Common Mistakes When Writing a Dissertation


8 Most Common Mistakes Nigerian Students Make When Writing a Dissertation (And How to Fix Them)

Some people think that pursuing a Master’s degree is difficult. That is not true. In fact, it is easier than taking classes in your undergraduate course. To be able to attain a Master’s qualification, all you have to do is to pass a number of projects and write a dissertation these are not cheap research papers, they do require someones full attention but they are not impossible to achieve. Plus, if you think about it, earning a Master’s degree is more beneficial. It offers higher chances of employment and your skills will be more advanced compared to others. If you are already working, there is no need to worry about programs that are being offered online or part-time. This way, students will have more chances to pursue their dreams of having a higher degree, in a way that is most convenient and beneficial to them.

Common Mistakes When Writing a Dissertation

As previously stated, some Master’s programs only need a dissertation and thesis. Thus, it is very important to know how to write one. You need to know what the rights steps in writing a thesis are, but before that, you have to know first about common mistakes that students usually make so you will be able to avoid them once you start writing your thesis.

So, listed below are some of the common mistakes that you might want to keep in mind.

Timeline Deviation

Writing a dissertation or thesis takes a long time. It is not something you complete overnight. It needs drafting and a lot of editing, proofreading, and revising. Thus, it would be impossible for you to be able to write a dissertation if you begin late. On the contrary, it would also be improper to begin too early. You will have to do your research thoroughly. More research means more chances of colliding your thoughts and putting them into a paper. What you must do is create a timeline for your entire study. Create a schedule and allow time for researching, writing, proofreading, editing, and revising.

Lack of Character

Some people think that a Master’s dissertation is the same as an undergraduate thesis. That is not true. Since it is a higher degree, you have to double your effort. Your thesis proposal or your final thesis itself needs to be more thorough and serious. There has to be more depth in your research questions, as well as your analysis. You can try reading more about the topic you want to write about and look for the problems that are usually left either hanging or unanswered. This could be where you can base your thesis problems and questions on.

Mediocre Topic

First of all, you need to find a topic where your interests and likes lie. Do not settle for something mediocre. If you like your topic, this will give you much more excitement; thus, you will be able to write with all your heart poured into it. Besides, if you yourself are not driven, how will your readers get interested? The best that you can do is write about something that interests you the most.

Focus and Relevance

Your research needs to be substantial in its entirety. Do not include unimportant and inessential thoughts. Your content must always relate to your main topic. A background and a review of the related literature would be acceptable since they form part of the thesis, but make sure that they are relevant to what you are writing about. The key to this is a focus. Learn the habit of focusing while writing. This way, not only will you be able to eliminate insignificant materials, but you will also be able to avoid all the mistakes stated in this essay.

Organization of Thoughts

Nobody ever wants to read a thesis with no direction at all. Some students are too reliant on the content of their thesis that they forget how to align their thoughts in order. You can use subheadings so it will be easier for you and your readers to understand the main point of it. You also need to relate each chapter to the next and the others so your readers will be able to understand the relevance and connection of the thoughts you present.

Format and Structure

It may not be obvious, but format and structure actually show professionalism. The whole paper, from the beginning until the end, must conform to the standard format of writing a research paper. You also need to be mindful of ancillary pages such as the acknowledgment, abstract, table of contents, and appendices. Those are important sections too. Do not be too confident and never overlook them. Their well-organized structure will show how professional you are for they are the first ones to be read by your instructor and the readers.

Choice of Words

Do not use obscure and vague words. You have to be transparent and comprehensible. No one wants to read something that is hard to understand. Also, avoid using colloquial language and make sure that your sentences are well-structured. Do not add words that will only make your sentences ambiguous and tricky. Just go straight to the point. After all, you are making an academic paper, not a creative piece.


This is a very common mistake that students usually commit. Plagiarism is a crime and we all know that. You have to make sure that your work is original. You would not want to be called a thief by passing something that is not actually yours. You can use an anti-plagiarism software to check on the uniqueness of your work. There also can be some  custom dissertation writing service that could help you in creating an original piece. It is up to you how to write it; however, a plagiarism-free paper has to be your golden rule.


See, it is not that hard to write a dissertation for a Master’s program. If you try to avoid all the mistakes stated above and follow the solutions provided, it would be easier for you write one.



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