Afeez Owo: Things You Didn’t Know about Him


Afeez Owo is a popular Yoruba movie actor and director. He is the husband of another famous actress, Mide Martins. Mide is the daughter of late Nollywood actress, Funmi Martins

In this post, you’ll find out many interesting things about Afeez Owo.

Who is Afeez Owo?

His real names are Afeez Abiodun. He was born on the 12th April and he is popularly called Afeez Owo due to his association with Yemi Ayebo.

Afeez Owo: Things You Didn't Know about Him

Afeez is a native of Iseyin, Oyo State. He attended St Paul Anglican School, Idiroko and Faramora Secondary School in Oyo State before travelling to Lagos in search of greener pastures.

Afeez has always been interested in acting even as far back as his primary school days. At that time, he wrote a drama script titled, “Kokoro aiye” which was applauded by his school mates back then.

When Afeez came down to Lagos in the mid 1980s, he linked up with Razaq Olayiwola (Ojo opa gogo) who was from his home town. It was through Razaq that Afeez was able to join the Yoruba movie industry.


According to Mide, Afeez has always been around her space. When she was growing up, Afeez was her mother’s manager. It would be recalled that Mide’s mother, Funmi Martins who was also an actress died on the 6th of May, 2002 after a brief illness.

When Mide’s mother died, Afeez was literally the only person that stood by her. As a result, one thing led to another and they fell in love. The lovebirds began dating and as they say the rest is history. Afeez’s marriage to Mide is more than ten years old and their union has produced two wonderful girls.


Afeez got his name, Owo from his relationship with Yemi Ayebo. At a time, the duo were inseparable as a result, people began calling him Afeez Owoyemi which literally means Afeez is Yemi Ayebo’s right hand man.



Afeez is known to have produced several popular movies. He began movie production in 2000 and his first production was Majen sinwon waiye. Afeez usually produces one movie each year and according to him they are always top class. Some of his movies have featured his wife, Mide.

Below are some of Afeez Owo’s productions:

  • Adurotoluwa (2001)
  • Abusi Edumare (2002)
  • Yonu simi (2003)
  • Agbalam (2004)
  • Eje tutu (2005)
  • Gbenren meje (2006)
  • Oba bi Olorun (2006)
  • Ifé owó (2008)
  • Eekan soso (2009)
  • Ipinu mi (2016)

Apart from movie production, Afeez is also an actor but he usually features in minor roles. Some of these movies include Egan, Ishipaya, Iwa Ose meji, Omoge Lekki, Oloto ati Bada and Kostrobu.

Overall, Afeez has at least 50 movies to his credit as an actor, producer and director.

Marriage controversy

There were rumours that Mide Martins was having secret romantic relationships with NURTW boss, MC Oluomo and Taiwo Kadri, an Abeokuta based businessman.

It was based on these allegations of infidelity that Afeez moved out of their matrimonial home, leaving his wife and kids behind.

However, there were speculations in the media, that it was Mide that had moved out of her matrimonial home.

Mide responded to these speculations in an interview when she stated that it was her husband that had moved out of the house but he had left them for no reason.



Mide had given hint of a reunion when she shared a post on social media. According to her, they had settled their difference and it was just a matter of time before her husband comes back.

However, nothing was heard from Afeez’s camp and this further fuelled the speculations in the media that the couple had gone their separate ways for good.

A few months later, reports surfaced on the internet that the couple had truly settled their differences. This was confirmed by Afeez in an interview with Encomium where he explicitly stated that there was no more war between himself and Mide.

This was further confirmed when Mide celebrated her birthday. Afeez took to social media to celebrate his wife. This action finally silenced critics and naysayers for good.

Mercy Aigbe

According to media reports, one of the conditions Afeez gave Mide prior to his return was for Mide to cut off her ties with Mercy Aigbe as he felt their relationship was influencing her negatively.

As a result, Mide who used to model for Mercy’s fashion line, Magdivas had to end her contract with Mercy. However, there are still claims that Mide and Mercy still chat on social media but they don’t just get to see each other any more.


Mide once spoke about her sex life with Afeez during an interview with a popula media house. According to Mide, she has been able to spice up her marriage by adding variety to their sex life.


According to Mide, she’s not restricted to only the missionary style as she believes that her inability to satisfy her husband adequately could make her lose him to the ladies out there. Mide says she often goes the extra mile to satisfy her husband sexually.



Afeez has two beautiful daughters with Mide. Her first daughter is Omotola while the second one is Anuoluwapo. His daughters were negatively affected during the near-breakup of their marriage as he left them for more than three months.


People have often take swipes at Mide Martins particularly in reference to Afeez. There have been many discussions online on why she would marry such an ugly man. Some have even speculated that Afeez must have used juju (charm) to seduce her to marry him.

But Mide doesn’t believe all of that and she used one of her interviews to dispel these insinuations. According to her, being a pretty girl doesn’t mean she has to marry a man that is also fine. And she has stated that the longevity of their marriage and their wonderful children is enough to prove that she wasn’t charmed into marrying Afeez.


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