How to Reset GOTV after Payment


How to Reset GOTV after Payment

The information here will guide you on how to get your GOTV activated once you have made payment. The activation should occur automatically after you have made payment, but there are times some forms of manual reset may be required if the automatic one does not take place.


It is now possible to make payment for your GOTV subscription via GTBank. This is a new introduction by GOTV, which was never part of the payment or activation methods before.

There are three ways to activate your GOTV manually. You can do it via text message, you get it activated online and you can do it using your phone.

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Text message activation process

  • Send ‘reset Your GOTV account number to this number, 4688 and that is all

Online activation

  • Visit Eazy GOTV via your internet-enabled mobile device
  • Log into your GOTV account with your account number and surname
  • Click on the dialogue box “Clear your error”
  • Clear the E16 error
  • Click on “Reset device now” tab’ and this will reset your GOTV decoder.

Phone activation

  • Dial *423# on any network
  • A prompt request will come up. It reads “Assistance from Customer Care”
  • You can then speak with the customer service representative
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The activation should occur after any of the above process. If your subscription does not get activated, you can visit GOTV’s official twitter or Facebook page and ask them to reset the decoder for you. Your GOTV account number must be made available when making this request.

If none of the above methods work, you can call their customer care numbers to get the decoder activated.  The customer care number is 08039044688.



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  1. Musa

    Pls i made payment since 4days again, til now d channels i subscribe for non is playing iuc number 2019135104

  2. Kehinde Abayomi

    I made payment via *737# since 2 days ago saturday 15th march, 2019 for GOTV Value and up till now my account hasn’t be activated. please i am not happy with this at all
    Phone no: 08039240316 IUC no: 7026534260 Surname: Abayomi.
    Kindly correct as soon as possible. Thank you

  3. taofiq

    error code E-16 7017530717

  4. Isaiah Peter Essien

    I made payment of #400 for Gotv lite for a customer with this Gotv account: 4613479732 on 12/03/2019. Please reset for me.

  5. Funmilayo

    Load my account 7026478862 with 1200 intending to change the bouquet but not coming up and I tried calling the contact on your site not going through.

  6. oyetade olufemi

    l pay to activate my gotv on 11-3-2019 up till now is not working, kindly look to it.4622318700.

  7. Aliu moses

    I paid to wrong iuc numbet on 9/03/2019 this is the wrong one i paid to 4613551208 and this the right one 4613551298.please help and see to it please

  8. Alibi moses

    I paid to a wrong iuc number on 9/03/2019 this the wrong one 4613551208 and this the right one 4613551298 please help and see to it please

  9. Esan

    I subscribed to my gotv today and still suspended 7028713756

  10. Kolawole muideen

    Good afternoon sir/ma,pls I subscribe my gotv yesterday but its not working up till nw.#630 my iuc no is 2019488720

  11. Biodun

    I made payment of 1900 on 9th Mar.,2019 with my number 4620996110, yet to see any channel display.

  12. Adeyemi

    Pls, I subcrible 2days ago and since then my decorder has been suspended, I subcrible through my GTBANK
    Kindly help me to active it

    User Adeyemi Adekoya
    IUC 70288094457

  13. Aisha Ado

    I made payment since on the 07/03/2019 but is still not showing,i have tried other process it is saying my account have been suspended please help me my IUC NO. is 7023774900

  14. Izuchukwu

    I make payment of 2500 on 7-3-2019 on my gotv 2028830506 the next message I received from gotv is that Iam suspend

    1. My account is suspended. Pls kindly reactivate it for me. I recharged yesterday. My IUC 4613368341

  15. uche

    i upgraded, the one of #3200 , its three days now its yet to show..4601450661

  16. Ajayi folasade

    I paid 1250 into my gotv account and it’s not working

  17. Tope Alabi

    I subscribed for 1900 plan since 4 days running now but none of the channels are showing please do a reset urgently my icu is 4613539481.

  18. Chiama

    Please i have made my payment but my channel are not showing.4623507334

  19. lawal

    I made payment of 2500 since on 5th of march 2019 and my gotv is not connected. My IUC:7023761504

  20. I made subscription some hours ago but my gotv is not yet reset. pls do it now 7026627919

  21. Mrs Iretomi Titilayo

    I upgraded to Max 2500 this morning and my account was suspended pls kindly help me to reset it my UIC number is 4623170113

  22. Salam Oluwatosin

    Pls I made payment today online, my acct has been debited but gotv has not been recharged since evening.
    My iuc no is 2083946888…..
    I received a message that my acct is suspended that I should reconnect it by calling a number whereas the number didn’t Go when I tried it

  23. akinluyi oluwafemi

    Pls help I sub for gotv plus 2hrs ago up till now it has not been reconnected

  24. Okoyomon Harry

    Pls,I made payment today on my Gotv through my account and it was successful.I followed the process of activation,which was also successful but the stations couldn’t come up..Payment is 1250 and UIC no is 7028766020.

  25. Becky

    Help me ..everytime i do my subscription it never just keep scanning channels and nothing comes up…or it shows “no channel found” …since i bought this gotv i have not enjoyed it once..i am tired …i stopped paying for subscription for a while but now i paid today and its the same thing…waste of money do something

    1. Emeka lina

      I recharged my Gotv but but no ch
      annel is iuc number is 2014354045.pls do it fast.

  26. Dayo

    I subscribe for my Gotv plus yesterday 17/2/2019 via firsrmobile application. #2000.00 was deducted from my account but Up till now the channels has not come up. My IUC No is 2028989891.pls do something about it.

  27. David Okoye

    I made payment through Three times through diamond mobile app.
    1st one was #2,600 2nd was #2,700 the same date on 13/02/2019. The third was #3,300 on 15/02/2019. Am into Gotv Max. I made this based on #2,500 on going promo. But up till now it still choking that my credit has expired. Pls I need urgent check on it.

  28. Sornnadi

    I made my payment on 15-2-2019 but I have not been recount to watch my iuc no is 7026701158 and my no is 07068166753

  29. adeleke amodu

    hello I mistaken load my gotv to another account which is 46 23206676 instead of 4623205676 my phone number is 09056404362

  30. Ovadiose Micheal

    Please I made payment today through my zenith mobile app and till now is not showing.
    IUC 4601440347

  31. Ambali moshood

    Made payment of 1900 and my gotv is not work pls help me do something about it abeg or I we stop use gotv pls 7026639121

  32. Ambali moshood

    Pls I subscribe to my gotv and is not work pls 7026639121

  33. Festut

    I paid 2,500 for startup menu, instead of upgrading me to govt max as the customer care representative promised, I’m still at govt value.
    Please assist me upgrade it as was promised.
    My icu no is 2028747708

  34. Timothy

    I have paid for my gotv since 2 days ago,till now it isn’t showing,I tried clearing the e16 error they said my account has been suspended I contact any gotv costumer care to reconnect my gotv iuc number is 4613500935

  35. Rose israel samuel

    I made payment since last week till now my gotv has not been activated my IUC number:7031493566 I’ve tried all options non seem to be working

  36. Peter djukpan

    I downgraded my bouquet to gotvplus I have only 34 channels some of which are not showing, I don’t have any children channel,african magic epic among others please do something this is my iuc no:012703232. And this is the no I used in paying u can reach me on it 08148929747

  37. Peter djukpan

    I downgraded my bouquet to gotvplus I have only 34 channels some of which are not showing, I don’t have anything children channel,african magic epic.

