GoTV Subscription: How To Pay

GoTV is a Multichoice owned pay TV service that offers you digital TV stations at a reasonable price. Paying for subscriptions is not really a walk in the park when you always have to walk down to GoTV’s office.

This article would discuss the various payment options for your GoTV subscription without the need to walk down to their office.

1. Paying GoTV Subscription With GoTV SelfService

GoTV self service was developed to help subscribers pay for subscription, activate GoTV, find a dealer and contact customer support.
To pay for your GoTV Subscription with this self service go to

  • Switch on your GoTV Decoder if your subscription has already expired
  • Click on the Pay Link
  • You have the option to pay for your Gotv account or Someones account
  • Select your preferred account
  • Enter your Surname or mobile number in the first field
  • Enter your IUC number and click on Login (The IUC number can be found on your GoTV smartcard or on the red sticker under your decoder)
  • It would take you to a secured page where you can make payment
  • Fill all details as necessary and you are done

Viewing would be restored immediately.

2. Paying GoTV Subscription With QuickTeller

This is actually one of the easiest option as you can do this at the comfort of your home.
To pay your subscription with quick teller follow the steps below:

  • Switch on your GoTV Decoder if your subscription has already expired
  • With your internet enabled computer or mobile phone go to
  • Select the GOtv bouquet of your choice (GoTV, GoTV Plus, GoTV Open, GoTV Mobile)
  • Enter Your Decoder IUC Number (The IUC number can be found on your GoTV smartcard or on the red sticker under your decoder)
  • Enter your Email
  • Enter your Mobile Number
  • Click on Next
  • Fill in the Subscribers name to ensure the IUC number is correct
  • Click on the PAY button

It would redirect you to a secure page to make payment

  • Click on your Debit Card type (Master Card, Visa Card, Verve or Interswitch)
  • Enter Your Card Number, Expiry date and 4 digit pin
  • Click on PAY

Once, the transaction has been completed and your GoTV account is credited, your viewing will be restored in the shortest possible time.

3. Paying GoTV Subscription Through FCMB Bank

Another alternative to paying for your GoTV subscription is paying via any FCMB bank.
A teller is presented to you where you fill in your:

  • Full Name
  • IUC number
  • Phone number

Once deposited your viewing would be restored in a short while.

4. Paying GoTV Subscription with Stanbic Mobile

This is a USSD based form of payment. With Stanbic mobile the customer is required to dial a short code and a menu would be displayed on you phone.

  • Dial *909# on your mobile phone
  • Reply with the number 3 and click on send to register
  • Provide customer information required
  • Complete Registration
  • Visit Mobile Money WAP link on
  • Select Mobile Money
  • Input your number
  • Click on Register and provide your details as required
  • It will then direct you to a GOtv Page on Stanbic Mobile To Pay for GOtv Subscription directly
  • Simply Dial *909*60# to make payment

5. Paying GoTV Subscription With PAGA Mobile

This is also another mobile payment portal, to pay with PAGA Mobile follow the steps below.

  • Go to with an internet enabled phone or computer
  • Select GoTV under the pay bill or merchant option
  • Click on GO
  • Enter your GoTV smart-card number
  • Select your preferred bouquet option
  • Enter the amount
  • Next Enter your personal details (phone no, mobile network, first name, surname)
  • Confirm your transaction on the next page
  • Choose a payment method (pay with your ATM card or log in to your Paga account to pay)
  • Immediately payment is made your viewing would be restored in a short while.

104 thoughts on “GoTV Subscription: How To Pay”

  1. Pls I tried subscribing to my gotv severally and it went only to find out it is in what you people call gotv account..I have up to 7000 naira stuck there… how do I use it to subscribe

    My icy Num is

  2. I am given a N950 promotion payment on Gotv plus yet the listed amounts are not editable. Please how do I make this payment since am unable to edit those amounts.


  3. Paid subscription on quick teller for Gotv value it brought out 1200 but my channels has not been showing, so I called customer care and they said balance is remaining 50naira. I went back to quick teller and couldn’t find 50naira. So how do I balance up for it to show

  4. I made a payment subscription for gotv lite about 3 hours ago, N500 was deducted yet no channel showing.. My icu 4622358848.. Pls kindly activate my gotv. Thx

  5. Sir/Ma, I subscribed on my Gotv decoder on “Thursday 4th day of May, and i have since then unable to view any single station on my decoder. My decoder IUC Number is: 2019159746. My Name Qosim Abdul Gafar Onaolapo from Iseyin, Oyo State. Kindly take a quick step and action on it as it deemed reading. My Phone Number is: 07033561657. thanking in anticipating your quick action.

  6. I subscribed for gotvplus since yesterday 30/4/17 using quick teller but i can’t still view any channels on my gotv. My IUC number is 2005117479. Pls help me fix it.

  7. Last month be march i first subscription with #400 and after few days someone made subscription of #1800. Now i want my subscription of #400 to be reactivated for this month April my iuc no is 4601818830

  8. Pl my subscription is expired and we want to subscribe thru my hubbyz acct buh has no bank app on his fone cuz he hates it and the gotv was registered wit my name. Wot do I do?

