Tayo Sobola: Biography, Age, Movies, Family & Career


Tayo Sobola is a Nigerian actress, movie producer, philanthropist and entrepreneur. She is popularly called Sotayo Ogaga.

The actress is quite talented and her acting prowess has endeared her to many and made her popular.

Also, Sotayo is the founder of Clean Stitches, a clothing line she launched in 2018. She is also into the sales of cosmetic products and she has an online store where her products are sold. One of her foremost products is Lip Stain, a novel shade of lipstick.

Tayo Sobola: Biography, Age, Movies, Family & Career

According to the actress and business owner, she spent over a year designing the products on Clean Stitches as she had to test run them repeatedly. Also, Lip Stain was test ran for 3 months before she launched.

Her passion for fashion design was responsible for the launch of her clothing line.

In this post, we take a look at the life of Tayo Sobola which entails her early life, the movies she has featured in as well as her family and career

Early years

Sotayo revealed in an interview that she grew up in a polygamous family. The actress was born on December 28, 1985. Her mother was a Muslim while her father was a Christian.

According to the actress, she stayed with my mom during her early years and her mother was quite strict and overprotective of her as she was never allowed to mingle and go out. Her mother’s nickname was ‘Thatcher’ due to her strictness. The actress also disclosed that her mother would often tell her to stay put in her room after school hours. She even restricted her from visiting family members and at that time, Sotayo believed her mother was just being wicked. In recent times, she has put paid to those beliefs as she now knows why she did all those things. She also believes that her mother being strict with her has made her a better individual as an adult.

However, her upbringing led to some form of youthful exuberance on her part. At some point, she would sneak out of the house to go for shows. The tipping point of all of this was when somebody brought pictures she took at an event to her house and gave them to her in the presence of her mother.

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Interestingly, the pictures had dates on them and when her mother saw them she was surprised and asked how she was able to be at the events on those days.

When Sotayo started becoming popular, her mother wasn’t exactly impressed as she thought was becoming wayward. This led to quarrels and complaints but that didn’t deter her and all of that is now history as her mother now supports her wholeheartedly.


Sotayo bagged a diploma in Law from Lagos State University before proceeding to the Olabisi Onabanjo University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration.


Sotayo began her journey in the entertainment as a model. She would later try her hands as a vixen in music videos and as a presenter too.  She started acting in English movies before Yoruba movies but now features in both.

The actress initially started acting in the Nollywood English movies but she later moved to the Yoruba movie scene. According to her, she is very comfortable acting English movies as she thinks her English is more fluent and she can act better as an English actress than Yoruba.

Sotayo has acted in scores of movies since her debut. She is also a movie producer. Sotayo recently released the movie, Corper Jide which got her a lot of positive reviews. Interestingly, the actress revealed that it was her experience with sexual harassment that made her produce the movie. and she also revealed that Corper Jide was one of her most challenging movies till date. According to her, she had to play a character that was unusual for her and as a result, she had to change many things, which was quite challenged for her.

Also, her roles in the movies, Moremi and the Fighting Chance were quite challenging as she had to go to the Ghetto and learn how to speak the ghetto language. Additionally, she had to cut her hair low for the role.

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The actress revealed that she can’t kiss on set although she can play a sex scene as long the real sex is not going to take place.

Some of the movies she has featured in include Idakeji Ife, Egan, Corper Jide, Bella, Arewa Onijogbon among others.


Sotayo revealed in an interview that she is a down-to-earth person and she is also a very free person. According to her, she laughs with everybody and she is quite receptive to people.


Sotayo has several things to say about sex. For instance, she believes sex before marriage is appropriate as it will let you know how good or fertile your partner is. Also, it is part of the process of knowing your partner very well.

Also, Sotayo believes that sex is enjoyed by both men and women although many women pretend and act as if it is evil.

The actress also has a few things to say about sexual harassment. According to her, it happens everywhere even in religious settings. Also, Sotayo revealed that she once experienced it during her early years in the industry. According to her she lost a role in a movie because she refused to date the director of the movie. The incident happened when Sotayo was acting Nollywood English movies.


Sotayo owns some expensive properties in the high brow area of Lagos and there have been speculations that her proceeds from acting isn’t enough to fund the purchase of such asset. The attack responded to the rumours by revealing that she is also a businesswoman apart from being an actress


Sotayo is currently engaged although she has decided not to reveal the identity of her lover.

Awards & Nominations

In 2015, she won City People’s Entertainment Awards for Best New Yoruba Actress Of The Year and was nominated in another category for Most Promising Actress Of The Year.


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