Chris Brown Wins Law Suit Against His Baby Mama


Chris Brown has won a suit filed by his babymama Nia Guzman to restrict his custody of their daughter over alleged drug usage and Brown’s affiliation with violent gang groups on Tuesday May 24th.

According to TMZ report, Nia Guzman in her suit against Chris Brown stated that Chris Brown is unfit to cater for their daughter Royalty without Strict Supervision.

Guzman had been aiming for supervised visits, while requesting via another lawsuit that, her child support allowance be increased from $2,500 to $16,000 per month.

The Judge however Struck out the custody case on the basis that both parents have legal/physical custody of their daughter and that Brown need no monitoring.

Following Brown’s victory in court on Tuesday, Guzman, has taken to her Instagram page on Wednesday, to set the record straight as to her reasons for filing the lawsuit in the first place.
In her statement she said;
#LIES! There is no big victory when it comes to children. I never I REPEAT NEVER wanted or have tried to take our child away! And NEVER WILL. All that was asked is a set NANNY in place. IN WHICH WE BOTH WOULD of agree upon. I went for this because ONE individual very close to the situation advised me MOTHER to MOTHER. That i need monitoring and drug testings and random house visits. ALL THE WAY FROM BACK IN TEXAS they gave me insight on what was going on. I gave up the text messages in court to prove just that. I’m no liar nor a mother who is wanting to take a child away. I moved closer to THE FATHER so it could be easier on everybody and so he could have a hands on relationship and NO TRAVEL for my baby. I want him to be the best man he can be. PERIOD. What i cannot help is how “FAMILY!” say one thing and when push came to shove, SHE RAN AWAY AND went into HIDING…Quite sad… But for the record IT WAS NEVER A CUSTODY WAR….Al i asked for was a nanny in rotation. I would like to tell “THE WOMAN” who had so much to say on HIM….Next time DON’T GO AGAINST THE FAMILY. I could sit here and be petty and air out all the text messages to show proof But GOD SEE ALL AND WILL HANDLE IT ACCORDINGLY.”
In 2015,Nia Guzman filled for a sole custody of their daughter Royalty but the Judge however ruled for a joint custody in favour of Brown.

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