How to Write a Response Paper in College

Amongst a great variety of academic assignments, a response paper definitely steps out of the crowd. Not all assignments provide students with freedom of choice. They are supposed to choose a certain point and write their true feelings. Students can analyze and disclose a book, movie, poem, event, etc.

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This assignment may induce certain complications and so, a lot of college students leave online requests similar to “write my paper”. They are aware of the resourcefulness of expert essay writing services, which quickly and easily tackle any piece of writing including response papers. However, you can complete this interesting assignment using your writing skills and our smart recommendations. This guide provides useful tips and tricks to successfully write a perfect response paper in a college.

Preliminary Measures

Everything begins with several preliminary steps. They set the general tone and pace of the entire project. These are as follows:

  • Topic selection. Decide what you’ll disclose. You may be allowed to choose anything you like. It may be your favorite novel or movie, some historical event, etc. Make sure it’s interesting and concentrates on something important.
  • Research. As soon as you define the topic, research it. Gather the facts related to your problem. Verify the dependability of the selected informative resources.
  • Summarization. Take notes of the most important facts. If you analyze a book, write down the title, the name of the author, year of publication, some interesting facts, etc.
  • Finding citations. No matter what piece or event you analyze, use at least a couple of citations. They add relevance to your paper.

Consider Your Reaction

As this is a response paper, it’s based on your reaction and attitude concerning the studied issue. It’s vital to ask yourself questions and give detailed and plain answers. You should ask such questions as:


  • What feelings does your research provoke?
  • How does it affect you?
  • Did the outcomes somehow change your worldview?
  • How is your research related to the current problems in the world?
  • Is your research important? Why?
  • Is it clear enough?


Take into Account Your Readers

It’s likewise essential to meet the needs and expectations of your potential readers. If you don’t take into account them, your response paper is doomed to fail. You should never forget that you write your assignments for other people too. They are supposed to solve some problems, provide useful information, pay attention to relevant problems, etc.

You should define whether your response paper helps to solve any problems. How does it benefit other people? Shouldn’t it be improved? What do your readers expect to read in your assignment? Answer these and similar questions to make sure your assignment is interesting and useful.

Points to Consider While You Write

Now, we’d like to pay your attention to essential points during the process of writing. Firstly, never try to complete such complex assignments writing a single copy. You should write at least drafts, which allows for spotting some errors, misconceptions, watery content, and something of the kind.

You should improve all the weak places. Your text must be easy to read and comprehend. There are several crucial measures to undertake:


  • Write short sentences and paragraphs;
  • Every paragraph should disclose one sub-topic at a time;
  • Support each sub-topic with appropriate examples;
  • Prefer the active voice;
  • Choose a half-informal tone;
  • Avoid clichés and stereotypical thinking;
  • Don’t overuse technical terms;
  • Never use slang, jargon and/or unknown abbreviations.


If you want to make your response paper readable, divide it into logical parts. This is commonly done with the help of subheadings and paragraphs. You may likewise add bullet lists, tables, diagrams, and similar stuff. They make texts more vivid and livelier.

Give close heed to the transitions between the paragraphs. They must be logical and smooth. You cannot abruptly finish a paragraph and begin to disclose quite a different problem. Your body paragraphs ought to be related to one another. Moreover, each of them must always support and develop the main argument.

Use Checking Tools to Edit and Proofread

Although the post-writing stage is pretty boring, you should never skip it. Otherwise, you risk omitting some mistakes or weak places in your response paper. It’s understood that you should read it several times. However, we likewise recommend implementing special checkers. There are many good grammar checkers, such as Grammarly, Ginger, Hemingway Editor, and others.

They verify the entire text in less than a minute. You’ll see all the mistakes, as well as correct alternatives. Using smart checking tools, you save tons of precious time and may not worry that you’ll miss some drawbacks.

Take our recommendations for your consideration. If you fulfill them properly, you’ll write a perfect college response paper.

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