  9. pls I subscribe for gotv using RC GOtv Pin IUC to 30333, since yesterday till now I have also send RESET iuc to 4688 many times. but no positive news. pls help out

  10. pls I text RC GOtv pin iuc nd send it to 30333 ,since day before yesterday till now I have nt gotten message nor have my GOtv show d channels I paid for. I have also send RESET iuc to 4688 up to 3times but no positive result. pls help me !!!

  11. I thought of enjoying my Gotv Plus ,listening to International News during this holidays but You scuttled that by scrambling the the stations ,even though my account will expire 16th January 2017. That’s very wicked of a Service Provider like yours.

  12. pls I subscribed for #1800 at d nearest dealer and yet d service is not running, so I cheked my account online and saw that I have a balance of #1800 in my goTV account but my account has been suspended maybe because I have not used it in a while.. so please how do I reactivate?

  13. Hi Vic,
    Happy new year. I’ve got this issue with my GoTV. I just came back from my hometown to find that my 2months subscription had expired. I paid the mandatory N1,800 monthly subscription (on 9th Jan 2016) at the nearest dealer & even though my account is active online (& the inactive red light on decoder is absent), signal does not get to my decoder. Even the GoTV help channel (1st channel) does not show. I know it can’t be from antenna but with no choice left, i had to explore the option of turning the antenna and like i thought, it was in vain.
    What do I do?

  14. I subscribed to gotv paid for gotvplus package via quickteller and I received a confirmation message that my payment was successful for 6 hours now I can’t still access channels and I sent sms to 30333 with my. IUC 4601918662 nothing is done yet please what can I do. Thanks and happy new year

  15. i have tried to remove the error code from my decoder. for days now, they keep telling me they are unable to reset my decoder
    i can’t even subscribe
    i check my account online, they said it is suspended
    what should do.
    please its very urgent

  16. hi, i recharged my gotv with the gotv 1800 recharge card. but i did receive any message. after trying for the second time,it says card has been used. please what am i to do

  17. Your payment methods are very limited and not up to date.
    I will like to make payment by EFT. That is by Internet banking.
    This i can do at any internet cafe direct from my bank.
    To do this I need your banking details (GOTv).

    • Hello Daniel Gud Dey my name is Godspower Njikah Plsss I want Too subscribe my gotv but the problem is that I dnt hve token code I dnt know how possible it I’ll be Pls I need ur help

  18. Thank u so much Vic.I have subscribed the gotv standard instead of gotv plus and its not activated despite d fact dt my antenna is facing the east.This was the same problem i had sometimes ago with this gotv standard.Pls what do I do?

  19. Please i really need to know what going on, i subcribe to my gotv last nite, i made the payment through quickteller and It was successful, my money was deducted from my account and i received the alert, but unfortunately i can’t view any channel right now, have tried all my best……don’t tell me to text RA or Reset and IUC number to anywhere because have done that almost hundred of times…..what the next solution now

  20. Pls i subscribe last night used quickteller d money has bin deducted from my account,recieved message from quickteller confirming d payment and d channels are not showing yet.What should i do?

  21. Tanks alot, dat case is settled, pls I subscribed for gotv plus, n I cn on get 24 channels n zeeworld,cnn n sum odas r not showning since I installed it, wat do I do to get d missing stations

  22. Pls I jst bought my gotv yesterday n afta installing it, I subscribed today wit my access online banking bt I culd nt see any sign of d payment, pls help me

      • Tanks for ur reply, pls I v don it n dere is no response, I still av my 1month free subscription n wnted to subscribe in order to get d free 2mnths, bt I dnt knw if I did it well or dere is oda step b4 d first payment.

        • If i understand you properly you mean your gotv is presently showing and you want to pay an extra month while this one is still active to make it show for 2months.
          If that is what you mean then you have nothing to worry about it shouldn’t expire after the 1st month but if it does you can send the code i gave you to that number. It would come back up unless gotv did not receive your payment.

          • Bt I m bothered bcos dey did nt show any sign of payment, n my momey av been deducted already 4rm my do I confirm dat dey received d payment?

          • Hello Benita,
            You can call gotv on 08039003788 or 012703232 to verify if your payment has reflected in their account.

    • Hello Uko,
      What bouquet did you pay for?
      If you paid the amount correlating with the new subscription price increase then you need to send the Text “RA IUC number” to 30333.
      Example: RA 12345678910 to 30333
      It would be restored.
      If its not then go to the nearest gotv office to verify if the payment was actually successful.

  23. Please I subscribed a week ago to Gotv, and on till now it have not come up for view.
    Kindly help to resolve it.
    Tel No: 08037196463
    IUC No:4613751295
    Pin No.479692447655
    Thank you.


  24. please i have been trying to subscribe my gotv online but it is not working. Tell me what to do.
    Better stil you can help me do it.
    my no 08035633732
    my iuc no 4622510857.

  25. I used a gotvplus recharge to activate my expired gotv account, but couldnt get any pictures. I sent all the info to 30333. Your help is needed to make show.

  26. Trying to re subscribe using my mobile phone credit . dialled a code sent to me by gotv*389# , was able to fill the form but eventually is replying me with I don’t have enough to subscribe with of which I have 1500+ on my phone and I assume subscription is 1500. What will I go. Pls reply.

    • Quite right but the other forms of payment are also easy.
      The major difference is that quick teller have really advertised and that makes so many people understand how it works.

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