Chinedu Ikedieze: Biography, Career, Movies & More

Popularly called Aki, Chinedu Ikedieze is a Nollywood actor. He was made popular by the movie, Aki na ukwu where he featured alongside Osita Iheme (Pawpaw). It was this movie that brought him to limelight.

After featuring in the popular movie, the two small-sized actors rapidly became a toast of many Nollywood fans as they thrilled millions of Nigerians with their hilarious performances in movies. According to Aki in one interview, Acting is one such activity that many people like to do. Large numbers of people are fascinated by the glamorous world of films. No doubt this field is rewarding but it is one of the hardest areas to break into. Some people are extremely passionate about learning acting and they struggle to do that in every possible manner. While there are several others who have it in their blood or it comes naturally to them.

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In this post, you’ll get to discover some interesting things about Chinedu Ikedieze (Aki) which includes his personal life, his movies and his career as an actor.


Early life and Education

The actor was born on the 12th of December 1977 in Bende, Abia State. The actor attended IMT in Enugu where he bagged a degree in Mass Communications.



Aki has featured in over 200 movies since he debuted as an actor. We’ve highlighted some of these movies below:

  • Spanner (2002)
  • Okwu na uka
  • Aka Gum
  • The Tom and Jerry (2003)
  • The Catechist
  • Show Bobo: The American Boys
  • School Dropouts
  • Pipiro
  • Onunaeyi: Seeds of Bondage
  • Lagos Boys
  • Family Crisis
  • Charge & Bail
  • Back from America
  • ‘am in Love
  • Akpu-Nku
  • Aki na ukwa
  • 2 Rats
  • Spanner Goes to Jail (2004)
  • Not by Height
  • Igbo Made
  • Big Daddies
  • Across the Niger
  • Village Boys (2005)
  • Spoiler
  • Secret Adventure
  • Reggae Boys
  • One Good Turn
  • I Think Twice
  • Final World Cup
  • Colours of Emotion
  • Young Masters (2006)
  • Winning Your Love
  • ‘U’ General
  • Sweet Money
  • Royal Messengers
  • Magic Cap
  • Last Challenge
  • Kadura
  • Jadon
  • Games Men Play
  • Criminal Law
  • Brain Masters
  • Brain Box
  • Boys from Holland
  • Blessed Son
  • Thunder Storm (2007)
  • Stubborn Flies
  • Spirit of a Prophet
  • Powerful Civilian
  • Power as of Old
  • Escape to Destiny
  • Cain & Abel



The actor currently features in the TV series, The Johnson where he play the role of Efetobore Johnson.


Personal life

Chinedu Ikedieze got married to Nneoma in November 2011. They have being married for over 6 years but they are yet to have a child.

As expected the delay in childbearing seems to have caused a conflict between Nneoma and her in-law. Although Nneoma has claimed the she and her husband aren’t ready to start making babies yet, her extended family believes that is far from the truth.

Nneoma is a graduate of the Needlecraft Couture Fashion School and presently runs her own fashion line called Nikiz



The actor revealed that he began acting as a teenager during his secondary school days where he was a member of the school’s dramatic society.

He used to dream of being a doctor or lawyer but that changed once he discovered acting.

After his secondary school education, Aki enrolled at the Institute of Management & Technology in Enugu State where he studied Mass Communications. He joined the Institute’s theatre group as an active member where he participated in several large-scale productions.


After his graduation, he auditioned for movie roles which led to him featuring in the 1998 movie, Evil Men but this was jusy a minor role.

The actor disclosed that he received N500 for his role in this movie but he wasn’t discouraged.

Aki shot into prominence in 2002 when he featured in the movie Aki na Ukwa alongside Osita Iheme (Pawpaw).

The actor has starred in over 100 movies since he debuted as an actor. Recently, he co-produced a Hollywood-Nollywood movie “Take the Spotlight” which featured some Hollywood celebrities like Lynn Whitfield and Glenn Morshower.


The movie was directed by Drew Madueke and shot in Dallas

The actor enrolled in New York Film Academy (NYFA) in 2004 which has made more versatile in his roles unlike his stereotype small child role.


His most recent project is a movie titled, “My Father’s Home”.


Aki revealed that he was an avid admirer of the late Gary Coleman. According to the actor, anytime he saw Coleman he always assumed he was seeing himself.


Aki revealed that he loves reading, watching football, swimming and travelling


Aki received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2007 Africa Movie Awards. In 2010, the Federal Government recognised Aki with the national award of Member of the Federal Republic (MFR)


Baby boy

The actor posted a picture of a bouncing baby boy with the caption, “Unto us a child is born,” on the 1st of January, 2017.


Aki and Pawpaw

Aki and his partner, Osita (Pawpaw) revealed that they were discovered by movie producer, Kasvid. Osita disclosed that he meet Kasvid in 2002 in Enugu. At that time, he was based in Aba and it was Kasvid that was responsible for creating the Aki and Pawpaw brand.

Osita also revealed that the film maker was able to link the duo together and created their current brand.

When Aki met Kasvid, he had just finished from IMT and was waiting to proceed for his NYSC. The producer invited him to a movie location in Enugu where he met Pawpaw.


It would be recalled that Kasvid was involved in an autocrash sometime in January, 2018 on his way to his hometown in Anambra State. Although it was stated that he survived the accident, unfortunately he got knocked down by a hit and run driver when he was attempting to cross to the other side of the road.

Kasvid is known to have produced popular movies like Mr Ibu in London, Issakabba and Aki na ukwu.


Secret of Success

Aki disclosed that the secret to his success as an actor is God and being himself. He also revealed that he always tries to research and learn new things which he believes have also helped him.


At a time, there were rumours that the famous acting duo of Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze were at war with each other. But the actor has since debunked the claims. He revealed that the duo run a company and an NGO together, also they do 5 shows together every year so there’s no room for conflict.

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