  38. habib yusuf

    I have made payment of 1900. I got some channels. but I have not still got 102, 107, 108, 111,112, and 113. the information reads ” EO33-O. the decoder is not enabled for this channel. it may be that your account has been suspended. please contact the GOTV call centre for assistance.”

  39. Olasunkanmi

    I mistakenly choose a wrong payment option and I was debited 1350 when I want to subscribe to 2000.
    How can I upgrade it.
    IUC 4623510001
    NO: 08102902136

  40. OMolara

    I made a Payment on my gotv this afternoon and the channel is not coming up . I have reset but still not coming up

    My iuc is 7004989882

  41. mrs adeyinka

    hello ,pls ,I really need ur help ,I made a payment subscription on my GOTV ,but its yet to be activated. this is my iuc number: 7004991165 ,and my number is: 07039001773.

  42. Helen asuquo

    I made a payment on 26 December, the first payment was morning between 10 and 11am and the second payment was 3 and only one payment is reflecting. Pls help rectify it.

  43. Amaka

    Please I really need this help, I mad a payment for Gotv subscription #1350 since yesterday around after 8:pm yesterday up till now. Is not showing anything.
    This is my iuc number : 2021826208
    My phone number : 08103831148


    I made payment a couple of hours ago and uptil now no reconnection. Please reconnect my account. My IUC is 7023795350.

  45. Monday

    I make a payment seence yesterday, and iam not conected IUC number 4601680115

  46. Ogunnusi

    I made payment online via my diamond Bank account (2000). My gotv as not bn activated. I hope you’ll start counting from when my decoder let’s activated

  47. Dania Sunday Festus

    I made payment some thirty minutes ago and up till now it’s still showing E16 error. My IUC Number is:4601534495. Pls do something.

  48. Models oluwasey benson

    Pls i recharge my gotv lastweek and is not showing some station on my gotv pls what do I do.this my iuc no 2021850562.

  49. Kingsley chijioke

    Made payment now, but my account was not credited.
    Paid through my phone first bank app through dstveasy portal payments with ref no, 100190270967
    Iuc no,2020849757
    Please attend to me.
    Kingsley chijioke.

  50. Akwa ibom state government

    Made payment 2000 via fcmb bank…….. its not showing….. kindly restore 2021984093

  51. Collins Okaili

    I made a payment since 24 December Gotv subscribe #1,350 … I can’t watch Africa magic family…nor even Africa magic epics… No movies station is music either.. please kindly look into my issue… IUC number…7026452381….my cellphone number…07039873634

  52. Gbadebo oluwaseyi

    I subscribe yesterday the subscription is not working,no channel found


    I want you to help me clear the error code on my Gotv. I made a payment of 1900 at about 11.09am this morning. My IUC Number is 4613996128

  54. Adedayo Olaiyan

    Kindly activate my account..4622762404 I made a payment via gtb app since 1pm.and till now it has not been activated… Kindly go thru it.. Adedayo

  55. Ben Enaku

    I just made payment via my bank code*329#,fcmb to be precise and they still say my account is iuc number 7020826721 surname is Ben please do something fast.

  56. Cole Gbenga Kayode

    I just made a payment now and it’s not working up, dont know what to do.
    My IUC Number is 4622957200

  57. Mary chukwu

    I was debited twice for this month subscription that I just did now, how can I get a refund back

  58. adekoya tubosun

    pls i have paid since yesterday but still not show pls kindly help my iuc number is 2029263471

  59. onyebuchi

    Pls I made payment since on Saturday up till now my decoder is scanning the channel backwards and not showing anything.pls what could be the cause

  60. Ogunsanya Joseph Olayinka

    I have recharged since 11/11/2018 uptill now is yet to come up.
    please kindly work on my no. 7017568488.08030470830

  61. Adekanbi olawale

    I want to subscribe to my gotv this night so they said I should verify my smartcard no why and what happen my iuc no 4601818000

  62. Adekanbi olawale

    I want to subscribe to my gotv this night so they said I should verify my smartcard no why and what happen

  63. Adekanmbi olawale

    I want to subscribe to my gotv this night so they said I should verify my smartcard no why and what happen


    I subscribed 1250 through online but it can not get to my Iuc.Iuc no is 4623369840. pls help they said that my gotv is suspended

  65. Bashorun

    I made subscription and after barely 5hrs,its showing no channel 2021912367

    1. Francis

      I pay #1250 to my gotv account till now the decoder no show iuc 2017438748

  66. Lawal Ibrahim

    I just sub via my bank app and its what I’ve been using for long to sub but I’m shocked after 2 days of subscription i cant view stations and I’m having report of expire sub which I’ve already made payment for 4622433967

  67. Kate

    My gotv was suspended upon renewal

  68. Erica

    My gotv has been suspended my iuc number 7023627889

  69. Francis favour

    I made payment of 3200 for my gotv subscription today and it’s not showing…
    iuc 7020857475

    1. Dele

      I made a renewal payment of 2000 on October 30th, 2018 using eco bank ATM at Caleb University, Imota, Ikorodu Lagos. No reconnection since.
      ICU NO: 2029112675
      Phone number: 08064179526

  70. Nwanze Emmanuella

    GoTv your services are so messed up. Do you have to make it difficult for customers to access channels after every subscription renewal? Na only GOD go give Una sense

  71. Olakintan

    I just paid for gotvlite thorough quick teller platform.but my gotv is not showing.I have tried sending SMS,used *228#. *423$,called Costomer service number and ,nothing seems to work please activate it for iuc 4601449955

  72. Lucy Okon

    Please I made payment on Saturday the deduct my money but no channel is work. 4622611646.please reply me

  73. Ikechukwu nwakuduh confidence

    Pls I made payment but my channels are not still showing. IUC no. 2009590316. Thanks

  74. Mrs Adekoya

    have made my payment but is not showing 4601750155

  75. Jerry grace

    Gotv ooo I recharged since on Wednesday 3rd of this month and it’s yet to enter my IUC no 2029238407


      I made payment since on the 17th October 2018,and the 22nd of same month they said my subscription has iuc no is 2028991100

  76. Ayodele moturayo stella

    I made payment of 1350 since Saturday 29/9/2018 up til now my account have not been activated this is my iuc no 2004448493

  77. Lucky naija

    Please i recharged my GOTV decorder,i can only access nine channels.

