Highest Paying Companies in Nigeria

It is the dream of many Nigerian graduates to get jobs with high paying companies, who will pay them something meaningful and tangible for their daily labours. Truth of the matter however is that very few companies actually pay high enough.


The recent economic downturn being experienced by Nigeria further gives salaries great dents, making it difficult for take-home pays to take the salary earners home.  Be that as it may, there are some companies in Nigeria that still pay something meaningful enough to make their employees smile home at the end of each month.

You will get to learn about some of these high paying companies below.


Chevron is an oil & gas company and it is among the most popular in Nigeria. It falls among the most profitable oil companies in Nigeria, not just for the company owners, but also for their employees.    However, it is not easy to get job with this company.

Only very few are able to secure employment with them and there are times such employments are based on how influential the applicant is. Chevron pays staff members on hourly basis.

Pay is determined by job description. Sales Associate is paid $8.73 per hour. Intern is paid $28.66 per hour. Customer service rep is paid $10.54 per hour. Cashier is paid $9.54 per hour.

Mobile Petroleum

It is another oil and gas company. Staff members are also paid highly. Just like chevron, it is rather very difficult to get employment with Mobile Nigeria.  They also pay their staff members in US dollars. Consequently, present Nigerian economic woes do not have any effect on Mobil member of staff.

Engineers with Mobil are paid $107,477 per annum. Process engineers are paid $114,526 per annum. Interns are paid $6,810 per month. Project engineers are paid $120,055 per year.

Senior engineer is paid $144,467. The same payment rate applies to all their members of staff, be it in Nigeria or in any part of the globe.


It stands for Nigerian National Petroleum Company. Unlike Chevron and Mobil, NNPC pay their members of staff in naira.  Do not forget that NNPC is a Nigerian company, unlike Chevron and Mobil that are both foreign companies. It may be a Nigerian company, but getting employment with NNPC is also not easy in the least.

Unfortunately, jobs with NNPC are the reserves of the high and mighty in the Nigerian society. Divine intervention may however help an “unknown” person to get employment with NNPC. Sales Manager with NNPC is paid up to N314,000 per month. Economists with NNPC are paid up to 3.85 million naira per annum. A fresh graduate with NNPC is paid up to 130 thousand naira monthly.

MTN Nigeria

MTN is a telecommunication company. It is equally the very first mobile telecom company in Nigeria. Most of its staff members are Nigerians. In times past, they were paying their staff members very well. However, certain working and employment conditions have led to a drop in the amount being paid by the company.

These days, they prefer to employ contract staff, since this helps them save money. A contract staff has no right to salary increase. He/she equally has no right to bonus or retirement plan. They are equally free to hire and fire a contract staff at any point in time.  Their Customer Care reps are paid up to N83,000 monthly.

Their project managers are paid up to N839,000 per annum. Program Managers on the other hand are paid up to N9.44 million per annum.  Senior Management members receive up to N12.4 million per annum.  Quality Assurance Engineers receive up to N4.69 million per annum.

Nestle Nigeria

The company is into food products.  They are among top paying companies in Nigeria of today. Aside basic salaries, they also pay their staff members a number of benefits. For example, the staff member has access to health insurance. However, the staff is not qualified for the health insurance until he/she has spent between 6 to 12 months in the company as a staff.

Their sales managers receive up to N6.27 million per annum. Their production supervisors receive up to N5 million per annum. Their staff members have access to vacation too. Sales rep intern is paid up to $19 per hour. Intern is paid up to $22 per hour. Mechanical Engineering Intern is paid up to $21 per hour.

Nigerian civil service

This may sound rather unbelievable, but the Nigerian civil service is among the top paying companies in Nigeria. This is one of the reasons many Nigerians are looking for federal government employment. Aside high pay being provided by the Nigerian civil service, there is also job security.

The other companies mentioned above may not have job security, but this is never the case with the Nigerian civil service.  The amount being paid is however determined by the particular ministry, department or agency in which you are employed.  School leavers employed into the Nigerian civil service on Level 4 Step 1 receive up to N242,994 per annum.

Those at the peak of their career at level 17 Step 1 are paid up to N4,183,600 per annum.  This means you will receive about N20,000 per month as a Level 4 Step 1 Employee in the Nigerian civil service and N348,633 per month at level 17.

Total Petroleum

Total is an oil & gas company and they are among the highest paying companies in Nigeria as of today.  They have up to 1,700 employees.  They have been around for more than 5 decades.  Presently, the company leads in the downstream sector of the Nigerian oil & gas industry.

Total has extensive distribution network covering more than 500 service stations across Nigeria. Energy products being sold by the company are of top quality.  It became a private company in 1956. Present share capital is N169, 761,000.  Consistent growth had been the lot of the company over the decades.

Total Nigeria has interest in other minerals, like bitumen, azalt, modulotal, and lots more. Total Lubricant is known for top quality. They equally provide aviation fuel and cooking gas.   Entry level employees receive up to N12 million per annum.



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