Zlatan: Is He Returning to Europe?

If you haven’t been too busy watching the UEFA Champions League and still wondering how Barcelona could have messed it all up, here is a fresh rumor that you might want to hear – Zlatan has stated that he could *possibly* return to Europe after he is done playing with LA Galaxy!

Don’t get too excited though. While Zlatan can potentially return playing for His favorite club, the star player did tell in a recent interview that His current focus only remains on performing the best he can for LA Galaxy. Zlatan is one of those players who can barely make a wrong move no matter where he goes.

It has not even been a month that he went to LA Galaxy from Manchester United, and made His presence felt in the first match itself. The 36-year-old made a great debut as he scored two goals to make His team come from behind and win the game. In fact, we are sure not even many sports wagers would have seen this coming though many would have surely hoped for it. Bookmaker offers from bet9ja are the hottest product with fans discussing whether Zlatan will actually make a move to a European club soon.


What does Zlatan Feel?

However, Zlatan feels it is still a bit early to tell just where he wants His career to go. He doesn’t know where to draw a line yet, and just says that he still hasn’t figured out things. Responding to a reporter’s comment, he stated that even a year back he wouldn’t have contemplated moving to LA Galaxy but today, there he is. For him, right now, its focusing on how he feels and what he thinks is right – a large part of which involves the fun that he has on the pitch.

That is not all there is to this news though. It isn’t just about returning to a European club that he has talked about here. In fact, Ibrahimovic has gone a step further and told that he could actually reverse His decision to retire from international football – to play at the World Cup in Russia, should Sweden want him to.

However, that decision does depend on coach Janne Andersson as to whether he would want Ibrahimovic to for a part of the team. It could become a point of contention though since If Sweden doesn’t perform well, coach Anderson could potentially face a lot of flak from fans who could blame it on His decision to not include Ibrahimovic in the lineup.

The problem though isn’t just about the coach. Ibrahimovic’s association with a recent Sweden based betting firm is what can potentially prevent him from playing at the World Cup, with FIFA regulations prohibiting players from playing with such endorsements. The regulations are aimed at keeping player integrity in check especially after FIFA itself had been rocked by many corruption scandals in the recent past.

Ibrahimovic though feels that FIFA cannot bring out just any rule to stop him from playing for Sweden. He feels that If he wants to be in the national team, he would be, as he knows he can perform.

So, can we see him playing at the World Cup this year? We do hope so!

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