    Please, help me to reactivate UIC 7024107927.thanks

  78. Adeniran Sunday

    I made today but it has not been updated pls help. Payment of #1900 IUC is 7020861908 Thanks

  79. Eweina Oluwaseun Hakeem

    I made a payment of 1900 for my gotv subscription and it was made through my phone online banking and till now none of the channels are showing..Here is my IUC 202819559

  80. Williams Oluwaseyi

    I made #400 naira payment on gotv and account is active I made the payment 30/09/2018.pls activat my account my IUC 2005166947


    I paid subscription for GOTV MAX for this IUC number 2019380156 but I have not been reconnected.pls do reconnect my line. Thanks

  82. hilary

    i made payment of #3200 on 20/9/2018 but uptil now non of the chanels is showing,,iuc number 2028863788

  83. Dare Aina

    i made a payment for GOTV value since 30 August 2018 and up till now, it as not been activated. kindly help to activate. IUC 2019253475

  84. Onipede Kayode

    I have recharged 1250 package on my phone since yesterday and my Gotv is not working till now …please help me out ..this is my IUC# 7023575644

  85. ogedengbe

    My account iuc number 4622643009 as been currently closed so please i want to reactive my account.

  86. wura adeoye

    help me reconnect my gotv on line 2021988621. I paid 2000 but the instruction is that the cable needs to be reconnected.

  87. Gbadebo

    I made a payment of 400 naira gotv lite on my account 2021752477 its not showing the channels please help me reset it

  88. olabode sunday

    I don’t know what’s wrong with my gotv recorder not carry all the channels ooo

  89. ajayi sunday ayomide

    ajayi : kindly help me on my subscription , money deducted decoder not working
    iuc : 7023932229

  90. obaretin

    pls I need ur help I subscribe 1900 since yesterday isn’t working how can I active it help me pls 7023983034 that is my iuc number


    I have upgraded to N1900 GoTV plus plan; money deducted but decoder yet to be activated. My IUC Number is 2021922282. Kindly help.

  92. Stanley Emeka Akara

    Please kindly reset 4622503686 Stanley Emeka Akara thanks

  93. Paul

    Pls i made a subscription of 1900 to this IUC number 2020895942 but i have not been reconntected.

  94. Marcellus eze

    my gotv is working and recharged it 2 days ago 4613137412

  95. Emmanuel adigwe

    I made payment of gotvplus with 1900 on the 18/6/2018 since 9am buh still not showing till now my ICU number is 4623468427

  96. ojeabuo

    my sport channels are not showing
    how do i do it

  97. Ekpokpobe

    I made payment of 1900 pls kindly assist me in change my to change gotv plus here is my IUC NO 4613810132

  98. vincent bassey

    Hi I just made payment of 1900 on my gotv but is not yet activated! acct num. 4622429762 please can it be activated. thank you.

  99. I subscribed on my gotv not working Pls help 4613944029


    Dear Gotv,

    I made payment for Gotv plus1900 yesterday 09-06-2018 and is not showing all the channel station,such as;all Gotv select sports and other statios like that.please kindly assist me to solve the problem any time from is my name: MOMOH SAMUEL and my IUC number : 4620982194. my phone number : 08140560827.Thanks for doing that for me.

  101. Ukpur A Joseph

    Ukpur Aondongu Joseph
    I made payment of 1900 just about two hours ago,but cannot access any channel,that my package has been degrade. That information still runs that my subscription has expired.

  102. Vincent Otutu

    I subscribe my Gotv around 9.30am today (5th June,2018) till now is not yet working. IUC No. 7016577153, my phone no. 08066232484

  103. Abdul

    HI I paid #1250 but no signal in my TV screen what is going on with my decoder

  104. George precious c

    Please I recharged for Gotv lite since yesterday but the channels are not showing rather the error message I get is “your account has been suspended” what do I do my Iuc no is 2019468268 tanx.


    My gotv account got suspended nd i have been trying to get it reconnected…i made payments on the 18th of may 2018…this is my IUC number:2021789080…..pls help me

  106. Jatau Aaron

    Jatau Aaron
    I made payment yesterday but is not active why

  107. Musa Ajibade

    I made payment for Gotv subscription today on quickteller, but is yet to be activated. Please assist

  108. Arinlade

    Pls I just subscribed my GOTV on Friday,and the subscription those not show on my GOTV decoder. Pls help me out and solution to IUC no:4622745646

  109. Abiola

    I paid 1250 on 20/04/2018 via banking and no channel is showing, IUC NO 7004969576

  110. Mr Farounbi

    pls i have been trying to remove e16 error code with all other possible ways to clear it…pls kindly help me out.
    IUC number 4601690403

  111. Joesph Smart

    I made payment of#1900 on the 18/04/2018 is not showing please kindly assist here is my uic number 4613401654 07033375021

  112. Samuel Tosin

    I made payment of N1,900 through GTB 3 hours ago from the internet. My IUC No. is 2029014390. Pls kindly reset.

  113. morenikeji

    I subscribed 3000 yesterday at nite from my Bank account and is not working pls reply me

  114. Aondo

    I have make a payment and is not showing, here are my details IUC 2020792247 phone number 07036035940

  115. kolawole abiodun

    please channel 29 is not showing help me clear the error this my iuc number 2021899146

  116. bolade

    have pay for Gotv it’s didn’t show my iuc num 4601794752, my phone num 08063869445

  117. skippo

    So with this total number of users complaining how they paid and didn’t get activated on time is not enough for you guys at DSTV/GOTV to buckle up with your service? When on earth will little things like TV, telecommunications, etc work properly in Nigeria. I dont want to talk about my own experience because na swear I go swear for all of una.

    1. Tsenongu MatthewmTerungwa

      Same story here I subscribed since seven days now. No result when I call the customer agent he was speaking Yoruba which I am not literate in. 7023563098 is my IUC. Please epp

  118. Oguji Peter

    I have subscribed for gotv lite but no channel is showing yet. Please help me to reset my decoder. My iuc no is :7017654942.thanks.

