Recruitment In Nigeria Immigration Service

Initially, the Nigeria Immigration Services was part of the Nigeria Police Force. It was however separated in 1958 to become a separate entity.  Its main duty is to monitor the immigration activities of Nigerians and foreigners interested in visiting Nigeria.


Head of the Nigeria Immigration Services is the Chief Immigration officer and his appointment is made by the Nigerian President. They are saddled with the responsibility of detecting illegal or fraudulent travel documents.

Also, they are responsible for border patrol.  They are equally expected to oversee activities at Nigerian sea ports. Passport issuance is also done by the Nigerian Immigration Service.

Nigeria immigration recruitment process

Recruitment is being done on regular basis by the Nigeria Immigration Service.  Applicants are required to process their application online on the NIS website.

You need to meet certain requirements before you can apply for the job openings.  These requirements are highlighted below:

  • You must be a Nigerian citizen before you can apply. You will not be allowed to register if you are not a Nigerian.
  • You are expected to be between the ages of 18 and 35 years old before you can apply. You are expected to present evidence of age declaration during registration.
  • Applicants should possess good moral behavior too. No one who had been counted guilty of any crime in the past would be qualified to apply.
  • Male applicants are expected to be at least 1.7 meters tall. Female applicants on the other hand are expected to be minimum of 1.64 meters tall.
  • Debtors are also not allowed to apply
  • You are expected to have chest width of at least 87 centimeters.
  • Applicants should be medically and physically fit before they can be considered for employment. In fact, the applicant is expected to present certificate of fitness issued by a recognized medical institution.
  • Stammer are also not qualified to apply
  • Pregnant women are automatically disqualified
  • Those with hearing problems are disqualified
  • Anyone with sight problem too is automatically disqualified.
  • Anyone with flat foot will not be given employment
  • If you have undergone orthopedic surgical procedure before, you will also be disqualified.

The steps to follow during the application process are highlighted below.

  • Visit
  • When on the site, click on vacancies
  • Next, select the particular job you are qualified for
  • Sign up to register an account
  • Verification mail will be sent to the email you provide while signing up. Open the mail to verify your account.
  • Then, log in using your username and password.
  • Next, you will be required to fill your details
  • Click on continue
  • Afterwards, provide your address and click again on continues.
  • Provide information on your medical conditions, criminal records, education qualification, present employment details and job history with Nigeria military of civil service.
  • After filling all the required information, you will be shown a preview of the information you provided. Check if the information is correct and click on submit. If the information is not correct, you are free to make corrections before you submit.

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