Atiku Abubakar: Net Worth


Atiku Abubakar was the vice president of Nigeria during the democratic reign of Olusegun Obasanjo between May 1999 and May 2007. His vice presidency brought him popularity but before and after, he has been one of the frontline politicians in Nigeria.

Atiku Abubakar was born on November 25, 1946 in Gongola state (now Adamawa state) to a Fulani farmer father and a trader mother. His father was against western education but he got to study because of the mandatory schooling law that was in place then. His father died when he was 11 and his mum, much later, when he was 38. He was the only child, and after marrying his second wife, he said he needed to expand his family as he didn’t want his children to suffer the same fate of loneliness he did as a child.

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Atiku Abubakar

Atiku started out in the real estate business during his early days as a Customs Officer. In 1974 he applied for and received a N31,000 loan to build his first house in Yola, which he put up for rent. From proceeds of the rent he purchased another plot, and built a second house. He continued this way, building a sizeable portfolio of property in Yola. In 1981 he moved into agriculture, acquiring 2,500 hectares of land near Yola to start a maize and cotton farm. The business fell on hard times and closed in 1986.

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He then ventured into trading, buying and selling truckloads of rice, flour and sugar. He had a good business relationship with the Dangote Group and later on, the man himself; Aliko Dangote. His most important business move came while he was a Customs Officer at the Apapa Ports. Gabrielle Volpi, an Italian businessman in Nigeria, invited him to set up Nigeria Container Services (NICOTES), a logistics company operating within the Ports.

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NICOTES would go on to provide immense wealth to Atiku. NICOTES was later rebranded as INTELS, and went on to feature prominently in accusations of money laundering levelled against Atiku by the US government during his Vice Presidency. Atiku’s business empire also includes Adama beverage manufacturing plant in Yola, as well as an animal feed factory.

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Atiku, in 2005 foundeded his American University of Nigeria (AUN), which is the first American-style University to be established in Sub-Saharan Africa. It was founded in Yola, the capital of Adamawa. AUN has received special recognition from Google.

Overall, the husband of four and father of twelve is Reportedly Worth $1.4 Billion.



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    ALLAH will help u to win next election insha ALLAH u will be the best for nigerians Amen

  3. Christopher Basu

    An so.

  4. Yusuf Isyaka

    Atiku We Are Facing Many Problems In This Piroud. I With My Members We Stand And Makesure That U Win The 2019 Election. I Am The Youth Leader In Our Community And We Have 3 People Who Need Ur Help, They Are Student And On There Way To Start Examination,and Not Pay The School Fees Yet. And Is Amount Of #25,700 Each.Please We Need Ur Help. The Way U Help The Way ALLAH Will Open A Door Of Blessing To Achieve What U Want. THANK U 2019 Sai ATIKUP INSHA ALLAH. THIS IS PHONE NUMBER 08061580346 Or Account Number. 2107646073. Name Yusuf Isyaka. U B A Bank

  5. Ridwan Usman

    Do you want him to call you? U guys love him only for his wealth. While Buhari’s integrity bought him the love in the heart of Nigerians not money.

    1. Abubakar kabir

      You’re right Bukhari got integrity and you think Atiku didn’t got one…? Where has the integrity of Bukhari leads the nation rather than setting us back. We’re living in 21st century not in 17,18century. you can’t expect people living in the era of technology (a global world) to forsake the beauty and bounty that the world has built or bless them with to embark to the previous life of their great forefathers which is so pathetic…?
      Who is sentimental?
      Who is denying mothernature…
      Bukhari is totally right in some aspects and totally wrong in most aspects. I love Bukhari for many reasons mostly for standing up against former president saving Nigerians from a great massacre but his time is up. Let another person takeover. He happens to be Rich or not, let another person takeover. Perhaps that’s the type of person this country want, the person that his eyes won’t be in Nigerian money because he already got MoNeY.
      So chill out, the country is Gona be in a good hand. اتيق😏

  6. Saleh Ahmed

    Sir Atiku abubakar allah yabaka sa’ar rayuwa kuma yazabamaka abinda yafidacewa dakai.nasan bakada matsala aduniya sama da kasamu shugabancin wannan kasa tamu mai albarka,kuma alamu yanuna mana burinka shine kagyaramana kasanmu.adai-dainan nake kararokamaka ALLAH yataimakeka akan niyyanka maikyau
    Nikuma dan girman allah madaukaki kataimake ni da naira (#80,000)dan Nakoma Makaranta Thanks And Wassalam Ga Numbar Wayana 08069696889 Ko 08118961177

  7. Hasaan Adamu


  8. Nuruddeen mohammed njidda

    congratulation ATIKU allah ya baka sa’a ameen summa ameen the next presindent

  9. hassan m abubakar

    this is a disputable.his networth is calculated as 1.4billion so whr did he such threeleon naira

  10. Obinna

    Sai Atiku! A self-made man. A detribalized Nigerian and a jewel of Northern Nigeria. We the South-easterners believe in you and will vote for you. In you we see one-Nigeria. Allah ya jaza manneka.

  11. ibrahim muhammad

    congratulations for your success in primary election, wishing u samething in secondary elections. the undependable bussiness man and a great leader which was shown through your welferism to needers. i wish you all d happiiness in 2019 initial from your entrance in to ville, wish a good luck

  12. Abdulrasheed ibrahim

    I wish Atiku Abubakar to be longlife.
    And along with you are Nigerians need you as our #Presdent2019.
    May Allah (S.W.A) give us oppurtunity to voting you through out. National wide.

  13. Abdulmumuni abdulmalik

    Hmmm, Is Not Easy, Duo I Salut U Atiku, U Realy Achieve Alot Imagine The Networt While Im Here Looking 4 Just 200k 2 Start Up Something Good Ive Been Hustling 4rm A Very Tender Age And Im Still Where I Am Maybe God Chose The People He Bless U Are Realy Bless Mr, Atiku.

  14. Kabiru

    they are rich enough to buy all they wanted. but I have a dream that one day, me too I will be considered from amongst the top ten richest people in the whole world in shaa allah

  15. obekajonah

    has they have the money,what are thire be doing with the money wen peoples are died because of one naria to eat food.

    1. Joshua Mark

      he can’t feed the whole world, atleast he has feed a lot of people in his life time. its your own turn to work hard and feed the people around you because thats how it works

  16. Muhammad nma

    Giant of Africa. I salute u. 08037722997

  17. Muhsin sadisu


    1. UGOCHRIST 82

      education is d best key to sources. if he can give education to d lest privileged then I am strongly behind him.

  18. zirem

    Hmmm…. Atiku was never lazy, no wonder he is so successful. That’s difference between him and other so called politicians, these days politics is just a money making venture for most.

  19. Clement Aigbodion

    Pls stop telling us how much. People have. how did they make such money?

    1. sirOscie.

      Read the story again and you see where the writer mentioned REAL ESTATE, TRADING(rice,sugar and flour) and NICOTES….Recently ADAMA BEVERAGES and AUN

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