  119. Israel

    i made payment for 1900 yesterday and his not working please kindly asisit me my iuc 7018736021

  120. Israel

    i made payment for 1900 yesterday and is not working please i need assistant
    this my iuc number 7018736021

  121. Kelvin emeka

    I recharged my gotv through my bank and its not working, my iuc number is4601540954 please its almost a month help me to find out why

  122. david Solomon

    I have made payment two days ago but this E16 error code is not allowing view any of the channels please help me clear it here are my details iuc number 4601503579

    1. Bilkisu Ahmed Yakubu

      I made Payment of 2500 yesterday and my Gotv max subscription has not come up, I’ve been calling the customer service line is not going, my IUC number is 2029171545

  123. Adewale eniola

    Made payment since morning for 1250 and it’s nt showing.pls kindly assist me,my iuc no 4622402724

  124. egar victoria

    gotv why are the like dis nah I did my sub on the 28th now it refuse to show u people should really work on urself o iuc 7018724730 I did sub of 1900 with my back app

  125. David

    Error E16 showing after payment dated 2/3/2018
    IUC 2009384397 me reset. Thank you.

  126. Please help me clear error code 2029204122

  127. kehinde adeyemi

    I have payment of 1900,the E16 is not clear, please can you reset it for me, my iuc no 2005156126.Thanks.

  128. Chidi chukwuma

    Pls reset iuc number 2016065531 to gotv max as payment of 3800 ….name chukwuma ….. Mobile number 08032549938

  129. Quadri

    Made payment of 1900 my iuc no is 2004490095 pls help me oooooooo

  130. Igwilo Emmanuella

    I subscribed my gotv via my diamond bank mobile application on my phone and made a payment of #1900 twice this month,while have received the debit alert from my bank and payment confirmation from gotv, yet my the channels have refuse to show. Here is my IUC number 4622955378.
    Your quick response to rectify this issue will be highly appreciated as I have tried your initial reset troubleshooting code (4688) with all efforts proven abortive

    1. zico

      pls how do I recharge my gotv with diamond bank acc

  131. Comfort

    My name is comfort from Lagos state I did my gotv sub today February 13th 2018 unfortunately I made a mistake while typing my iuc no (202901946l)instead of(2029019462) when I wanted to do my 2000 naira sub pls I need help and replies

    1. chima

      they should know its not you while paying
      didnt you give them your name tooo

  132. Akinbola Toyin

    I am having problems with my gotv plus decoder.I recharged yesterday, 10th Feb and cannot access any channel.I pressed the menu botton and installation. Now,the decoder is registered on first time installation. How can I go back to menu from there?Please help…

    1. Adetimilehin

      i subscribed #1250 using my first bank account two weeks ago my iuc number is 2022267151

  133. Isiaka Ajide

    i hav a gotv decoder and i recharged today but tge channel didn’t show and d person that recharged for me gave me only a receipt

  134. Igwilo Emmanuella

    I subscribed my GOtv account through my diamond mobile account since four days ago and i was debited,but up till now nothing is showing, plz do something about it. My iuc number is 4622955378

    1. Oyewo

      Just make payment online iuc number 7017768757 but not coming up… Help me do something fast.

  135. Igwilo Emmanuella

    I subscribed my GOtv through my diamond mobile app,i was debited since four days ago and up till now is still not showing. Plz help me do something about it. My iuc number is 4622955378

  136. Daniel akobueze

    My name is Daniel akobueze I base in awka, anambra state. I hv gotv decorder that i bought since 2016 from one OWOH with iuc number: 2022485566 n i HV been recharging #500 every month n d last recharge was in November, 2017 which expired in December, 2017. Pls i want to change d name from OWOH to DANIEL AKOBUEZE (SURNAME:AKOBUEZE) n phone number to bear 08027071002

  137. Adewuni festus o

    I make a payment on my gotv plus since yesterday and it didn’t show.iuc no 7017536463.

  138. Hammed Rasheed

    please , I was on gotv value before i pay for gotv plu plan. Since then i have not been able to access it. My IUC number is 2022206429.

  139. Please resolve my gotv decoder iuc 4623106434

  140. I subscribe twice and my gotv decoder is not showing, kindly solve it

  141. omikunle

    pls help me clear the error code on my decoder with iuc 2020611857

  142. afolayanjoshua

    i made a payment to my gotv decoder 1250 on friday 19 january 2018 up till now my decoder is not responding please help me find solution to it my iuc number is 2020627097

  143. agbons

    made a payment for 1900 on sunday jan 14 2018 time was 8:23pm and is not showing,please kindly is my iuc number…….2028725874


    I am ODEBUNMI OLUWAKEMI OMOTAYO, with decoder registration no 4622721909.i made subscription worth 1900 through diamond bank application on my gotv accountthis morning but yet to be activated. Pls activate it now. THE PAYMENT ref numberS are :103DB1515745212051919872/Bill my GSM no:is 08038546190

  145. Ebuk

    Pls, I need help here. I subscribed my Gotv to GoPlus earlier today and the 24 channels I had initially is still showing no new channel was added. Pls what should I do?

  146. Asuquo Nelson

    l have made payment since yesterday I can’t make use of it Wht appen to it nah. my luc is 2029118682

  147. Adeleke Tayo

    I made payment for GoTV plus bouquet, the payment was a success but not all the channels are showing. please kindly fix this. My IUC no. 4613080897

  148. Adeleke Tayo

    I made payment for GoTV plus bouquet, the payment was a success but not all the channels are showing. Please kindly fix this. thank you. my IUC No. 4613080897

  149. Toyo

    I made a payment of 1250 today but I reset my decoder, but since their my decoder get service pls help me. Is my icy numberbnumber 2004341380

  150. Harry

    Kindly reset the account-2028886983. Thanks

  151. Amaka

    I recharge my GOTV yesterday, up to this moment is not still showing any thing. My iuc 2029167731

  152. Ransom

    I subscribed my gotv with N1900 today being 26-12-17 but it keep showing E16 error, please “reset” my gotv, here’s my iuc no. “reset 4621017309”. Thank you.

  153. Ajiwoye

    Please I subscribe to my gotv with my uba mobile app since 19th December 2017 up till now is still showing error please I will appreciate u helping me out on this IUC no 2028554418

  154. goodness okorie

    good morning. I pay for my gotv subscription on sat 23rd of this month , my Iuc ‭no is 2015998851‬ am yet to get signal have try checking d cable yet is not coming up.

