NIMC Pre Registration + Online Registration: Step-by-step Guide

The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has created an improvement in its facility to update its database in an attempt to capture the identity of all Nigerians. This is as a result of the Global Vendor Certification Programme (GVCP) carried out by MasterCard.

The facility in charge of this is the Card Personalization Bureau where the National e-ID cards are personalized, activated and prepared for onward distribution.

In order to obtain the new National ID card, all Nigerian must enroll for this exercise by a pre-registration process which is the first stage.

Pre-Registration for National ID card

The Pre-Registration is the first part of the enrollment exercise. This can be done using any of the following methods:

1. Pre-Enrolment (Online)

This can be done online and from anywhere as long as you have access to the internet. You will need to go to and create your account so as to get your username and password for accessing your data in future.

2. Self-Service

This is a “walk in and do it yourself” process of enrolment. In this form of enrolment process, an applicant walks in to an Enrolment Centre and fill an Enrolment Form (hard copy). The completed form is handed over to the Enrolment Office who in turn enters the detail into the system.

3. Assisted service

This is a “walk in and get assistance from a Support Officer” process of enrolment. In this method, an applicant walks in to the Enrolment Centre and is assisted by a Support Officer whose responsibility is to guide the applicant in filling the Enrolment Form. The completed form is handed over to the Enrolment Officer who in turn enters the detail into the system.

4. Mobile service

The Mobile-Service is one of the National Identification Number (NIN’s) Enrolment process in which an applicant can enroll for the NIN by going to any of the Mobile Enrolment Stations available in your location at any point in time. For this method of enrolment, the applicant may request for an Enrolment Form and personally complete it or request for assistance from the Support Officer.

After pre-registration

After Pre-Registration using any of the methods mentioned above, you will be required to go through the enrollment data and verify it. The following is the information require for this stage:

  • Personal detail
  • Address Information
  • Parent Data
  • Next of Kin Data
  • Origin Data
  • Documents Data
  • Disability Data
  • Physical Features

If the method chosen is self-service done online, you will need to print the generated 2D Bar Code and take it to a NIMC Enrollment Center around your location.

You are also required to bring along any of the following as a proof of your identity for your enrolment.

  • Old National ID card.
  • Valid Driver’s license.
  • Valid International passport.
  • Voter’s ID card.
  • staff ID card.
  • State of origin certificate.
  • Birth certificate/declaration of age

Biometrics Capturing

The next stage involves the capturing of biometrics which is done at any of the enrollment centers. For those when Pre-Registered online the printed slip will be required to proceed.

Your headshot photograph, fingerprints and signature will then be captured and all supporting document scanned and uploaded.

The application is then acknowledged and two slips namely transaction slip and NIN slip indicating completion of enrollment will be generated and given to you.

If the NIN and the Transaction Number slips are not ready at the time of enrolment, applicant will be informed of the date and time for collection of the slips.

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