Pre Wedding Pictures in Nigeria: How to Take Yours

The idea of pre wedding pictures is getting more popular by the day and many more Nigerian couples go for them to publicize their weddings ahead.  These pictures help to keep memories alive. The enthusiasm and pleasure are immeasurable. Purpose off capturing pre wedding pictures in Nigeria is to keep record of the love chemistry of the couple shortly before they tie the nuptial knot. The truth is such love chemistry tends to change after wedding due to the familiarity that grows between the two of them. The pictures can however help bring back memories of an ignited past and can help them find love all over again.


Lots of things go on in the minds of these couples shortly before the wedding. The love chemistry is so high and they feel very strong attraction like never before. All these moments are captured in a pre-wedding picture. This write up is designed to give you and you to-be wife various pre-wedding ideas that will set you apart from the crowd.

The captain idea

The two of you can go an extra mile and take a picture in a plane, with the groom-to-be acting as the pilot, while you act as the copilot.  You two can also decide to dress up as air host and hostess. Renting a plane should not be expensive at all. Since you are only spending few minutes, you will not experience any hitch at all. Do not also forget that you will not have to move of fly the plane.

The retro idea

It will not be a bad idea if you and your bride-to-be take picture together in a car. If you have your own car, this will be the perfect place to take the picture. Do not get depressed because you do not have your own car; you can always rent a car for the purpose. You can strike various posses in the car as many as you want.  There is no better way to keep memories alive of that beautiful baby you matched to the altar.

Go the balloon way

You can always use balloons to your benefits. There are so many ways to use the balloon in your pre-wedding picture. You can write the date of the wedding on the balloon and allow it to float in the air with thee written date facing the camera. You can tie many balloons together with each having different color. What about using balloon with your chosen wedding colors? This will be a perfect idea indeed.

The Love in India

This idea is just perfect too. It involves the two of you taking pictures in Keke. You can be the driver, while she acts as the passenger. You can equally make things more creative by striking various other posses.

Consider Mother Nature

You can include Mother Nature in your choice of background for pre wedding pictures. Grasses and trees will make the picture beautiful with their green coloration in the background. What about taking pre wedding pictures on a boat with the two of you all alone? Are you guys good at climbing trees? What about taking one of those pictures with the two of you sitting perched on a tree? You will surely love the outcome.








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