  155. susan

    please, help me Reset my Gotv with the number 4601676868. i’ve made payment since through my UBA acct and the channels are not working

  156. Adesina muritala owolabi

    i made a subscription on my gotv on 22/12/2017 it was not showing up till now.Kindly help to clear the error code 16 this is my iuc no 4601508959

  157. elusie

    just subscribed but the channels are not iuc no is2028703795

  158. Kabiru

    Dear Sir/Ma,
    I make payment of my Gotv Decoder with IUC NO 2004299071 Gotvmax packages since Saturday night but to my surprise till this very morning the payment is yet to be active on my Decoder, while have tried all possible best to fix it but it’s not coming up.please I really need someone to do something very fast about this.
    Thanks in Anticipation,


    I made my payment yesterday in order to avoid discconection,i paid through interswith up till now we can see anything to watch. My iuc number are 2021773518.I paid 3,900.

  160. Johnson

    I subscribe my decorder from my bank account (diamond) using zoto app and was confirmed to me that was successful, since on the 11-12-2017 at 10: 45 up till now its not working, pls help me, this is my iuc 4613100021


    I made a payment of 1250 via First Bank mobile since 5/12/2017 and till now my Gotv is still showing error, pls help me my iuc no is 2005141118

    1. Anonymous

      Has it been resolved now?


    I made a payment of 1250 via my First Bank mobile since 5/12/1017 and up till now my Gotv has not been activated. pls help me. my iuc no is 2005141118

  163. Munnir Abdullahi

    My gotv decorder has been blocked shortly after my subcrption at champion electronics my IUC No is 4622596815 , plz help mi n unblock it

  164. idowu oladuni

    i made payment trrow paga and notingg is showing on my screen here,4620940284

    1. Johnson

      I subscribe my decorder from my bank account (diamond) using zoto app and was confirmed to me that was successful, since on the 11-12-2017 at 10: 45 up till now its not working, pls help me, this is my iuc 4613100021

  165. Oriakhi

    Please,i recharge my gotv via skye bank mobile,for like 4 to 5 days now

  166. Omare Samuel

    I recharge my gotv with #1,900 since 21/11/2017 till this moment it’s showing E16 error code, my IUC No is 2028824974, please kindly fix. I try all I could do to no avail.

  167. Omare Samuel

    I recharge my gotv since 21/11/2017 till this moment I cannot clear the error code, please fix it for me

  168. Akindele Abayomi E

    i made a payment 3,800 for my gotv subscription since yesterday night 21/11/2017 through the usual for the new gotv-max , up till now is still not showing only displaying scrabbled message and e-16 error .

    My decoder number is 2022216446.

  169. Joseph

    I subscribed through my internet banking GTB to be precise, but I can’t clear E16 error. Please help me this is my number 2028879364

  170. Awaye Olusegun Adefunso

    I made payment of #1900 on Friday 10th November,2017 my gotv is not showing since the payment has made on 10th November 2017. My IUC number is 4623855907 kindly find a lasting solution to my gotv to show. Thanks

  171. ifeyomi

    Pls I subscribe my gotv today i can’t access to any channel and the payment (gotv no 4613361726)confirmation number 11610197

  172. Kate

    i haven’t used my Gotv for sometime so I recharged my Gotv on Sunday 30th of October using uba mobile app. my account was debited but the gotv Still indicates “sw not available “..

  173. Grace Mbang

    My IUC is 7013540536 please activate my gotv for me…

  174. ogamba

    made payment of 1900 through diamond mobile app for gotv on 14/10/2017 but service wasnt restored and i’ve been debited heres my iuc 4622541286….pls help

  175. Mohammed

    We payed into gotv account and did not see the feedback

  176. senamifemi

    subscribed for d one of 1250 and its telling me I have a balance of 650 to pay.he do I go about it

  177. Daniel Damilare J.

    Reset my Gotv 4601776142

  178. Daniel D J

    Please reset my gotv account as many of the channels do not show. My iuc is 4601776142

  179. adaku

    I subscribe through my Fcmb account on Sunday 1st Oct 2017, my gotv is not displaying even after subscription n the money have been debited in my account.

  180. adaku

    I made subscription on Sunday till date my gotv is not showing,my iuc 4613534446 it was made through my Fcmb account

  181. adaku

    I made a subscription on Sunday through my Fcmb account till now nothing is showing .my iuc number is 4613534446

  182. sulaimon ridwan

    Hello, i made payment online via gtbank since 03/10/17, till this moment my gotv is not coming up, i contacted gtbank i was told gotv was contacted and confirmed that my acct has been credited but till this moment the error code has not clear.

  183. Debo Adebayo

    I made payment for 1900 on 05/10/2017 and its not showing, please kindly help me expedite is my iuc number….2029152462

  184. Mary

    I made payment on 1/10/2017 to IUC No. 2028983775, it’s still telling me my subscription has expired up till this moment.
    I called the customer service line and the lady who spoke with me on 2/10/17 said the system is down but she will resolve the issue once the system is up and running. I still am yet to get value for the payment of N1900 I made. kindly resolve ASAP please

  185. M. Okoh

    I made payment of N1900 on 3/10/2017and not it is not showing,I also receive sms from GOther of outstanding bal of N63.00 to extend viewing experience. What is this charge for?
    iuc no 4623694894


    i made payment on 03/10/2017 into my IUC number’ 2022057520 and it was told me that

  187. Muhis adewale

    I recharge my Gotv via my banking app and it not activated pls help me my account is Muhis Adewale 2016095268

  188. tunji

    i madw payment via UBA mobile banking app 02/10/2017 since in they afternoon upto nw my account as nt been being activated is really pissin mi off IUC 2029125985

  189. lukman abdulbasit

    I subscribe my gotv on Saturday but not yet working ooo abeg help me do am ooo because am tired of this your stupid things ooo my iuc number is 4622540157

  190. Fategbe

    I made payment on 28/09/2017 to my IUC No. 2020753413 and yet the thing is telling me “your subscription has expired”

  191. Adeagbo Oluwale

    I used my Gotv decoder for a long time I guess 2015 bcos I was not around just came back to the country last August and since then I have been trying my best to get back on channels but not working. I was even told to I go to Ikeja office but still busy seriously only Sunday I have please kindly help me on it,thanks so much. Adeagbo Oluwale Adekunle IUC 2003648248.

  192. Abubakar A Abdullahi

    i made payment of 1300 and its only gotvlite dat are showing, pls help me dis is my iuc number 2028981468

    1. Salam Oluwatosin

      Pls help me to reconnect my acct. Iuc no is 7023873173

  193. Adewole

    I made payment via GTbank mobile banking app yesterday but it hasn’t being activated up till now. 4620820173 that’s my IUC code. Thanks

  194. Gbemisola Adekola

    Good Morning, please i made payment of 1900 for gotv number 4620815281 subscribe by quick teller services last night but not showing. kindly assist thanks.

