Salary of Nigerian Governors: See What They Earn

Often times the salary of public office holders is often a subject of controversy as many have claimed that one of the reasons for the rising cost of governance in the country is the money allocated to pay the salaries of these officers.

Also, there have been claims that if these officers reduce their salaries and allowances, there’ll be more funds for development. But is this really true?

Well, in this post, we’ve decided to address this controversy by taking a look at the average salary of the Nigerian governor. We will also look at the salaries of other public office holders in the state like the deputy governors, secretaries to the state government, and local government chairmen amongst others.

But first, what does it take to become a Nigerian governor, just in case you have the intentions of becoming one some time in the future.

salary of nigerian governors

Here are some of the requirements based on the Constitution:

  • You must be a Nigerian by birth
  • You must not be younger than 35 years.
  • You must be a member of a political party
  • The party should be your sponsor.
  • Your tenure is for four years but you can seek re-election once the first tenure is completed.

Now to the crux of this post which is the salary of Nigerian Governors.

Here’s a sneak peek. The basic salary is estimated at N2.2 million but this could rise up to N5million per month when you factor in allowances.

Now let’s go on to the details:

Salary of Nigerian Governors

The state governor earns an average annual salary of N11,540,896 with the annual basic salary being N2,223,705 while the annual leave allowance is N222,370.50.

Based on the 2009 approved earning, every state governor is entitled to 400% of his annual basic salary totalling N8,894,820.00 as loan for vehicles and  maintenance. .

Apart from the basic salary and vehicle allowance, the governor’s package also comes with accomodation and furniture allowances which is also provided by the State Government.

Additionally, the Revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Package (RMAFP) is a welfare package that probably explains more on the spendings of governors in the country.

This package doesn’t set a limit to the allowance in foreign currency for foreign trips from the state account. Also, RMAFP doesn’t set a limit of the amount to be collected as Duty Tour Allowance for local trips. The estacode and the duty tour allowance is usually provided on request by the governor

Additionally, the state also bears the medical expenses of the governor. After completing his tenure, the governor is expected to receive a N6,671,115 severance gratuity.

Below is the breakdown of the salary of the State Governor:

  • Total salary:           N11,540,896
  • Basic salary:            N2,223,705
  • Leave allowance:         N222,370.50
  • Vehicle loan:              400% of annual basic salary.
  • End of tenure gratuity:    N6,671,115

That’s about all on the salary and welfare package for state governors in the country.

Now, let’s take a look at the salary of the deputy governor and other public office holders in the state.

Salary of Deputy State Governors

The salary of the deputy governor is slightly lower than the annual salary of the state governor. The deputy receives N10,772,296 per annum. This implies that the basic salary of the deputy governor is N2,112,215. A vehicle loan of N8,448,860 is also available to the deputy. Additionally, s/he receives an annual leave allowance of N211,221.50.

Just like the governor, the accommodation and furniture allowance of the deputy governor is provided for by the state government. Also the state takes care of the medical bills. And if s/he needs to travel on foreign trips, there’s also no set limit to how much s/he can spend.

Secretary to the State Government/Commissoner

The Secretary to the State Government and Commissioner receives an salary of N10,831,522 which is made up of an annual basic salary of N1,337,225. The furniture allowance is N4,011,675 while the leave allowance is N133,722.50.

The secretary and the commissioner are also provided with a vehicle loan of N5,348,900 and a severance gratuity of N4,011,675.

Unlike the governors and deputy governors, there is a cap on the amount for foreign trips. This is set at $600 while thre cap on local trip is N25, 000.

The salaries of the chairmen of the State Civil Service Commission, State Judicial Service Commission, Local Government Service Commission, State Independent Electoral Commission, Chairmen, and Chief of Staff to Governor  falls within the same range.

Salary of Local Government Area Chairman

The Local Government Chairmen receive an annual salary of N5,994,659 which is made up of an annual basic salary of N908,312. There’s also furniture allowance of N1,362,468 which is received once in four years. Other allowances include leave allowance (N90,831.20) and vehicle loan (N3,633,248). Additionally, these officials receive a severance gratuity of N2,724,936 at the end of their four year tenure.

The salary of the deputy local government chairman is estimated at N5,630, 169.60 and this is made up of an annual basic salary of N853,056 per annum. Also, the deputy LG chairman receives a furniture allowance of N1,279,584 and a vehicle loan of N3,412,224 in additiona to a leave allowance of N85,305.60. At the end of his/her tenure, s/he receives a separate N2,559,168.00 as severance gratuity.

Local Government Councilors’ and Local Government Secretaries’

Below is a breakdown of the LGA councilors and LGA secretaries

  • Total salary:           N5, 341, 380
  • Basic salary:            N809,300
  • Furniture allowance:     N1,213, 950
  • Leave allowance:         N80,930
  • Vehicle loan:              N3,237,200.
  • End of tenure gratuity:    N2, 427, 900

Wrapping up

The job of public officer isn’t something that should enthrall anyone because of the salary or perks of the position rather it should be a position that is vied for because of the spirit of service.

The debate on whether the salary is too much or low will continue for many years to come. But one thing is for sure, the performance of any state governor or public office holder is determined by the level of service and development the state experiences during the course of his/her tenure and not the salary earned.

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  1. The salary package for our public office holders is unfairly fixed and outrageous. It is the reason why politics becomes a do-or-die affair of a sort, and the reason for infrastructure decades in the country.

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