. They are involved in the statistics and research activities of the NIS. All evaluations, monitoring and planning activities are supposed to be handled by them.

Generation of policies and research for the NIS towards driving the body’s activities is handled by this directorate. The directorate also analyses period return of the NIS and make recommendations to the appropriate authorities.

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Work and procurement

Procurement of requirements and works activities are handled by this directorate they are expected to maintain buildings and facilities of the NIS nationwide. Also, it is their responsibility to ensure due award of contracts. Such contracts must also be duly monitored to make sure things are done to specification.

Investigation, inspectorate and enforcement    

Investigation, intelligence, enforcement, inspection and the likes are some of the responsibilities of this section. They are equally involved in anti-corruption trafficking. They prevent monitor migration of aliens and others into Nigeria.

This directorate enforces Nigeria’s extant immigration laws. Anyone who wants to obtain Nigerian citizenship will also have to go though them.  Deportation and repatriation orders are to be enforced by this directorate.  They are saddled with the responsibility of reducing smuggling and human trafficking.


Their roles are concerned with visa and entry permit. They also issue standard passport to Nigerians and anyone interested in traveling out of the country for any period of time.

Border patrol, ECOWAS/ African affairs

Activities controlled by this directorate include land border protection, marine borer protection and airport patrol.

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