    1. Micheal Ubochi

      Please reset my gotv as it is not coming up IUC Number is 4620868796

  195. anita egega

    i made payment for gotv plus (#1900) through the quickteller platform on the 31st of august 2017 and am getting just 23 channels instead of 57. my iuc number is 2028897868, please help..thank you

  196. Grace

    Hello I made a payment to my GoTv subscription this morning 03/0917 yet I can’t clear the error codes both online and on my mobile phone.. Kindly assist please 2028992788

  197. Nana Hauwa

    Hi, I made payment last night but its still not showing. Here’s my iuc number 4620994993. Please help me rectify it. Thanks.

  198. Doris

    I subscribed to gotv plus (#1900) via mobile banking but nothing is showing IUC number is 2028989347

  199. Godswill

    i did my sub but the stations are not coming up
    iuc 4613590346

  200. Akinwumi micheal

    I nade payment for 1900 on the 26/08/2017 and Its not showing, pelase Kindly assist. Here is my iuc no 2005099767

  201. kisakye

    If i pay my gotv before its done will it show wen it is done or i ve to wait for it to get done then i pay. In otherwards can i pay before my subscription is done

  202. Adekunle

    please help to activate and clear the E16 error code on my decoder. av tried all the available methods and yet nothing is showing just the annoying E16. I made a payment of 2k
    4613629449( Nigeria)

  203. Lawrence

    I made payment of 1,350 for Gotv value via GT internet banking yesterday; 21/08/17 and up till now, it is not working. Kindly assist please. My IUC number is; 4601814233

  204. Ipalibo

    Paid 2200 in the hope of having my Gotv 1900 package come up. Yet no signals. I’ve sent the RESET 4613111783 to 4688, but it’s still a no-show. Kindly please help. I paid in 1800, then on realising it should have been 1900, I did another Payment of 400. There’s no 1900 on the outdated umobile app I have on my phone. The new app refused to upload to my phone

  205. Oladipo olatunde

    Hello Please am totally confused about your sales, i paid for the renewal of my gotv yesterday via quick teller still its not working till now, my iuc number is 4613035780

  206. akinwale sikiru

    I made my subscription this morning but it wasn’t showing anything yet,my ICU number is 4613295615.

  207. Risikat Anifowoshe

    pls I just subscribe on my gotv with 1900 but nothing is showing yet and have call the customer care tired this is my iuc number 2009399107

  208. ogundolie babatunde

    please i just made a payment of 1,900 naira via my access mobile application and 2000 naira was deducted and nothing is showing up till now.. please help me . here is my iuc number 4613885520. thanks

  209. lateef yinka

    i pay my gotv earlier this moring but it has not come up,so please i need assistance on this one 4623363238

  210. lateef yinka

    I make my gotv payment earlier today till this evening its has not come up pleases i need assistance please 4623363238

  211. Happiness

    I made payment since yesterday 1800 but is not showing pls assist my iuc number 2028861263 21/07/2017

  212. Adams

    Pls I make payment yesterday evening 1250 till now nothing was showing iuc no 2019513661

  213. Chinelo

    I made payment via quickteller yet nothing is showing,my uic no is 4601769825,thanks

  214. Salami jamiu o

    Good and God bless please I made payment of 1800 through my mobile banking since yesterday my decoder couldnt find network please help me my iuc is 4622474693

  215. Nelson Mgeni

    I paid earlier today, but haven’t been activated, yet. Please help. IUC number : 4623933527

  216. Aminu kago

    I made payment of my gotv true my fidelity bank account they charge me #2020 still yet nothing is showing here is my iuc no, {2017086928} my name AMINU KAGO pls am waitin for u people thanks. 28/06/2017

  217. Chipiliro chione

    I have made payment yesterday inMalawi but E16 is still showing. Please assist my IUC number is 4624129674

  218. adebayo

    made payment of 3100 on the 06 14 2007 nothing is showing up till now kimdly pls help me out iuc number .. 2009430801

  219. senbadejo Olawale

    I made a payment for gotv lite obut it is not showing.please I don’t know how to go about it, made I need to change banquet or not, please help me, this is my iuc no 4622506632,fone is 08052157711,I did the subscription on 14 June 2017.please help as soon as possible

    1. senbadejo Olawale

      I paid 1250

  220. mr peter

    Mr peter „i real payment to my GoTv is not work pls us.IUC number 2017435568

  221. Tolu Awodele

    I subscribed to my gotv 1350 through my bank app on the 8-06-17 my iuc number is 2021897247 and my govt is not yet working pls do something about it

  222. Emma

    Please help and check my go TV account I made a payment on Saturday 3/6/2017 but is not showing please I need help.

  223. Emma

    Please I made a payment of #1250 on Saturday 3/6/2017 with my mobile banking and it has not been showed please what do I do,my iuc number is 2029159941

  224. Glory

    please i made a payment of 1350 on saturday with my access bank online app and its still showing E16.. here is my iuc no 2029079183

  225. Glory

    Good morning, i made a payment of 1350 on saturday evening with Access bank app, and uptil now its still showing E16. here is my Iuc NO 2029079183

  226. emeka ogu

    Good evening gotv
    I made a transfer from my firstbank account for subscribing my decoder, on 27/05/17 about 20:35 hours uptil now the channels has not come up.
    These is my IUC: 4622741448.Thanks

  227. Fatai

    Good p.m admin…pls help me reset my gotv decoder. I recharge #1250 but not showing yet..iuc number is 2028863334. Thanks in anticipation

  228. Adekemi Akinkunmi

    I have subscribed since May 24th and all the channels are not showing I was in a Gotv office yesterday I complain but is still the same pls do something about it. 4623220774

  229. Ify karen

    I made payment for gotv plus yesterday 25-05-2017 but its not showing the channels..pls this is my iuc number 4613389055.thanks

  230. Charles festus

    I recharge on Saturday 13th may 2017 but the GOtv just stop showing now pls Kindly reactivate it for is my IUC no 2016107104

  231. Charles festus

    I recharge on Saturday 13th may 2017 but the GOtv just stop showing now pls Kinsly reactivate it for is my IUC no 2016107104


    Good morning Team,
    I renewed my subscription of N1900 on the 12-05-2017but cannot access any channel.
    kindly assist to resolve-IUC 4613443317
    Moreso, we misplaced our decoder CARD,how can you be of assistance.
    Thank you

  233. Mr, Ogaga Efe

    Pls, admin i made payment of #1800 on the 04/05/2017 & it’s not showing pls admin help IUC Number is 4601502705 tnks for your assistance.

  234. Abiola. A

    pls i made payment and still not working IUC number 2020875265

  235. Temitope Johnson

    Am temitope Johnson i made payment of 1800 on Monday and its not loading, please kindly assist. Here is my iuc number 4623175106.

