KPMG Nigeria Salary: See What They Pay


KPMG is one of the many companies that pay considerably well in Nigeria today.  It is an international company actually. They have branches in various great cities, like Chicago, New York City, London as well as Lagos, Nigeria.


It is an auditing company. They are among the four biggest auditors on international scale along with others like PwC, EY and Deloitte.  They are growing bigger by the day too.

Find the KPMG Nigeria Salary Structure Below

KPMG Itern Salary

An intern at KPMG is paid N37,500 on monthly basis. An Analyst on the other hand is paid between N116,000 and 146,000 every month.

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KPMG Senior Analysts Salary

The company pays its senior analysts between N2.17 million and 2.59 million on annual basis.

KPMG Associates Salary

Its Associates are paid between N2.16 million and N2.35 million on annual basis.

KPMG Senior Associates Salary

Senior Associate with KPMG is paid between N5.57 million and N6.02 million on annual basis.

KPMG Managers Salary

A Manager with the company is paid between N12.6 million and N13.6 million on annual basis.

KPMG Audit Associates Salary

Audit Associate with the company is paid between N144, 000 and N156,000 on monthly basis.

KPMG Audit Senior Associates Salary

Audit Senior Associate is paid between N241,000 and N258, 000 on monthly basis. Audit Senior Associate receives annual total take home ranging from N3.1 million to N3.32 million.

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KPMG Advisory Associates Salary

Anyone employed as Advisory Associate in the company is paid between N3.85 and N4.13 million on annual basis.

KPMG Advisory Senior Associates Salary

An Advisory Senior Associate on the other hand receives N5.48 million and N5.92 million on annual basis.

KPMG Trainee IT Consultants Salary

A Trainee IT Consultant gets paid between N2.39 million and N2.62 million annually.

KPMG Semi Senior Associates Salary

The company pays its Semi Senior Associate between N3.33 and N3.64 million on annual basis.



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