Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment Process

Nigerian Immigration ServiceThe Nigeria Immigration Services was extracted from the Nigerian Police Force in 1958 as a separate entity entrusted with core immigration duties under the headship of the Chief Immigration Officer. Some of the functions of the N.I.S include the following:

Detecting fraudulent travel documents, Border Patrol and investigation techniques functions and Operation for more effective control of the Sea Ports and the Passport offices. For more information contact Australian immigration consultants on this site.

Nigeria Immigration Recruitment Process

The Nigeria Immigration Service regularly recruits and the application is done online at their website, by following this immigration advice:

  • Visit their website at
  • Click on vacancies
  • Select any of the 3 categories you are qualified for
  • You would be asked to log in, if you have not created an account, click on sign up and then enter your email address and password.
  • A verification mail will be sent to your e-mail address, open your e-mail address and verify the mail
  • After that, return to the log in page and enter your email address and password
  • After logging in, you will be taken to a page where you are to fill your personal information which includes name, date of birth, state of origin, local government of origin, height in metres, make sure you fill all your data correctly.
  • After you are through, you click continue, next you are expected to fill in your address, fill it in and click continue
  • You are to fill in a means of identification, you will need a voters card, international passport, national ID card or drivers license, selected one and fill in your id no for the selected identification type and click continue
  • Next you are expected to fill in the data of your relations, name, address, state and local government of origin for you dad and your mom. You are also expected to fill for your spouse if applicable. Click continue
  • You are expected to fill in if you have any medical condition and details, if you have any. Click continue
  • You are expected to fill if you have any criminal records. Click continue
  • You are expected to fill in your educational qualification, depending on which of the categories you are applying for. Click continue
  • You are expected to fill in your employment details, it is compulsory to fill at least one. Click continue
  • You are expected to fill if you have worked with the civil service before. Click continue
  • You are expected to fill if you have worked with the military before. Click continue
  • A review of the information you have filled is then displayed, you are expected to review to be sure all you have filled is correct, then you click on submit.

The headquarter is located at:

Nigerian Immigration Service Headquarters, Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Road, Sauka Abuja. P.M.B. 38, Garki Abuja.

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