  236. Fashoro abiola olufunke

    I subscribed on 28th of April as at 7:43pm through my diamond account and nothing is showing up till now my IUC number is 2017097004

    1. Ogbemudia Igho

      I made payment on 9/5/17 using zenith mobile code.when I checked the money online it is reflecting in my account but am finding it difficult to change a package and subscribe. I was initially using gotv plus package I want to change it to gotv lite package how do I go about this pls.1UC 4613565918

  237. ayoade

    made payment for IuC 2019530864 not displaying since 3 days ago

  238. Nkiru

    Please help me so something. Iuc-2015979527. Recharge on 18/4/17. Nothing is showing.

  239. usman aishat

    I did account transfer on 18th April 2017 and its still not showing any channels. IUC 4620973884

    1. Fashoro abiola olufunke

      I subscribed on the 28th of April as at 7:43pm through my diamond account and nothing is showing up till now my IUC number is 2017097004

  240. akintiibe

    i’ve made payment now going to 2 weeks but still showing E16 error..and the money had been deducted from my acc…first bank QUICK TELLER
    my IUC NO:4622451853

  241. Andu kafayat

    I paid on Tuesday and it’s nt showing up till now IUC no 2019234013

    1. Patrick otabor

      My name is Patrick I renewed my govt decoder on 16/feb/2018 And ip till now it’s still not working my icu no is(7017679309)pls I need answers now

    2. Patrick otabor

      My name is Patrick I renewed my govt decoder on 16/feb/2018 And up till now it’s still not working my icu no is(7017679309)pls I need answers now

    3. Patrick otabor

      My name is Patrick I renewed my gotv decoder on 16/feb/2018 And up till now it’s still not working my icu no is(7017679309)pls I need answers now

  242. Joseph

    made payment through diamond bank and e16 is still on,my iuc number is :4620921656

  243. Chris Ossai

    I just paid my gotv subscription and its not showing my iuc 4613616000

  244. sola alabi

    Sola with IUC number 4613667601 made a payment of 1800 on the friday 31st march 2017 after a call was made to me by gotv that petrol promo was on and that i will automatically be credited with N500 recharge. Up till now, No recharge was credited to me and some stations were even not showing especially africa magic. Pls get something done asap

    1. sola alabi

      something similar happened in Dec 2016 that i would get bottle of vegetable oil after a timely subscription, but nothing was given

  245. onyema john

    Hello i paid today still nothing showing IUC number 4613341476

  246. STEPHEN

    4601849425 STEPHEN by name.I subscribed yesterday 01/04/2017 but still experiencing e16. pls, help me to fixed it.

  247. Eneh roseline

    my iuc 4622575585 i paid since three days ago until now my gotv have not be activated

    1. Stanley

      Good morning I paid my gotv yesterday and now it stop showing please I need it to be working

  248. Ndidi onwuka

    Pls i recharge my gotv on 23 Feb. 2017 my iuc number is 4601818830 but it was not showing any channel till after 2 weeks of subscription even before it started showing the gotv office in kaduna ask me to come with the decoder and they work on it and having use the decoder for 2 weeks you people are telling me that my subscription has expire it fair? Whereas i am a victim of ur February system upgrading pls assist me and clear this error code on my screen else i change my mind towards ur network i beg

  249. Franca onwuka

    Pls i recharge my gotv on 23 Feb. 2017 my iuc number is 4601818830 but it was not showing any channel till after 2 weeks of subscription even before it started showing the gotv office in kaduna ask me to come with the decoder and they work on it and having use the decoder for 2 weeks you people are telling me that my subscription has expire it fair? Whereas i am a victim of ur February system upgrading pls assist me and clear this error code on my screen else i change my mind towards ur network i beg

  250. Sharon

    I subscribed to gotv lite since last week Thursday ,my account have been debited yet no single channel showing. I have called the customer care endlessly,tried all the options available on line all to no avail. I don’t know why you have to keep calling us to subscribe when you know you are inefficient.This is my Iuc no 2022093097.

  251. Funmi praise anyanwu

    I just paid on my mobile banking for gotv 1200 and is not showing Iuc2019311095

  252. Hamzat osenat

    Pls I made payment on my Gotv yet still showing e16 error pls hlp iuc no 4613457194

  253. Dayo Adesanya

    I’ve subscribe my Gotv since 20 of gen 2017, done reset yet no channels is opening.

    IUC no: 4613381537

  254. Ojedele comfort olusola

    I made payment since last week, but I have not been able to make use of it, it is d same error code e16 my Iuc num is 4622849694 pls here me reset it.

  255. Ojedele comfort olusola

    I made payment since last week but its still showing E16 error code since last week, please abeg clear d error is my Iuc number 4622849694.i made payment for 1800 through a gotv agent close to me.

  256. Mrs B

    I made payment on 09 of match in d morning up till now is showing E16 error code my account number is 4601611674 the a. Amount paid is 1800 naira


    I made payment today 5/3/2017, through my skybank App and the money was deducted from my account, and no services found pls kindly assist me out of the mess, this is my iuc number 4613837261

  258. azeez j.o

    av subscribed since 4th of March but not yet showing true my keystone bank acct,pls assist me.I U C number 2005138648 tanks

  259. Demond

    Please help Clear the Error message on my decoder I paid since 10:00am this morning but still the error is showing E16 I Sent RESET 4601578826 and no luck I even try clearing the E16 Via Online but to no avail

  260. onuoha benneth

    I paid since 15th and Uptil now is telling me my subscription has nt been came up yesterday night bt dis morning it went back to writing the same really unfair nt to enjoy wat u pay for.I have called ur customer care more than 4times bt they are nt helping atall. IUC number 2018596713.benneth from port-harcourt

  261. Yemzie

    I made a 1800 payment for my gotv and it is still showing error code or upgrade gotv bouquet. I tried resetting it online and through sms. Can Some one help me out

  262. Abaniwonda Adeleke

    Kindly help me to activate my Gotv plus with IUC no 2009565986. I hv subscribed for some hours now but not working yet

  263. Alimi Mistura

    I made payment of #1,800 on 19th of February 2017 but it’s still showing error16 despite the fact that i have done everything neccesary. So, kindly help. My IUC number is 2020786836.
    Thank you.

  264. Anuku favour

    I recharged my gotv today up till now is not working Iuc 2022257872

  265. Eddie

    I bought gotv yesterday and it wasn’t showing the channel when I got home… it was showing this….. E017-0: the decoder is not enabled for this channel please contact the Gotv call centre for assistance… please what should I do

  266. Olanite

    I have made payment since 7th Feb 2017 but, have no access or activation till now!!!!! Please , do something now.IUC:2020865323.

