Nigeria Bureau of Statistics

The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics is the agency in charge of fact-finding in Nigeria. It compiles data on different aspects of the country like Population, Economic data, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Consumer Spending and Income and the countries vast resources.

The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics was borne out of a merger between the Federal Office of Statistics (FOS) and the National Data Bank (NDB) to implement the Statistical Master Plan (SMP), a programme document of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN).

The Nigerian Bureau of Statistics assists all three tiers of the government — Federal, State and Local Government — by providing statistical information which they need to make policies and decisions.

Every Federal government Ministry or Agency has a Director of statistics, and in each state, there is a Director of statistics that oversees the operations of the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics in that state. At each local government, there is also a head of statistics unit.

Private companies or organizations seeking data or information can also seek assistance from The Nigeria Bureau of Statistics by contacting them through the following address:

Plot 762, Independence Avenue,

Central Business District,

FCT, Abuja


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