Linda Ikeji Biography: How She Gradually Made It


We all hear of Linda Ikeji and her impressive wealth and many of us wonder how exactly she made it to the top and become one of the highest paid bloggers in Nigeria today and one of the highest paid bloggers in the world.  If you are not aware of how she made it to the top, we are going to reveal to you in this write-up how exactly Linda Ikeji made it to the very top of her career, making her an envy of other bloggers.

Linda Ikeji Biography: How She Gradually Made It

Linda Ikeji actually began from a completely humble background she was even called a “failed model” at a point to give you an idea of how roughly she had it in her earlier effort to gain access to the limelight.  However, she has become a phenomenon. Undoubtedly, she is one of the richest entrepreneurs in Nigerian and she even compete with some male millionaires for position.

If you think she made it out of luck, I can authoritatively reveal to you that you are very wrong. She didn’t just have luck on her side; she also put in a lot of hard labour to achieve what she had achieved today.  Her riches were not acquired only through God’s Blessing; she worked for it. Do not forget that God only blesses what you already have.

One other beautiful thing about her is that she never engaged in prostitution or any such thing. She even made up her mind never to be thus engaged and she chose the uncomfortable and inconvenient path of hard labour instead of selling her body for money.

Linda Ikeji has one of the most winsome personalities you can ever come by.  She has this winsome personality that makes people flock around her everywhere she goes.  She is very open and she is therefore able to make lot of friends. In all sense of the word, Linda Ikeji is down to earth! This is one of the factors that turned her blog to a highly sought after, both in Nigerian and beyond.

Linda Ikeja had been in several things in her effort to make money in those early days. She was once a model and she also had several part time engagements when she was in the university. However, she is known mostly by most people for her blogging engagements. This is because blogging is principal to bringing her so much wealth and affluence.

Linda Ikeji started her blogging career in 2006.  This was the period that entertainment was just booming in Nigerian and it was the next biggest thing beside crude oil.  There was rarely any serious or engaging online entertainment news platform when she came on.  There were few then, like Bella Naija.

Therefore, the market was very ripe and she plugged in without delay whatsoever. When entertainment world was growing in Nigeria, Linda Ikeji Blog was already on ground and the blog grew along in popularity, bringing its creator loads of wealth and lot of affluence.


This is another factor that places Linda Ikeji at the top. She never gave up in her effort to build something out of her career as a blogger despite the fact that the idea was not so popular at the time. It is not easy to set up a blog and also keep on posting on it on regular basis. However, this uneasy route was the one chosen by Linda Ikeji. She kept on updating her blog on regular basis and this show of hard work and consistency soon brought her fame she had never thought possible in her wildest imagination.  She was not just posting on her blog, she was always posting something motivational, inspirational and engaging.


Linda Ikeji never had the idea of money making as principal on her mind when she started blogging. Blogging is her hobby and she was only interested in doing what she loves to do best. She therefore was able to put in all her effort to it in order to make something really big out of it.

It is clear to all today that the money she never made her principal focus ended up coming her way in the biggest manner imaginable. The fact that she was doing blogging for fun and to maintain a hobby was enough motivation for her and these kept her going from day to day.

Today, Linda Ikeji had built a huge community from her blog. She has become a household name in Nigeria and she is rising higher and getting more popular by the day.


One other factor responsible for Linda Ikeji’s greatness is the fact that she decided to enlarge her coast and diversify her wealth. Once she started seeing consistent money flow from her blog, she diversified into other areas. Recently, Linda Ikeji opened her studio and she plans to include several branches or units under the studio to make it something really big.

Her background was very poor. In actual fact, she was the one that was largely responsible for her tuition and training when she was at the university, since her parents could not help out. That is history today. That lady of yesteryears that could not pay her school fees comfortably has successfully become an employer of labour due to hard labour, consistency and determination.

She was into modeling before, as hinted earlier. She has however left that aspect and is now focused on her blogging and other businesses.

Linda Ikeji has had it good so far. She is a wealthy person by all standards. She has one of the most beautiful houses at Banana Island. She also has fleet of cars. Some years back, she built a real beautiful edifice of a house for her parents and she also bought them expensive and impressive cars.

Her siblings have also been able to rise to prominence thanks to the decision of Linda Ikeji top make a name for herself. Her newly opened office is also one of the most expensive around.

Linda Ikeji’s story only tells all that there is nothing you cannot achieve if you are determined, focused and consistent.


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