  267. Afolabi Anthony

    I subscribed four days ago up till now it’s not showing old kindly help my iuc number is 2016054021

  268. ifeadikachukw

    I just bought a gotv decoder of #7900 and it has not been activa

  269. christian ugwuegbulem

    Please i made payment of #1800 on 31st january 2017 but until now is showing e-16 error payment expired. My iuc is 4613443735
    Kindly assist

  270. Omojola Olusola Ayokunle

    I made payment since on the 26 of January 2017 up till now its not working, all it shows it E16.Please kindly help, my IUC 2021850204. Thanks

  271. Omojola Olusola Ayokunle

    I subscribed since on the 26 of January 2017 up till now is not working,all it shows is E16, my iuc 2021850204. kindly help me out, its furstrating.Thanks

  272. Oluwasheyi

    Pls I have subscribe my gotv since yesterday night, and up till now he haven’t show, Pls help me solve the problem,,,, my iuc no 2021790770

  273. joel

    I subscribed and it’s not working yet. I’ll appreciate if you help
    Please my iuc number is 2004409131


    1. akintiibe

      have made payment now going to 2 weeks…but still showing E16 error…my IUC no…4622451853…incase u can help

  274. Ajileye J.

    I have paid a month subscription for Gotv(1200) and was debited in my uba account. Its now four days, I can’t access any channels. Calls to customer care do not connect endlessly. I am sick and tired of this Gotv. Its so frustrating. Vendors beside first bank ojok, ibadan claim they can’t help. What will I do pls. My IUC no is 2018894686.
    From Ibadan.

    1. Ajileye J.

      My payment was done on the 19th Jan, 2017. Via U-mobile…uba acct. Today is 23rd Jan, 2017. Yet I can’t access. any channels.
      IUC is 2018894686. I have sent Reset ‘my IUC’ to 4688, I have visited gotv eazy self service to input details and captcha all has failed countless times. Pls help resolve this because its so annoying. Thanks.

      1. Ajileye J.

        Equally I have called customer care line. It either didn’t connect or when it connected once the computer was doing adverts for close to an hour without any response from customer care unit. Its so disappointing. My IUC is 2018894686. Pls do something pls

  275. Irefin Joshua Rotimi

    I subscribed for my gotv (gotv plus) yesterday 19th January, 2017. uptill this moment it has not been activated and the sum of #1,900 has been deducted already from my account (GTB internet banking) Quick Teller. my IUC number is 4613736258. Kindly assist. Regards.

  276. Okey

    I paid for my gotv since morning through my diamond mobile app and uptill now, its still showing me scrambled channels, pls help me out, my iuche no is 4622621315

  277. peter

    I subscribed my gotv last night ND I have bin debited for the transaction but its not working. IUC 4613221746


    I made payement for my Gotv 1200 naira today around 6 PM please assist me to reset my best tv.Here is my IUC Number 4601485395.Thank you in advance for kindness

  279. Adebayo Ogunbade olagoke

    Have pay since 4pm and is not showing this is my ius 4601893052.pls help me out

  280. Michael

    Hello gudafternoon my name is michael I have made payment of #1800 naira but my gotv has not been activated my iuc no is 2009553449

  281. michael

    hello gudafternoon this mr michael i paid #1800 for my gotv subscription but till now my gotv has not been activated my iuc no is 2009553449 thank you

  282. Ogbozor kenechukwu

    I payed for my gotv since 9am through Mobile app but nothing is iuc number is 4601830928.

  283. Akinjide ER

    I have paid since two days ago for 2month subscription from my first bank account in which I received the receipt of the payment from 20220.My IUC number is:2019361881.All effort to access the channels prove abortive, please bail me out

  284. eneh nkiru

    I subscribed using first bank first mobile, I only received REF number,up till now my Gotv have not be activated.please an answer is needed.

  285. Alausa

    made payment on nov 28 2016 and some channels are not showing plz help me to rectify it my icu num x 4613746969

  286. udeh imelda

    I made online payment of 1800 around 5:30pm today but still not showing am not happy with the services. my iuc number 2022175422 please rectify this problem. Thanks

  287. owoyemi Matthew

    I have made a payment of 1200 on 17th of Octobe d activation was working but as at yesterday is not working. My iuc no,2022210733 what happen?

  288. emomotimi newman

    i made payment of 600 yesterday 17 of October the channel came up and this morning non of the channel is on pls help me. my iuc is 2028708876

  289. franca

    Hello I made payment of 1800 yesterday 27 September till now my decoder is still not activated ,honestly am not
    happy with your services.

  290. ademoye

    av subscribe but only few channels are displaying..pls help reset especially events and iuc no is 4613795323

  291. ademoye

    av subscribe but only few channels are there pls help us to reset (expecially events and kunfu).

  292. funmi

    I have paid since last night I have not seen any channel pls help.
    My iuc no is 4613272282

  293. Gideon

    I relocated from minna to Nnewi with my gotv and installed it and I subscribed on 10 of sept but since then I can’t get access to it,its been telling me after scanning no channel found E32-42 error that I should press OK for signal information I did so but the quality and strength is 0% what do I do my IUC number is 2022154352

  294. Philip Friday

    Please my gotv is just displaying only two free stations and am on subscription. I don’t know what to do. My IUC num is 4613029359

  295. John

    I made payment on the 10th .my gotv is nt Iuc num is 2020732351


    I made payment since 8 September and up till now my account has not been activated and i have been trying all available means to connect but no avail.pls govt kindly connect my me iuc number is 2019345262

  297. Taofeek

    have pay since yesterday night I cannot watching anything why.

  298. Edet, Nkereuwem

    I have made payment and cannot clear the error code. All the options I have applied but still the error is still not cleared, please what should I do next cos my children are disturbing me

    1. If it takes longer than 24hours and the reset code does not restore viewing then do contact gotv.

      1. Mrs B

        I made payment since 09/3/17
        Till now is showing E16 error code my iuc number is 4601611674. Kindly reset it.
        Amount paid is 1800 through FCMB tranafer

      2. Izuchukwu

        I make payment of 2500 on 7-3-2019 on my gotv 2028830506 the next message I received from gotv is that Iam suspend

      3. Onyeka Ono

        I subscribed 3200 in my gotv and is not showing please my IUC 7023975098

  299. Davido kaburuk

    How do I clear E16 or E32 after I had made payment . My iuc number is 4613424951.Davido.kaburuk. From jos

    1. AJEGBA

      Made payment for 1800 on the 10 01 2017 and its not showing, please kindly assist. Here is my iuc number…2018864993

      1. Emmanuel

        I watched my gotv yesterday but 2day it showed e16 and i followed d instructions given
        They sent me a number to call but its saying d number doesnot exist iuc no is 7018778359

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