How to Write an Application Letter in Nigeria

Job searching has become even more challenging in these times. This is because of the demand for job positions which do not meet its supply. If you are looking to increase your chances of getting a job, you should try all in your power to have a cutting edge over other applicants. A good place to start is your application form which is your first contact with your employer. This is where you can try to make a good impression, and you know what they say about first impressions.

How to Write an Application Letter in Nigeria

Often times, the reasons many job seekers are denied a job role is because of their presentation in their Application letter. You have a better chance at securing a particular job if to write a good application letter. However, a tacky application letter can put off your potential employer/hiring manager.

This article provides you with useful tips on how to write a most impressive Application letter in Nigeria.

How to Write an Application Letter in Nigeria

When you see an advertisement for a job role, you should ensure your experiences are a good fit for the job position. Also, before sending or submitting your application letter, you should ensure your resume is ready and at hand.

In order to make a lasting long impression with your employer or hiring manger, ensure your application letter is well prepared and written in an interesting manner.

Letter writing is one thing many people think does not require preparedness until they are suddenly hit in the face to write one. A letter of Application, often times now referred to as a cover letter is a document attached to your resume which is meant to provide information on your skills and experiences.

A cover letter essentially provides detailed information on the reasons you consider yourself qualified for the job role you are applying for.

The application cover letter is an important tool you can use to advertise yourself as a job seeker. A good application letter explains the reasons for your interest in the specific organization. It also points out your skills or experiences that are relevant to the job.

Just as in a formal letter, you do not need to add greetings or beat around the bush. Read on to find out how to write a good Application letter

Qualities of a good application letters

  • A good application letter is meant to be short, straightforward and precise. It should not be more than one page long.
  • It must contain your qualification, experiences and skills most relevant to the job you are applying for
  • A good application letter should clearly show the hiring manager reasons you are most qualified for job position and should be called for an interview.

Tips for Writing a Job Application Letter

  1. Make sure you prepare beforehand by researching before you start to write your job application letter.
  2. Decide on what information, that is what experience or skills you want to include, knowing that space is limited).
  3. Spend ample time analyzing the job advertisement so as to understand what exactly the hiring manager is looking for.
  4. Make sure you match your qualifications with what the employers want and need.
  5. Pay attention to such things as the font size, style and letter spacing of the Application letter. In an application letter, you should use a traditional font such as Times New Roman, Arial, or Calibri with a font size of 11 or 12 points.  An application letter should be single-spaced with about 1″ margins. Your text should be aligned to the left.
  6. It is important that you proofread and edit your application letter after writing to correct grammatical errors.

Part of Job application letter

  • Job seeker’s contact address (your address): Your address should be at the top. This will make it easy for your potential employer to contact you if need be. For example:

38 Ijaiye Street,


Lagos state.

1st April, 2020.

  • Your employer’s contact address

You must include the organization`s name and address in your application letter. This shows that you have especially tailored the application letter to that company and for the post in question. For example:

The Human Resources Manager,

Zenith Bank PLC,

Victoria Island,

Lagos state.

  • Salutation – This is a brief greeting. The most common salutation is “Dear sir/Madam,
  • Heading – The heading contains the post you’re applying for. For example:

Application for the Post of an Accountant at Zenith Bank Plc

Body of the Application letter – You can think of this as having three distinct parts which are the first paragraph, second paragraph and conclusion.

  1. In the first paragraph of the body of your application letter, your primary interest in the job role.
  2. Your first sentence should be a declarative statement. It must inform the hiring manager that you are particularly interested in the position at the company. When writing, remember to always keep it short and precise. It is highly recommended you inform the hiring manager where you got the information about the job vacancy. For example, a job site, newspaper advertisement, friend`s recommendation, etc.
  • In the second paragraph, state why you would be the best pick for the job. Describe your skills, experiences and accomplishments that show why you should be hired for the job. Here, ensure you let the recruiter see how what exact value you will be adding to the company. Write about how your contributions will benefit the company,
  1. Refer the recruiter to your resume for more of your skills and experience.
  • The third and conclusion part of the body of the letter is where you finish off your application letter. This is just as important as the body.

Finish your application letter with a brief summary explaining why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Show some confidence by informing the hiring manager you are available to talk further.

Sign your application letter correctly. On the last line, write your name and add your signature. Signatures show your future employer that you take the application letter and hence the job role, very seriously.


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