Salary of Nigeria President: Full Details

Salary of Nigeria President: Full Details

The Nigerian president, Muhammadu Buhari effected a salary cut almost immediately he became president; his reason being that there was need to cut government expenditure. Many Nigerians saw this as good development.  Not only the salary of the president was cut by 50%; that of his vice too was cut by the same percentage.


After the cut, the president’s salary was reduced to N14 million naira. This means his basic salary will be N3, 514, 705 this amount was made public by the revenue Mobilization Allocation and Fiscal Commission.

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Other entitlements that make it N14 million naira are the consistency allowance, which makes up 250% of his annual salary and amounts to N8, 786,762.50. Another one is the hardship allowance, which is 50% of the basic salary and amounts to N1, 757, 350.50.

There are however other things that the government provide for the president free of charges and they do not pay the president for these things. Some of those other things are periodicals, newspapers, security, utilities, entertainment, domestic staff, personal assistant, special assistant, vehicle maintenance and vehicle fueling.

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Other things aside the other ones mentioned earlier are the medical needs, estacode  per night, duty tour allowance per night,  furniture allowance and accommodation. These allowances mentioned are given to the president on periodic basis and there are some other ones that are given on monthly basis.

There are yet some other allowances that the president receives once every four years.  Those allowances that belong to this last class are the estacode allowance and duty tour allowance.

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  2. Otiwa David

    Nigerian Leaders are really not being sincere to civil servants in the ministries, departments and Agencies (MDAs) that actually do the work for the betterment of the Nation. It’s so shameful seing this for the Leaders that are fighting corruption. Please take a visit to Ministry of Environment and ask any Director about his/her salary, you will weep for such worker, then talk less of a “level 8 Officer” who is a Nigerian Worker that is not entitled to any incentive like estacode , DTA, wardrobe, medical and housing allowances etc, yet such worker goes to the same Markets for shopping. Do you think such Nigerian worker would be happy with the government hearing or reading this kind of article online? Please pass this round that this leadership attitude of let it well with me and only my constituency is not fair, and will never be good for the Nation’s growth. I humbly submit that the Presidency should please share the National cake across other Sectors Thank you

  3. Nu Marcel

    Which one is hardship allowance again ? Oh, first time to hear
    dis one

  4. anate abiola

    am anate abiola
    am from Ogun state
    pls I really need your help my brother
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