Registered Political Parties in Nigeria: The Full List

Politics in Nigeria has over time evolved with the creation of new political parties each with its own group of followers.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is saddled with the responsibility of registering all politically parties in Nigeria.

The election periods in Nigeria are usually very stiff with active competition from different political parties.

This periods witnesses numerous campaigns and recruitment of new members to join these political parties.

There are currently 29 registered political parties in Nigeria and each has its unique logo which can be used to identify them. This is important especially during elections as the logo can be a means of identification for the political parties among illiterates who want to vote.

Below is the full list of registered political parties in Nigeria.

  1. A – Accord
  2. AA – Action Alliance
  3. ACD – Advanced Congress of Democrats
  4. ACPN – Alliance Congress Party of Nigeria
  5. AD – Alliance for Democracy
  6. ADC – African Democratic Congress
  7. APA – African Peoples Alliance
  8. APC – All Progressives Congress
  9. APGA – All Progressives Grand Alliance
  10. CPP – Citizens Popular Party
  11. DPC – Democratic Peoples Congress
  12. DPP – Democratic Peoples Party
  13. FRESH – Fresh Democratic Party
  14. HDP – Hope Democratic Party
  15. ID – Independent Democrats
  16. KP – Kowa Party
  17. LP – Labour Party
  18. MPPP – Mega Progressive Peoples Party
  19. NCP – National Conscience Party
  20. NNPP – New Nigeria Peoples Party
  21. PDC – People For Democratic Change
  22. PDM – Peoples Democratic Movement
  23. PDP – Peoples Democratic Party
  24. PPA – Progressive Peoples Alliance
  25. PPN – Peoples Party of Nigeria
  26. SDP – Social Democratic Party
  27. UDP – United Democratic Party
  28. UPN – Unity Party of Nigeria
  29. UPP – United Progressive Party

New parties come up with every election and others fold up due to inactivity. But some parties are formidable and grow stronger with each passing day.

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  1. Good morning Young Democratic Party (YDP) is also a registered party by INEC you can go to any of INEC office to confirm this and the name of our National Chairman is Barrister Aye Georgina Dakpokpo
    You can also like our Facebook page YDP Osun State Chapter

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