FBI Nigeria: Does Nigeria Have an FBI Equivalent?

Does Nigeria have a replica of the FBI? Yes, Nigeria does. The organization is called National Intelligent Agency (NIA).  It is controlled by the Nigerian government and it is responsible for all foreign intelligence and counterintelligence operations.


The organization was established on 5th of June, 1986 and it has its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria.  Its website is at www.nationalintelligenceagency.gov.ng.  The body was established by the former military head of state, General Ibrahim Babangida. He established the organization to fulfill his promise in his first national address as president.

The former military president issued Decree Number 19, which dissolved the National Security Organization (NSO). He also restructured Nigeria’s security services and divided them into three different entities. All of them are under the Office of the Co-ordination of National Security.

The three divisions are:

  • The State Security Services (SSS)

  • The National Intelligence Agency (NIA) and

  • The Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA)

The SSS is responsible for all matters related to domestic intelligence. The NIA, on the other hand, is responsible for all matters related to foreign intelligence as well as counterintelligence operations.  Finally, the DIA is formed to oversee all matters related to military intelligence.

What the NIA does has similarity to what the Secret Intelligence Service does in the United Kingdom.  The Secret Intelligence Service is equally referred to as the MI6.  They are also in the same class as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. The present Director General of the NIA is Ayo Oke.

The NIA have the mission to produce comprehensive, contextual and timely intelligence in issues related to internet security.  They also provide all required supports to other arms of security in the country.  They are professionals and are experts in planning intelligence investigations and activities. The body is well organized and adequately equipped to meet the intelligence needs of the country.  In the long run, they are able to effectively enhance national security.

The NIA is a well-trained agency. Its officials are also patriotic to the cause of the country and its security.  The motivation to do their job as required is also not lacking. They have the required manpower to deliver their tasks as desired.  They carry out their assigned duty with the aid of top of the line technological gadgets.

Leadership is also impressive at the NIA.  They are ever ready to collaborate with other units of intelligence in the country and they have been doing this successfully since inception till date. It is true the intelligence agencies in the country are divided into three sections; the three of them still work together for effective management of intelligence.

The NIA is divided into different sections and this further improves on their effectiveness.   In order to improve on service effectiveness, the NIA also creates an opportunity for members of the general public to link up with them. This makes it easy for information gathering.  Such further promotes effectiveness and makes their jobs easier to perform.  The NIA had been headed by non-military personnel since 1993 till date.

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