Nigerian Idol Registration Form: How to Obtain Yours


The Nigerian Idol registration form is very easy to obtain. The form can be easily downloaded online and filled without any problem. In the event you plan to register but do not know how to go about that, you will be given information on how to go about the registration here.

Nigerian Idol Registration Form: How to Obtain Yours

Nigerian Idol Requirements

In order to be considered eligible for the event, you are expected to be a citizen of Nigeria. You should at least be a permanent resident of Nigeria in order to be able to participate.  You must be eligible for full-time work in Nigeria too.

Aside the above, you are expected to be between 16 and 28 years old as at the time of the registration.  This means you must have been born some 16 to 28 years before you decide on registering for the event.

Anyone who had registered and progressed in any of the previous seasons of West African Idol is not eligible to register for this event.

You are required to be able to demonstrate to the Producer that you do not have any agreement with any of the organizers.  You must not have contract for any talent registration. You must not have any music recording contract. You must not have any agreement that relates to user of your likeness, voice or name.  You must not have any exclusive acting contract too.

How to Register for Nigerian Idol

The registration starts 2 days before the audition. You are required to visit the venue and register within the time designated for that.  You can equally register on the morning of the audition.  You however need to register on time so as not to be too late for the registration.

The registration usually starts by 8 am and it is spread across several cities in Nigeria.  It will continue till early morning of the day of the audition.  The date is usually updated on the Nigerian idol website; you are required to visit the website to get an update of the date.

There is no permanent location for the registration and audition; you can get updated information about such on the website. The website is at  The general locations for the registration are Lagos, Calabar, Enugu, Abuja and Kaduna.

The particular locations in these cities are subject to change; you can get the updated information on the websites provided above.

Nigerian Idol Requirements for Registration

You are required to bring along with you 2 forms of ID on the registration day. The ID should bear evidence of your age and it should show your photograph.  You can bring along your birth certificate or driver’s license.

One person can come along with you to the audition.  The person to accompany you is expected to come down to the registration place along with you so that he/she can be offered seat ticket.  You should not bring any child younger than 5 years of age.

You are required to bring the wristband you were given on the registration day to the location of the audition.  You should never put on any dress that bears designer names to the venue of the audition.




  1. Oyeku oluwaseun
  2. olabiran tofunmi
  3. goodness chinecherem
  4. precious uzoma
  5. Yabrifa Tokoni Ibifaa
  6. Olapeju
  7. Star
  8. sonia
  9. kenny Chris
  10. Stephen Bognet
  11. Samuel Friday
  12. Adegboyega kehinde olanrewaju
  13. Onyeji Onyinye Victoria
  14. sarah
  15. blossomjude
  16. Rita Mmeremikwu
  17. veronica isaiah
  18. Tosin
  19. Kinu Jacob
  20. Austin gift
  21. Sunday
  22. oluwaseun
  23. Sarah monedo
  24. Joy Sharon
  25. Anyanwu Maureen Ugochi
  26. Anyanwu Maureen Ugochi
  27. Sharon Abunumah
  28. Rosemary Benson
  29. Amoke blessing
  30. favour
  31. Ruth Oruama
  32. Ruth Oruama
    • Jackson Igoin waibodei
  33. celin emmanuel
  34. Amadi Gift
  35. francis esther
  36. Chukwuma Lovelyn Ijeoma
  37. Dare Blessed
  38. Micheal
  39. Racheal
  40. fredrick Emmanuel
  41. ogunlade Victoria
  42. ruth philip
  43. gold
  44. success francis
  45. Mathew
  47. aisha
    • Mercy samuel
  49. Nathaniel Chinemerem Jeremiah
  50. iyanda salam
  51. angel covenant
  52. emmanuel
  53. Obakpolor Queen

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