Importance of Voting in Nigeria

Voting plays a vital role in Nigeria today. It gives people the opportunity to choose among different party representatives to govern them. Voting is carried out in elections. During such elections, people come out in their numbers to elect suitable candidates they deem fit to govern the affairs of the nation. Voting gives Nigerians the right to select their leaders and to generally have a say in how the affairs of the nation are run. In this article, the importance of voting in Nigeria will be looked into.

Importance of Voting in Nigeria

The importance of voting in Nigeria will be discussed below:

  • Voting Helps in Protecting Democracy

The whole voting exercise is all about democracy, which gives people the right to vote for their representatives. The more people participate in elections and exercise their right to vote, the more important it is for party representatives running for office to represent these voters’ interests. 

When people fail to participate in voting during elections, able representatives won’t have the enthusiasm to listen to the voice of the people because they don’t feel their positions would be at risk. When people actually come out to vote for their representatives, this singular act protects democracy. 

It is voting that gives you the choice to elect your preferred candidates amongst those contesting for power. If you don’t vote, other people would get to make the choice and choose the people that will represent you.

  • Voting Holds Our Leaders Accountable

Voters have a whole lot of power to choose their leaders. If aspiring leaders are chosen because of their promises, and they then fail to fulfill these promises, voters have the exclusive right to vote them out of power. It is voting that gives people the right to hold their representatives accountable. 

Accountability is one of the reasons why elections without malpractice are important in society today. When people have the freedom to exercise their right to freely vote for the representatives they deem fit, this hinders them from having the ability to hold elected people in power accountable. Also, when people don’t come out to vote, corrupt politicians can remain in power even after breaking their promises.

  • Voting Influences Environmental Policies

We all know that climate change is something that is threatening the future, so it is very important to vote with the environment in mind. In various societies today, environmental policies have become pressing issues for concern. 

It is safe to say that some politicians understand the crucial situation the world is in with regard to climate change, while others do not see climate change as a problem because of little or no orientation and enlightenment. It is voters that decide who will be the right candidate that would make important decisions concerning the environment and put policies in place to protect the environment.

  • Voting Influences The Social Policies

Elections affect so many social policies. These social policies are all determined by the outcome of the voting. Social policies like the policies and laws concerning freedom of speech, marriage, religion, and others. All of these affect people in society in one way or the other.

Voting is very important because you get to be able to have a say in who gets to pass laws on social policies and also the laws that are put in place.

  • Voting is Important in Nigeria because Every Vote Counts

Today in the society we live in, many people are of the opinion that their single vote doesn’t count. What they don’t know is that, as a matter of fact, it does count. It is common knowledge that most elections are decided by a close margin. In election exercises, it is most likely that the winner of the election wins because he has a few votes higher than the other opposing parties.

Every single vote has the power to be the discerning factor. If everybody realizes that their vote counts, the government will act accordingly. So, it is safe to say that voting in Nigeria is important because every vote counts.

  • Voting Protects Our Human Rights as Citizens

One of our human rights as citizens of the country is to have the ability to have a say in who runs the government. In Nigeria, since the beginning of democracy, people have had the right to vote for their representatives. This right to vote also protects and maintains their other human rights, such as the right to freedom of expression, and the right to freedom of association, among other rights.

In a situation where there is no proper voting system, people can’t participate in government and even run for office if they so desire. Voting gives people the right to protect their rights as humans.

  • Voting Influences Foreign Policy

Nigeria as a country engages with other countries in international trade. Nigeria also has shared interests with other countries. It is voting that influences foreign policies concerning International trade and foreign exchange. Many people don’t know how much their votes determine these foreign policies. These policies can affect our everyday day lives. Take, for instance, the cost of goods and services, the price of gas and petrol, and even job opportunities. 

When people come out to vote, they are the ones that determine their leaders who would be at the forefront in making decisions concerning Nigeria’s relationship with other countries.

  • Voting Helps in Shaping The Economy of The Nation

As much as the laws that govern the nation affect social policies, they also help in shaping the economy of the nation. Party representatives are voted into office to make decisions concerning the national and governmental budgets. The representatives decide on which money goes into the education sector, which money goes into the health sector, the amount of money that goes into the power sector, and also the money that goes into the other sectors in the economy. 

When people vote, they can make their economic preferences obvious. They would vote for suitable representatives they feel would handle the economic situation of the country well.

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